10 Easy Waste Material School Projects for Kids5 min read

Activities for Kids Oct 3, 2021
10 Easy Waste Material School Projects For Kids



10 Easy Waste Material School Projects for Kids5 min read

Are you looking for some fun and effective ways to teach your kid how to recycle waste materials into something useful? We have perfectly effortless and enjoyable projects that your kid will really love. Apart from teaching your child the importance of recycling and helping him to develop his creativity, this is a great opportunity for you to spend some much needed quality time with your child too!

We have a variety of simple waste material school projects for almost every age group, take a look!

Pencil Shaving Art

Does your child usually throw their pencil shavings into the bin without a second thought? Now you can encourage them to start collecting them instead! There are multiple art and craft activities that you and your child can work on together. From fruits to animals to flowers to a whole human village, the question isn’t what you can do with pencil shavings but rather what you cannot do! Let both yours and your child’s imagination run wild and look at what cool and creative ideas and outcomes y’all come up with!

Cardboard Portrait

This is a fun activity where your child will learn to recycle and reuse old scraps of cardboard and turn them into something artsy and cute. You can use paints and colors to cover your cardboard frame and draw a really pretty picture on the inside. There is so much you can do when making a cardboard portrait so don’t hold back. After you’re done, you can attach a piece of string to your portrait and hang it up on your child’s bedroom wall.

Dried Leaf Animals

Do you have way too many dried leaves in front of your house that you need to keep sweeping into the bin? Why don’t you use them to make something fun instead? Pick up fallen leaves and turn them into little animal cut outs that your child can then use as bookmarks or stick them on cards and so on. This is a great activity to engage your kids when they’re bored.

Veggie Bookmarks

Does your kid hate to eat his vegetables? Then make the topic of vegetables a fun one! In this activity your child gets to make beautiful bookmarks out of the waste of vegetables. He can stamp some lady finger flowers or little balloons out from beans – you can do an endless amount of easy art activities with vegetable waste. Your child will also engage his sensory skills as he mixes different colors and feels different textures. This is a really nice activity to get creative and messy!

CD Coasters

Do you have CDs that are ready to be thrown out any day now? Stop! Did you know that you could make some really cool coasters out of old CDs? All you’ll need are a few old CDs, some old scraps of fabric, scissors, glue and felt tip pens. You can design your coasters any way you want to. Let your kid design one different coaster for each family member. Now everyone has their own personalized handmade coasters to keep their drinks on. No more spilling!

Bottle Vases

Who knew you could turn old plastic or glass bottles into pretty little vases? You can use whichever supplies you want for this. We’d suggest some spray paint, washi tapes, glitter, and even fabric scraps. Get creative with it! Let your child get some fallen flowers and leaves to decorate your bottles too! Now you have your very own vases to put some pretty flowers in. You can place your vases in the living room and kitchen for everyone to see.


Is your kid fascinated by robots? Help him to make one of his very own! You will need about four old matchboxes, some matchsticks, some colored sheets, glue and scissors and you’re all set! You can cover your matchboxes with colored paper. The matchsticks can be used for making the antennas of the robot and also to connect the head to the body of the robot. Your child now has a mini robot he can play with.

Popsicle Stick Storage Box

Popsicle sticks, colored paper, paint, glue, and some decorative material – that’s pretty much all your child will need for this activity! Make your popsicle box with a hollow center and don’t forget to decorate it to look super pretty and shiny. Now your child can store all her little treasures in her cute box. Don’t forget that the simplicity of this storage box is part of its charm.

Sock Puppets

Sock puppets! This is easily the oldest activity in the book. Instead of throwing out your old and withered socks, make them into puppets and have family story time sessions with them! You can make your puppets into animals, birds, your child’s favorite movie and/or book characters. Apart from your socks, you will require some googly eyes or buttons, wool, a wool needle, a thread for sewing and scissors. This is a great activity to teach your child how to sew too!

Walnut Shell Turtle

Would you have ever thought of this? How innovative is this one! Walnut shells do resemble turtle shells so why not give it a go! Get some paints, a black marker, tape, glue, scissors, cardboard and your walnut shells and you’re good to go. Let your child enjoy himself as you both sit together to make cute little turtles that you can keep in any bedroom or the living room as room décor. We love this activity and we hope you do too!


Although we’ve given you 10 great ideas for best out of waste, we know that you and your child are capable of coming up with much more creative ideas to use the waste in your house and turn it into something really awesome! So don’t hold back and have a fun time with your child as you both think of innovative ideas and activities to do!


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