Visual Learning : Strengths, Benefits And Examples7 min read

Child Development Aug 29, 2021
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Visual Learning : Strengths, Benefits And Examples7 min read

There are various learning methods to enhance the skills of kids and help them be better individuals in today’s world. Children learn through multiple strategies such as reading, auditory, or visuals. Today we will talk about the last one, visual learning. As a parent, you must know what visual learning is? Children learn by watching a video, a picture, basically the visuals in visual learning. Most children prefer to learn through visuals and graphics, making the information more exciting and easier to understand.

As a parent, everyone must know about the importance of visual learning and its strengths. So today, we will learn everything about visual education, its power, strategies, and all other information that can help shape a brighter future for your little one.

What is Visual Learning?

Visual learning is understanding any information using images, videos, graphics, maps, colors, and other visuals. Communicating with any form of data with the help of visuals is relatively more accessible than any other method. As a result, children who are visual learners have plenty of skills.

In simpler words, visual learners rely on graphics to remember or learn any piece of information. Some reports have proved that visual learning helps learn faster than all the other contemporary learning methods. In addition, there are numerous examples of visual understanding, such as when you show a video to your child to make them understand the complete message.

What are the Strengths of Visual Learning?

Visual learning has unlimited benefits for children. A video representation stimulates the minds of children to work faster. In addition, learners respond quicker to visual information than text materials. Here are some key benefits of visual learning:

Stores Information Longer

Firstly, visual representation of any information is the simplest and most efficient way to ensure that information gets stored in a child’s mind for the longest time. Sometimes children mug up a message or a piece of information to score good marks. However, this information does not stay long as they do not know its concept. Most education consultants have remarked that anything a child learns through words is primarily a short-term memory. On the other hand, any pictoral information stays for a long time memory of a child. Thus, parents must practice visual learning to make their child a long-term and better learner. Also, specific essential information is required to learn for an extended period. Thus, parents must provide this information in the form of visual learning.

Better Communication

The information in the form of visuals is no doubt more superficial. This makes the information and communication more accessible and quick. However, according to the visual teaching alliance, there are specific facts about visual learning. Let us know about some of them:

For most information transmitted in the brain, 90% of it is graphic. You can try it on yourself. What do you remember- An answer learned in the class seventh for a movie watched seven years ago. Of course, it’s the movie in the form of visuals, and not the answer learned is in text.

  • Visuals are processed way faster than text.
  • Human beings are more capable of remembering a visual scene in less than 1 second.
  • Our nerve fibers are interlinked with the retina; therefore, we cannot forget visuals for longer.
  • The brain remembers any image for 13 milliseconds more even after viewing it.

These are some of the facts about visuals and learning. So now you know that visual learning is the best form of learning. Therefore every parent must encourage their child to become a visual learner.

Better Comprehension

Visuals assist beginners in drawing close standards without difficulty by stimulating creativeness and affecting their cognitive capabilities. Besides, the visual language also stretches ‘human bandwidth,’ which involves absorbing, comprehending, and analyzing new information.

Unsuitable Visuals Equals Unhappy Learners

The high-quality elements of visuals help learners to grasp the concept appropriately. The high quality and relevance of visuals are counted a lot. For example, if you have images, charts, and movies, it makes your online tutorial way higher than your competitors’. But, if the photos are of low quality or pixelated, they fail to meet their purpose, and the learner loses interest. Apart from terrible quality, if the visual material is typical and fails to explain the situation precisely and clearly and will no longer enchant the learners.

Visual learning helps with:

  • Simplifies the difficult-to-understand and textual content-heavy topics.
  • Explains the use of real people, places, or objects.
  • Hence, the key is to deal with visuals like energy boosters for your learning.

Strategies of Visual Learning

There are multiple strategies by which you can make your child a visual learner. Let us look at a few of them.

Watching Moral Videos

This is the simplest way to enhance your child’s visual learning skills. First, you can make them watch a few videos with some messages. If your child can answer or understand the message quickly, you can conclude that they have excellent visual learning skills. However, most of the students take their time to answer as they rewind the whole tape in their minds. Therefore, you should always provide extra time for your child to answer. In addition, parents can also encourage and motivate the child to watch the video twice or thrice to understand its message. This will help them in learning at a faster pace.

Picture to the Story

This could be a fun activity for kids, and unknowingly they will develop better visual learning skills. Firstly, you need to show any picture to your child. Let them observe it for a particular time. Now ask them to write a story based on the image they saw. It is a great way to visualize and imagine new stories. Your kid might also develop better ideas and imagination while performing this activity. Better visual skills are the cherry on the cake with this activity. Moreover, later, you can tell your kid the actual story behind the picture.

Map Information

When it comes to visual learning, maps are the first thing that strikes our minds. Most of us have learned about maps in Geography. Although reading a map is more superficial, some kids may face problems with poor visual learning skills. Every day you can provide a new map to your child and tell them to write the locations this will help them develop better graphic learning skills. These are some strategies to create visual learning skills.

How to Engage Your Child in Visual Learning?

Engaging young learners in visual learning through in-home activities can help them excel in every field. Let us look at a few actions by which they can get more engaged in visual learning:

Bring your child to plenty of books with information and stories in pictures, maps, or other visual forms. This will help them in polishing their graphic learning skills.

  • Parents can help their children find educational videos in which there are complex topics explained with the help of animations and illustrations.
  • Also, parents can provide various coloring books to the children to express their ideas.
  • Games such as jigsaw puzzles, sets, and sequences for memory can be delivered to visual learners.
  • Parents can also give various gifts to the visual learners, such as Rubik’s cubes and dollhouses. These games involve visual learning art. Thus, they will be best for your kid.


Visual learning is a power booster for children. Children can learn and understand a piece of information for a more extended period with the help of visual learning. Learning is a gift for most understudies who face difficulty learning with any other form. Parents must also encourage their children to be visual learners as it has endless benefits. A visual learner can learn best by images and graphics; thus, every parent must persuade their kid to be a visual learner.


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