4 Truths about Hands-On Learning for Middle and High School Students3 min read

Homeschooling Nov 29, 2021
4 Truths about Hands-On Learning for Middle and High School Students



4 Truths about Hands-On Learning for Middle and High School Students3 min read


It is fun when it comes to hands-on learning. If you are a first-year homeschooler you can start with creating the baking soda. Then you can teach your children how to use it in making a cake and what are its benefits. Or you can make a vinegar volcano. Boys usually love this activity and would love to do it more as compared to girls. But if your kids are middle and high school students then there is a little chaos that may arise.

The children in middle and high school rarely have any activity in their books and are more concentrating on the text without any scientific research or even an experiment. But to keep them on track I researched on google to check what a mother can do to teach kids hands-on learning at this age. So I am going to share some tips in this article which will help you in a promising way.

The Importance of Hands-on Learning in a Child’s education

Hands-on learning is a type of learning in which parents ask their kids to start learning by their hands. And in no way it’s not important because it’s the only method by which children develop their skills and learn new aspects in life. They can solve various problems and can do experiments in their science subject at home easily if their parents allow them to.

Benefits of hands-on learning in the classroom

It allows learning from actual life experiences. It encourages children to do much better in life. It builds motor skills and also allows one to interact more with nature. Also, it is a lot of fun when kids learn things together or when a kid sits with the parents, it becomes very engaging, and parents also love to be a part of such activities. We can also site a quote here “Tell me, I will forget but show me, I will remember”. It’s the same thing that kids remember for the rest of their lives.

Hands-on learning benefits for children

  • Online learning is a friend of all the kids between middle and high school. It is guiding kids and has proved to be very beneficial for them. Kids can search for any activity and YouTube will counsel them in every step. Students also love to study for exams by clearing the concepts through social media sites especially YouTube or other educational apps. You can use Minecraft to develop historical battles and Mythbusters can be a lot of fun in the subject of science.
  • The most important thing is to think for the long term. You need to keep in mind what your children would love to do after their high school gets over. They might love to go for computers or any other engineering field. What you can do is to install or include computer subjects into their hands-on activity.
  • The advantages of hands-on learning are way too much. The days are good and everyone is busy with activities.


I hope that you would have loved to read this article and I hope you will benefit from it. Hands-on learning is very significant for kids and if you have initiated it in your home, you will see how its seeds will give your children windfalls.


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