Homeschooling in December: 4 Ideas To Make it Fun and Productive4 min read

Homeschooling Nov 7, 2021


Homeschooling in December: 4 Ideas To Make it Fun and Productive4 min read

The idea of homeschooling in December can seem daunting at first but it doesn’t really have to be! Homeschooling can both be fun and educational no matter the season.

As long as you’re prepared with the necessary supplies, you can plan for a fun winter break. So here’s what to keep in mind to keep your kids engaged and entertained as you homeschool through December.


4 Things to Remember as You  Homeschool in December


Winters are an excellent time for learning, and we’ve got some fantastic ideas for you. Whether you want to try something new or stick to a routine, we’ve got you covered.

We hope this list inspires you to explore your options and find what works best for your family. Are you looking for some new math games? Wondering what will work best for your little ones? Or looking for more Christmas activities?

We’ve got it all and so much more. Here are some things to keep in mind that you can implement in your winter homeschooling plans.


Include Project-Based Learning


Homeschool learning is all about relating research and learning to real-world problems. Because life is not neatly divided into subject groups, project-based learning frequently becomes a multi-subject opportunity for students, similar to unit studies.

Incorporating PBL could be a great way to spend your homeschooling time during December because it not only helps in covering all aspects of taking learning outside of the traditional classroom but also transferring it to everyday life, which is the ultimate goal of education.

As a parent, your role can be to mentor your homeschooling kid through the project and provide the level of support they require based on their age and skillsets.


Embrace the Limitations Homeschooling Has to Offer


While homeschooling has its own advantages, we cannot deny the limitations it has. Everyone has their own list and we know that you will have yours.

However, constant adaptation is needed to become effective teachers. We need to try to remain calm even when we see our little ones struggling with new concepts. This way, we can help them realize their potential to deal with newer problems.


Discover the Fun Part of Homeschooling


The winters are the best time for incorporating exciting things and activities into a homeschool (just like your little one would do during an authentic school activity in school). This could include:

  • Listening to music at the start of the day or having dance parties in the kitchen with your kid while they help you with some cooking.
  • Paint and canvas are all entertaining, especially for children who enjoy getting messy or for those who want to learn more about various mediums and techniques. Painting or sketching could be a great way to keep your homeschooling kid engaged and entertained through the chilly winter months.
  • Get your kids involved in the kitchen! You could as well bake cookies for a neighbor or a meal for a group of friends and who knows your kid could have a new hobby by then.


Taking Small Breaks Would Be Great


December is the month of festivities and celebrations and taking little breaks from homeschool could be a great way to help your little one stay calm throughout the holiday season as well as enjoy their homeschooling sessions as well.

Here are some things you can do with your kid to share in the holiday spirit and spend some quality time with them:

  • Baking Christmas cookies with your kids or even making a gingerbread house. What a fun way to spend time together and have some dessert!
  • Watch a traditional Christmas movie like Home Alone or even documentaries that you feel would be perfectly themed for the winters. Discuss the characters involved and how the movies made your kids feel to help develop some analytical skills.

What to Remember


Most kids need some fun and productive homeschool activities as they are unwilling to study during the vacation.

We know that Homeschooling your kid might seem a little troublesome sometimes but with the right ideas we can work on it together and finish the year without feeling overstressed, under-appreciated, and burned out.

These activities will not only help you stay sorted for the winters but also spend quality time and create and cherish some happy memories with your kids. Remember to have fun and make the most out of this holiday season.

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