What Futureproof School Technologies Mean For Children And Their Parents4 min read

Parenting Dec 10, 2022



What Futureproof School Technologies Mean For Children And Their Parents4 min read

The modern age can be a concerning time for parents and children when school time rolls around – there have been 27 recorded school shootings this year alone.

Luckily, security technologies are evolving to lessen the fear of school attacks for parents and children. Ready to learn more?

Keep reading to learn about the top future-proof school technologies that are helping parents and students to feel more comfortable during the school year.

Lockdown Systems With Smart Door Locks

Homeschooling has become an increasingly popular option for parents due to concerns about school safety, and security can help to resolve these concerns.

Access control systems are the foundation of school security and safeguarding. An access control system eliminates the possibility of lockpicking and provides a convenient way for teachers and students to enter the premises during the school day.

In recent years, schools have adopted cloud-based smart door lock systems that provide more agile and convenient security, improving response procedures. Here are some of the main benefits of a cloud-based system:

  • Remote visibility and alerts – with a cloud-based security system, security staff, and system administrators receive alerts based on triggers, such as unauthorized entry attempts, to act quickly and resolve security events.
  • Remote operation of door locks – cloud-based systems allows security staff and system administrators to remotely operate door locks from anywhere using a mobile application or cloud-based control center.
  • Mobile credentials for entry – with a traditional access control system, the user gains a keycard or fob, and the school must pay for replacements when one is lost. Mobile credentials can easily be downloaded to the student’s mobile devices and eliminates the cost of keycard replacement.
  • Lockdown systems – since door locks are remotely operable in a cloud-based access control system, system administrators and security staff can lock classroom doors, building entry points, and more to contain the incident and prevent further danger.
  • Easy onboarding – with a cloud-based system, schools can facilitate easier onboarding for new students.

Cloud-based door entry security systems are lightweight and versatile and can be applied to all classroom doors. They are connected using WiFi, cellular, or BlueTooth, eliminating the need for complex wiring systems, and making the solution more scalable across campus buildings and new campus additions.

Integrated Cloud-Based Security Systems

In addition to these benefits, a cloud-based security system offers the potential for integration with open API integrations.

School security staff can take advantage of these open API integrations, using them to implement the following technologies for children’s safety:

  • Integrated access control and video security – one of the significant flaws with an access control system is the potential for an unauthorized user to gain entry to the property using stolen access credentials. The school can implement identity verification by integrating access control and video security. Both access logs and video feed information will be readily accessible on a single interface for more straightforward data retrieval. The school can apply facial recognition software to automate the identity verification process for each individual entering the property.
  • Smart building management – schools can leverage their open API integrations to conserve energy and prevent unnecessary expenditure. The school can ensure that only occupied rooms are temperature controlled by integrating access control with intelligent building systems like HVAC systems, heating, and lighting. This results in lower energy costs and increasing budgets for more essential requirements.

Visitor Management Systems For Safeguarding

When planning school security, visitor management is a top priority. For safeguarding reasons, you need to know that every building visitor has an escort, or has the proper certification to walk through the school independently.

Visitor management systems integrate with access control to automate the visitor management process and provide more accurate and reliable data. If visitors need to enter the school, they can fill out digital registration forms on their mobile device, providing their details. Once they have filled out this form, they will gain access credentials on their mobile devices to enter the building – with an escort if they do not have permission to enter the school without supervision. 

The visitor management system can provide teachers and staff with alerts when their visitor arrives, allowing them to visit the reception area to escort their visitor throughout the building.

Wellness Verification Software

With the recent pandemic, many parents worry about sending their children to school due to the fear of catching coronavirus and other health concerns. To implement coronavirus screening at the school and prevent an outbreak, schools can implement wellness verification software. 

Like a visitor management system, the software provides building users with digital surveys to fill out before entering the building. If the child or staff member’s survey shows they are symptomatic, their access to the building will be restricted, and the school can handle the incident at their own discretion. 


In recent years, homeschooling has become more popular due to concerns about school safety. If you’re a parent or child worried about school safety, you should look for these security features in your educational institution, as these security features can help you to feel less anxious about safety on school grounds. Keep these security considerations in mind when evaluating your schooling options.


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