Weather Activities for Kids: Rain or Shine4 min read

Activities for Kids Nov 7, 2021



Weather Activities for Kids: Rain or Shine4 min read

It was once common for children to learn at home. This method of education provides them with more time to develop their knowledge and understanding of any subject. The weather is changing dramatically in recent years. During this time of year, the weather can change almost daily. This makes it fun to watch as it changes. Let’s find some activities for your child to learn what the weather is.

What is the weather like?

Weather refers to the state of the atmosphere on Earth. For instance, it can be described as a hot or cold day, wet or dry, and bright day. Most weather phenomena occur in the atmosphere’s lowest layer, which is known as the troposphere.

Although some children are scared of thunderstorms, they love to watch rainbows after a storm has ended. Creating weather observations and discussing climate can be fun and teach children about science. Weather-related lesson plans are very easy to create and implement. They can be used to teach children about the weather and its effect on them.

1. Make a weather station

A weather station is an important part of a child’s education. It provides children with a place to keep track of the temperature, humidity, and precipitation of their day. Ideally, your weather station should be outside to allow children to work with it and collect weather data. Having the necessary equipment will allow them to independently record and monitor the weather. If your weather station can’t be outside, there are a few options. One of these is to set up a weather tracker and allow kids to record the weather data.

2. Observing the weather

Share your kids’ observations about the weather. They’ll also learn about the seasonal changes that happen in nature. Do children understand the basic concepts of temperature? Having fun with the weather can also help children develop an interest in weather science. Kids can become little meteorologists!

Who is a meteorologist?

Meteorologists study the atmosphere, which is the air around Earth. They use observations and tools to predict how its composition will affect life on Earth. On a daily basis, meteorologists help us decide if we should bring an umbrella to protect ourselves from the rain. They can also help us prepare for larger weather events.

3. Track hurricanes

Learn about tornados and hurricanes by observing funnel clouds. This activity can be done as a class or individually. There are also various science experiments that can be done to replicate tornados. There are also science experiments that can be done in a class to replicate a tornado’s vortex.

Weather forecasts
Weather forecasts are often posted online by local news stations. These broadcasts give viewers a chance to watch and learn about the latest weather forecasts.

What is weather forecasting?
Weather forecasts are often made by scientists who use a variety of tools to predict the weather in the future. Weather scientists use various tools to predict what the conditions will be like in the near future. It’s also helpful to check the forecast to see how the weather will change. It can help you prepare for different scenarios. Weather forecasts can help save lives.

Although it’s sunny outside, a clear day can be misleading when it comes to predicting the weather. When it’s cold, the temperatures are dropping.

A thermometer is one of the easiest tools to use to get an accurate reading on the weather. It uses mercury to measure temperature.

A barometer is a type of instrument that measures air pressure. It can tell the difference between low and high air pressure.

Weather satellites have been used to create images of clouds and bright green or blue skies over the world. By taking photos from space, weather satellites help scientists monitor weather patterns around the world.

4. Keep a weather journal

A weather journal is a great way for kids to keep track of their observations and to learn about climate and weather. Take pictures of different scenes in the weather and have them add them to their journal.
Having a weather journal can be a great way to keep track of the weather for your kids. It can be done during breakfast or during the morning, and it’s one of those times that we are guaranteed to be home.
Having a weather journal is an excellent way to teach kids about numbers and math. It also helps them develop self-esteem and responsibility for their daily activities.
This weather journal is so adaptable to any child’s age. It’s a great learning tool that they can use with their parents.

5. Making a weather journal

On the calendar sheets, the child writes the weather sticker that matches the day’s forecast. They then draw the daily weather with colored pencils.
For the weather forecast, the kids tally the day’s forecast.
Then, they mark it in the correct column.
After the month is over, they answer the questions along the bottom.


Weather is a fun and educational activity that kids should have fun with. Make sure to introduce new words and phrases to spark their interest in climate and weather. Homeschooling brings lots of satisfaction actually. It used to be common for children to learn at their home. This method of education allows them to develop their knowledge and skills in various subjects.


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