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we get your kids to collaborate, have fun, and learn


Our cohorts are always live, secure, small, and focused on interactive learning.

Once enrolled into our premium program, kids join expert coaches in 1:5 sessions, using our unique tools that make learning a delight.

Your kids join select channels, sharing thoughts and ideas, learnings, challenges, and interactions, collaborating in new ways and you get clear measurable learning outcomes.

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last night dad and I had a chess game and I beat dad in 16 moves. my gameplay has zipped along since my practice sessions with my squad.

- brandon, age 9, detroit

What makes CoLab special?



Passion for the profession defines an allround coach.

Handpicked from the best institutions and courses, with years of experience of teaching kids face to face as well as online, our coaches focus on making allround COLAB fun by bringing together engaging sessions with a great learning experience.



a good session is 5 kids to 1 coach - never bigger.

we understand the importance of individual attention and collaboration in learning, which is why all allround COLAB sessions are never more than five kids to a coach. The coaches’ expertise, allrounds gamified platform, and small squad size work together to make sessions fun.



kids learn better when the lesson becomes a game.

allround colab spins the mundane classroom on its head by turning passive, boring lectures into collaborative, interactive sessions that reduce teacher talk time and add interactive games and tasks, thus fun learning happens naturally.



kids learn best when they can help each other.

once a session with the coach is done, the fun begins, it’s time to collaborate and practice what's been learned. allround colab gets kids together to headbang what they learned, challenge, encourage, compete and get better skilled every day.

a moderator observes these sessions without disturbing the kids.

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A typical week on allround CoLab

Families have their own rhythms, patterns that they like to follow and kids have their own priorities. Our schedule is designed keeping this in mind. Kids have one lesson a week with the coach.

They then have an organized set of windows to interact with their squad. They can set up jam sessions, practice with their peers, all within the secure allround COLAB community.

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Weekday 1: prep day

Kids join their squad for an introduction to the week’s game plan on Discord. We quickly take them through the objectives for this week’s session. Gives complete clarity and kids can be prepared.

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Weekday 3: session day

It's time for kids to connect with their squad and for an hour of fun and learning with the allround coach. Using our tools to learn a new skill is so much fun that time literally flies.

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Weekday 5: huddle day

Kids get into a huddle and practice what they’ve learned. Throw questions at each other, see who is faster on the uptake, and challenge each other with fun, collaboration, and learning.

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allrounds games and tools make piano lessons with my students into fun creative sessions, the kids have a blast and the learning happens effortlessly.

- jay, piano coach, musician's institute, los angeles

Vibe with Captain Colab

We have a very special mission, for 50 kids to be a part of our select membership club at allround.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

what are cohort-based courses (cbcs)?
at allround kids follow a cohort-based learning practice. this is a collaborative learning approach. a group of kids advances through a learning program together. in this way, you complete a learning course with a) your coach and b)your peers. kids attend sessions and complete challenges online, instead of in person.
what are tracks? which tracks are offered?
what is discord? will joining the discord server be compulsory?
what is the required time commitment from the kids?
are the session day classes mandatory?
how do i sign up for the cbcs?

our mission is to make co-curricular learning fun for kids in a secure, select, collaborative community.

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