10 Excellent Resources for Combining History, Geography, and Literature4 min read

Homeschooling Nov 29, 2021
10 Excellent Resources for Combining History, Geography, and Literature



10 Excellent Resources for Combining History, Geography, and Literature4 min read

History, Geography and Literature are some of the most crucial fields of study which describe a society, it’s culture,  people at a particular time and place. It is paramount that people learn and understand how these fields have impacted our society today and how they will continue to do so tomorrow too. Hence, it is important that people today realize its relevance and work towards a better and more liberal society for tomorrow. History is not just a boring account of the past and a collection of dates but it’s the story of the people who came before us and all that they went through. Similarly, Geography is not just about climate and vegetation but it’s so much more than that. It describes places, relationships between people and the environment, what kinds of crops should be grown in which season, and on what kind of soil. Lastly, literature is simply a representation of society and the people. How many restrictions were imposed on the artists, what were the problems and issues at a particular time and how was the general behavior of people towards art.

Resources for combining History, Geography, and Literature

Integrating lesson plans involving History, Geography, and Literature

Teaching your kids topics famous topics from all these three subjects is usually the easiest and the quickest way to finish one lesson plan. However, combining all three subjects would result in a deeper delve into the subjects, a greater understanding of the topics, and the ability to correlate the various events which took place. The lessons can help the students learn about History, the personalities behind the characters- literature and the point of view of the writer, and finally, what was the geographic location of the place and the importance of longitudes and latitudes in respect to a specific occurrence.

Trail guide to learning

It is a way of teaching that promotes every subject other than Mathematics in order to strengthen the thinking and writing skills of students. It’s a study unit that covers History, Geography, Writing, Grammar and Science. This curriculum includes everything from guides, supplementary books, maps and other resources thereby, saving a lot of time. The curriculum enlists each detail, when to teach what, how to go about it, etc. and flows freely throughout the class, jumping from one topic to another and relating the previous knowledge with the current facts and information.

Geography from A to Z

This provides the readers with 60+ terms (A-Z) with attractive graphic illustrations in order to attract young kids. It’s especially useful for students between the ages of 6-7 but can also be used by older students. After that, the parent/ guardian can even explain the historical significance of a place or just how that word came into existence, what’s the literal meaning of it and so on. This will be an enriching experience for the students as they are getting benefits of 3 different subjects from just a single lesson plan or a series of it.

Give your child the world

It’s a resource of over 600 recommendations for children’s books organized by region, country, and target age group (for 4 to 12-year-olds) and includes an index that sorts books by historical period. Give Your Child the World is now available on Amazon (and already a bestseller in homeschooling).


Cookbooks can be included in the whole combination while studying history and geography. We can even make kids cook the things mentioned in the books to have a little crossover. ‘Eat Your Way Around the World’ and ‘Eat Your Way Through the USA’ are two of the best geography-based cookbooks geography-based cookbooks.


If you plan to travel the world through history and literature, you must have a passport. Well, you do if you have younger kids, anyway. Check out some printable passports to make your own or you can just buy them to give your kids these passports to play with.

Truth Quest

Truth quest can not be taken into consideration as a complete, stand-on my own curriculum due to the fact it is very teacher-intensive with regards to planning. It is simply so much and it’s tough to realize what to include, what to skip, and a way to schedule it all. However, it’s a top-notch aid for books – biographies, literature, activity, non-fiction – for analyzing records in a literature-primarily based totally fashion.


Journaling glaringly isn’t a selected resource, however, it’s an amusing manner to tie in writing. You should adopt this summertime season reading journal concept for throughout the year use with the literature alternatives in your history studies. You can also comhine them with those journaling thoughts from WriteShop and you’re good to go!

History Odyssey

It is a very loved and funky literature-based history curriculum that consists of geography and writing. It can prove to be challenging for high school students too. but it is one of the most enjoyed curricula.


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