Reasons to Sign Up Your Child For Chess Lessons5 min read

Chess Aug 27, 2021
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Reasons to Sign Up Your Child For Chess Lessons5 min read

Chess significantly improves children’s visual memory, attention span, and spatial reasoning ability, according to studies conducted at the University of Memphis. Chess promotes better memory, problem-solving speed, and calmness under pressure. Chess also promotes the notion that learning is a never-ending process that can be done at any age. In fact in real life too, life is also like a game of chess, we are the chessboard and the moves, the pieces are the events which occur, the rules of the game are what we call the laws of nature and the player on the other side is hidden from us. A thing to ponder is that your kid is never too young to play chess!

The best form of playing any game is when technology gets blended with progressive and futuristic learning.

Want your kid to be the next chess expert ? Have a look at the below mentioned 8 amazing tips and tricks as to why you should enroll your kid up for chess lessons!

Reasons to Sign Up Your Child for Chess Lessons

They become better at problem solving

During every chess match, kids would definitely face challenges and problems that they wouldn’t have faced before. Chess can help them to think ahead, not rush their decisions, and more importantly ability to weigh the pluses and minuses of their choices.

Improved analytical abilities

When kids play chess, they need to visualize various moves and positions which their opponent can play. This ability is important in chess- picturing a position some moves down the line, analyzing it extensively. This definitely helps them to improve their analytical abilities.

Improves concentration

In chess, concentration is one of the most basic benefits that your kid would learn about. Player would observe every piece. As a result, playing chess will help kids develop concentration, not only in chess but also in different life situations.

Increases imagination and creativity

Creativity is at the very heart of what we do. This sport helps to improve your imagination and creativity as well. Chess has an end number of moves and so many possible lines to play with. The minds of the actual chess players are constantly put to tests and competitions. Due to this, if your child frequently plays chess, it will help them enhance their intelligence in several different activities.

Teaches your kid to be independent

Chess is an individual sport, so the more your kid plays it, the more they’ll learn from it. If your child joins any chess club, then eventually they will feel more comfortable as well as independent. Wonder what’s the most fascinating thing about this point? It would help them to know themselves without depending on somebody else’s achievements, besides building self- confidence and teaching the child to be responsible for his/her own actions.

It prevents your child from disabilities and disorders

Conditions like ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), dyslexia and even cognitive disabilities like Alzheimer’s disease are proven to be discarded if a person is indulged in mind games like chess, puzzles and other similar games from an early age. As with any other muscle group, constant training helps to keep the brain healthy and in shape. The popular saying “using it or losing it” certainly applies here. In contrast, people who don’t play chess constantly have memory problems in the future, if not earlier.

Learning chess may help your kid to connect to a mentor

A chess school or chess club is often a welcoming place. Not only is the analytical environment a great place to build long lasting friendships, but also a chess coach can be a great mentor or a role model for your kid. Finding a chess coach that is supportive, knowledgeable, and challenges your kid is like having another great guardian in his/her life. The coach can prove to be someone they get to learn from and have fun with at the same time!

Chess is the perfect way to learn losing with dignity and winning with humility

Undoubtedly, there is no person in this whole world who didn’t face failure in his life. A game, in general, is all about winning and losing. Failure in every platform constitutes the first step in learning. We all learn from our mistakes. Losing games can make your child upset for some time. But over the course, not making it up every time will help them to cope with failure and also with the experience of loss. Not only this, this would also help your kid to learn the concept of being patient. Give your child all the time they need to learn the game. After all, it is going to be substantial game time. Let them bounce back, kill it and secure that trophy!

In chess, you can have many reasons why you lost the game. The first step is getting up from sorrows, and understanding why you lost. Analyzing self committed mistakes will minimize the probability of repeating them in further games. Roll on your sleeves and let the game of chess begin!

Figuring out your kid’s potential

Every child is a master of his inner potential. Performance is all about sparking that inner fire. And with years of experience in training children for chess and other similar brain games, people witness beautiful transformations. Witnessing their communication skills, fluid intelligence, working memory is the utmost thing to do.

Overall, chess is a game of planning, strategy and intelligence. Playing chess improves these abilities in kiss.


The mistakes are there, waiting to be made. But never feel demotivated or upset because of it. Always remember that every chess master was once a beginner. And the possibility of him making zero mistakes is quite unimaginable.
Wondering the progress in overall performance of your child in this game would be right before your eyes within a few weeks once you decide their move.

A very significant memory, concentration, imagination, and a strong will is the most important thing to become a successful chess player. In the end, just keep in mind to be optimistic and you will habitually figure out a good move to make.
As time goes on, your kid will learn more and more about the benefits of this wonderful game. Therefore keep calm and let them play chess!


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