YouTube for Homeschooling: 5 Ways to Make It Work5 min read

Homeschooling Nov 7, 2021



YouTube for Homeschooling: 5 Ways to Make It Work5 min read

Are you running short on time and want to keep your children on the designated schedule? The internet is there to help you out! YouTube for homeschooling will help give your little kids a nice change of pace from the same old daily routine.

Now you might be thinking, what’s new on YouTube? To answer this question, we have tried to get a list of all the amazing tips and strategies to help you out. Following them, you’ll be able to make your YouTube journey even better!

Try to keep your favorites’ pinned on your home school Pinterest board. This way you’ll be able to find them easily on lesson days and that too in no time!

Further, we suggest you search for a specific topic using the search tab or by the level of learning. This approach will make it much easier for your kids to narrow down what they are looking for.

It is seen that with the advent of technology, YouTube is now offering educators an improvised way to view educational content.

Now you might wonder what about the rest of the things? Don’t worry! The inappropriate content isn’t visible in the sidebar so that your children don’t get distracted.

If you use your school’s email address for signing up for any educational or e-commerce website, there are high chances that they’ll offer a more controlled environment for learning.

Such websites are known to filter inappropriate and non-education-related content for your kids and it automatically turns off comments and related video sections.

Here you’ll only be exposed to the YouTube EDU videos. This happens when YouTube for School is in use.

This point is quite intriguing! With the modified version of YouTube, the YT Teacher allows you to create your child’s own page and playlists for viewing.

Here, they can also search educational playlists created by other teachers related to certain topics.

All you’ll need is a Gmail account and boom! Your children will get access to view videos in their own customized viewer with hand-picked playlists! Isn’t this mind-boggling?

5 Ways to Make YouTube for Homeschooling Work for Your Curriculum


Many homeschoolers find math as a subject full of struggles to teach. It isn’t surprising to note that over time, you will have to relearn lost skills to teach your little ones.

You’ll find an entire range of YouTube channels dedicated to teaching different approaches to teaching math topics. Such topics are known to teach children using different techniques that might help them to understand a subject that you, as a parent, can’t explain in a way that works for them.

Some of the most popular resources which you must follow for more amazing maths content are as follows-

  • Numberock
  • Mathantics
  • Homeschool pop


Writing and Grammar

You’ll find loads of great resources on YouTube for teaching, writing as well as grammar.

Some of the ideas will range from writing prompts to explanations of various grammar rules to finding educational videos that will further help your child to remember all the important rules and exceptions.

This can be done by presenting them in a fun way that they can connect with.

Some of the most popular sources which you must try are as follows-

  • Mango juniors
  • Teaching without frills
  • Appuseries


Social Studies and History

If you wish to add depth to your topics, especially in subjects like history and social studies then YouTube videos will help you to get an edge!

This way you’ll easily be able to find additional information about topics that are interesting or you can also get answers to their questions that are not addressed in their textbooks.

One important caveat to using YouTube is to make sure whether the source you are referring to is reputable or not. It isn’t a tough job to find this thing. Just be super sure!

Some of the most popular resources that you must refer to are as follows-

  • Homeschool pop
  • NatGeo kids
  • Peekaboo Kidz



When it comes to implementing real-life applications and methodologies of various concepts in science, teaching science can sometimes be quite challenging for homeschooling families.

You’ll easily find these experiments in traditional schools. However, YouTube will help you to gather an even better approach. There is a lot of information that isn’t covered in texts, but you can often find videos that show such experiments including the concepts of chemistry & physics experiments and labs.

You might not have the resources to live through that experience but you can try them virtually!

We understand that hands-on might be more fun, but YouTube will allow you to still teach the information in a better way!


Foreign Language

Your children will experience a better feel for pronunciation and inflection within a different language.

No matter whether they are learning that is specifically meant to teach a language.

Or if they find entertaining videos that are in another language for some real-life experience, YouTube will help them to get plenty of viewing material that will be beneficial in the long run. It will also quest their hunger to be bilingual

Some of the most popular channels which you may refer to are as follows-

  • Spanish Playground
  • TuTiTu TV- French
  • Rock N learn


What To Remember

We know that it isn’t easy to manage every minute detail while handling your kid’s homeschool curriculum.

But no matter what the situation be, finding an affordable way to supplement the curriculum is a must.

Most of the content on YouTube is free and accessible to every kid. The list is truly never-ending. Of course, it is impossible to make a list of all the points that you must know while browsing through the YouTube platform.

We also agree with the fact that this guide is only the tip of the iceberg, especially when it comes to using YouTube to add it to your homeschool curriculum.

But it will ultimately help your kids to get all the help to open the door of knowledge and resources for themselves!


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