Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition: A Homeschool Health Course for High School3 min read

Homeschooling Nov 26, 2021
Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition_ A Homeschool Health Course for High School



Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition: A Homeschool Health Course for High School3 min read


Sometimes it can be difficult to find a nutrition diet book but when you get one it feels like your whole life is sorted. So all I want to do is to get you people aware of an Apologia course which is going to help you cope up with all the issues related to health and diet. Your kids are going to love it and if you are not familiar with the fact that teenagers love this course then you should read the whole article and I know for sure you will go for this health course as well.

Let us first discuss what Apologia’s homeschool health course is: Let me first tell you that it’s a course that is for one-to-two semesters for high school students. It consists of a student notebook guide to help students learn the entire lesson most effectively. It consists of 15 modules with a decent list of 3 days for a total of 34 weeks.

Now let me guide you through the topics which are included in this course

  • Genetics And Temperament ( your kids will love to go through this topic)
  • Physical impact on thoughts and emotions.
  • Mental Health issues
  • Talks about interpersonal relationships
  • How Nutrition and Hydration works.
  • Importance of diet and exercise
  • The process of sexual reproduction
  • How our body battles against infections

One would love to read these topics because it is not only focused on mental health but also on physical health. It has topics related to both fields which makes the whole process of this course much more effective and parents also highly appreciate Apologia for coming up with such a course for the kids. It is a good initiative that they have included mental illness in the course because what usually happens is people don’t pay much attention to the mental disorders but are more concentrated on the physical illnesses. They think that mental health is not an issue but physical health is. This course has given both physical and emotional health equal significance.

What also happens is sometimes parents are not comfortable in sharing or letting their kids know about how reproduction takes place in human beings but that cannot be a problem if you don’t want them to read it as it is the last topic in the course. But if you want them to know it then you can educate them about it in a very good manner and kids always listen to their parents as compared to what is written in the books. This course will help the kids to look at this world differently with a better point of view. After learning regarding these topics from the course, the children will surely pass on the information to their peers.

What is so great in the homeschool health and nutrition student notebook: Well! We can say that the book is set up in the best possible way and it will tell you what you need to do on any specific day. It’s an exciting topic to discover. There is also a section where grading is included.

  • Grading for projects
  • Samples for grades
  • Chart for tallying grades
  • A place to record kids’ grades.

And then the notebook is just for students.

The section for the module includes

  • Space for notes
  • Space for recording answers
  • Student programs
  • Guide for the module tests

Module exams are at the back of the notebook. And the answers you can easily get online.

If your family includes children from 8th to 12th grade and if you are Christians then this course is more suitable for you and we recommend you to at least buy the samples of this course to check it. It has helped teenagers to do different things. For Example, playing an instrument.


I just hope you will get this nutrition notebook for your kids so that they can learn a lot of things and will focus on their health too. It will not only improve your kids’ life but also their future too. This course will help the kids easily coping up with similar topics in their school learning curriculum.


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