10 Creative Summer Learning Ideas4 min read

Parenting Nov 29, 2021
10 Creative Summer Learning Ideas



10 Creative Summer Learning Ideas4 min read

Who doesn’t love summer? It is the most fun part of the year but we need to make the most out of it. Not just fun and games but we also need to find ways to make our kids learn more through the summer by not cutting out the fun part. There are a lot of ways to make summer more innovatively educational as well as chill.


It is not an unknown fact that traveling is one of the best ways to rejuvenate one’s mind and remain entertained even by doing nothing. There is not much effort required in making travel educational because it is basically real-time geography as well as history class if you see it that way. A child automatically learns a lot when she/he travels because exploring new places, knowing and learning about a new culture, and the way of living is something that attracts everybody. Even if you are not in the favour of traveling due to the recent Covid 19 pandemic or there is any way you are not able to travel so you can go for virtual field trips to serve the purpose.


It is always advised to all students and children to learn new skills, irrespective of the age group. Your skillset is something that will help you achieve your goals, skills can be anything, from basic Microsoft Office to even singing, doing whatever you want to learn or pursue further, even makes you happy and also proves to be of help sometime in the future. Since most families’ schedules are not that tight in the summer you can adjust to some new things to do in the list.


A lot of board games like chess are very good for the development of a child’s brain. Board games keep the children away from their electronic devices and make them learn things in the old, tried, and tested ways. Also, they are very fun! Not only are board games informative but also they teach kids ethics and the importance of following rules.


Camp has been the most fun part of summers at least for the ones who are parents currently. Summer is about getting out in the sun and making the most of your time and summer camp not only is the best way to have fun but also to meet new people, socialize, learn new things and just be yourself. Summer camps are also very educational and they are successful in teaching kids morals, teamwork, adjustment, patience, and inclusiveness.


Word games are a fun way to hold the interest of a kid while trying to teach them new things. Word games like crossword, unscramble, hangman, are so fun and educational at the same time. These games can be verbal or written, it can be anyway and your kids want because there are a hundred types of word games which you can play totally according to your choice.


You can ask the kids to create something entirely out of their own imagination, it can be a birdhouse, a science model, or even a piece of ‘best out of waste’ material that they can think of. This would put their geometry, science, and creativity to use and when they will make something out of what they studied theoretically, it will be a whole new learning experience for them too


You can plan with your kid, a family activity day which will be like a picnic but better. Choose an area, an activity to do which everybody wants to try or cherishes doing. It is always good to make the children a part of the planning process as this will make them realize and educate them about how things are planned and what needs to be kept in mind while planning anything. This would also make them take initiative and hence they will learn to enjoy and appreciate things more. You can use online apps or just the conventional way.


Tight schedules and chilly weather makes nighttime activities like stargazing and bonfire hard. You can put up just a small bonfire in your backyard and enjoy quality family time with children. Stargazing at night is also a way of teaching kids about constellations and stars and this would make them more interested in what they are learning as they will be witnessing that too.


Reading is hands down the best activity you can do to make your summer educational. Provide children with good books which are age-appropriate and interesting to them. Books are the best way to learn new things, organize reading days and keep the students engaged and try to develop a habit of reading in them.


Keeping children close to nature has innumerable benefits. It makes them feel fresh, good and also being away from the city hassle reduces all the amount of unnecessary health damage they are facing. Nature study is highly informative for the kids it includes, bird watching, rock collection, etc. which firstly makes the kids feel closer to nature and secondly makes them learn a lot of new things.


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