6 Steps for a Smooth Transition Back to School5 min read

Parenting Nov 29, 2021
6 Steps for a Smooth Transition Back to School



6 Steps for a Smooth Transition Back to School5 min read

Children after the fun-filled vacations usually get hesitant to get back to school. This is a common scenario. But for parents, it can be a tiring task to help kids with the transition back to school. This article will help you with understanding why it occurs and how to tackle it with 6 simple steps.

A note to the parent

  1. Be sure that your child is healthy and active during the summer. Take advantage of this time by getting a physical during the school year.
  2. Your child’s school may send out various materials that contain important information about the school, including the teacher’s name, room number, school calendar, emergency forms, and transportation dates.
  3. Create a calendar that everyone can see for everyone in the family, with all the details of each child’s activities marked.
  4. Get school supplies early to save time and prevent late purchases. Once you have a list, buy what’s on it and wait to see if it will be worth it.
  5. Before you shop, make a list of the clothes your child needs and watch for sales.
  6. This week before school, set up the bedtime and mealtime routines so that they can get used to the new routines.
  7. If your child is new to the school, visit with your child. This will allow them to ask the teacher and learn about the school.
  8. Homework should be placed in a quiet and separate area of the house. Older children should study in their room or the kitchen. Younger children should be supervised in a designated area.
  9. Ideally, have a designated space for your child’s school supplies and backpacks. This will help keep both your sanity and your child’s as well.

Help your child

  1. Encourage a growth mindset by discussing the changes and developing a plan for how they will impact your child. Talk about the transition and what it will be like to be back in school every day.
  2. Your child’s toolbox can be a great place to look for strategies that could be helpful in moving forward with in-person learning.
  3. Take a blank calendar and map out the new school schedule. This step will help your child understand the new schedule.
  4. Creating an updated school packing list can help ease the transition from home to school. This checklist should include all the necessary supplies and procedures for transporting them.
  5. Finally, thank you for all the hard work and endurance that your child has displayed during the last year. You deserve to be recognized for all that they have done.

6 Tips for a smooth transition back to school

1. Don’t hurry! Take your time

Early in our homeschooling journey, I learned this important lesson. When we start school, we never jump in with a full load. We start with a few classes and a heavier course load in the first few weeks of school, but never everything at once. This saves everyone time to get used to the new curriculum. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to college or just starting out, this is the advice for you.

2. Get back to routines first

Schools usually start midweek. This allows kids to get back into their routines after a break, and then they’re back in school for the full year. It may be a smart move for you and your family. You may start with a light course load and it will work well for you and your family.

3. Have some fun

For our first year of homeschooling, we started the year with a special breakfast or field trip. It was a great way to start the year and introduce new concepts. Depending on how young your kids are, school supplies may be all that you need to make the start of the school year special.

4. Get your kids to talk about what they feel

They’d like to study topics related to the curriculum. Take them to a curriculum fair and let them look at it! If your kids are older and have plenty of work that they do independently, it can be beneficial to allow them to set their own school hours. Outside of school, kids tend to be involved in various activities and classes. This makes them more likely to take ownership of their education.

5. Be flexible

Sometimes, I just can’t get it together. The kids are too tired or too busy to start school. Regardless, I always try to get it together. Sometimes, it’s better to push back your start date by a week or two. It will give you more time to work on your home life and make up for the time that you lost due to summer break.

6. Ease your schedules

Many families stick to their normal summer break schedules. Make a decision on whether to continue with the normal schedule or not. Getting back to a regular wake and bedtime routine can help you feel good about yourself and your family.


With the end of the summer vacations, it’s time for children to return to school. While it’s a great opportunity to learn, it’s also a place where children can play and relax. Talk about going back to school and having a great time. This will help your child feel at home and at school. Remember, change is stressful and can be especially challenging for children. I hope this article helped you with the transition back to school for your kid.


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