8 Excellent Resources for Studying the United States5 min read

Homeschooling Nov 22, 2021
8 Excellent Resources for Studying the United States



8 Excellent Resources for Studying the United States5 min read


The United States is one of the most desired places in the world. There are endless sights to see, a totally beautiful experience of exploring different cultures, and making long-lasting memories.

Nevertheless, if you really wish to study, then make sure that you come fully prepared. To make your journey even easier, we’ve made a checklist of 8 powerful resources which will surely help you to make your experience worth remembering in order to study in the United States.

1. The Desk Atlas of the United States

This resource material wasn’t available earlier when we as kids did our study. But you’ll easily find all the stuff on the internet nowadays. But we can bet on this one thing that you might have never seen a more beautifully illustrated atlas of the United States ever(for their parents as well).

This resource guide contains a two-page spread which is chocked full of information about each state. Even the interesting thing to note is that the book cover(inside and out) contains interesting facts and trivia all over.

2. State Quarters

If you think wisely, then it isn’t a difficult job to use the quarters themselves and that too by just finding out what is on its back and why it was chosen. Just don’t forget to tie that in a related book whenever you can.

We’ll give you an example to make things easier: As soon as you see the back of the California quarter, you’ll be introduced to John Muir, founder of the Sierra Club,m. You can easily find a handful of fascinating books about him at the library.

3. State Notebook

The State NoteBook from the Geography section is one of the most fantastic resources if you wish to study the United States. In the State Notebook, you’ll observe a note booking page for each state with a U.S. map outline. On this map, children will be able to colour in the state. Also, they can easily read out more about the facts concerning the respective states, and a sticker set is also there which includes information regarding the respective bird, tree, and flower for each state. All you need to do is add a state flag sticker set and then you’re good to go!

4. Pin-It Maps

Who doesn’t love pin maps? Along with it, the United States map set would make your package complete and will depict an excellent addition for helping you to study all the 50 states.

You’ll receive flag pins for each state. It’s a great learning tool for reviewing or learning more about the hands-on quiz. Along with it, each pin present over there has a set of two-letter state abbreviations on the back for giving you an additional learning opportunity.

In addition to this, the pin map of the United States has the capital and major cities which are already marked so that children find it easier to learn the names of the linked capitals and also where each is located. No doubt, edible maps are always too much fun.

5. Crayola’s State Colouring Pages

This resource material comprises all the beautiful states which have got colouring pages. Such colouring pages are evenly perfect for children who don’t fit in the older category and also without them being too juvenile. All of them feature the state flag and the outline of the state. Other features can probably vary but in general, the features may include some combination of state symbols, such as the bird, flower, fish, or butterfly.

6. State Facts and Trivia

50 States.com is one of the most renowned websites for finding out more about the for the Fifty States. You’ll observe several lists of facts and random trivia for each state. The titbits of trivia present over there are always interesting and prove to be truly memorable. As a student, you must always try to come up with a craft or some activity based on at least one random fact for each state.

For instance, it is a fact that the Alabama state has a law on the books which bans fake moustaches. You can tell your kids to wear fake moustaches to wear for the day.

7. State Facts and Symbols Books

The (name of the state) Facts and Symbols series which is designed by Emily McAuliffe is one of the most fantastic series of books ever seen. You’ll find one for each state which further provides details along with detailed descriptions of various state facts and symbols. For instance, you can read more about the state bird, the capital, the location, and much more. They can prove to be one of your kid’s favourite reference tools for conducting their studies.

Also, if you are somebody who loves to explore literature in your state study, then we recommend you to refer to the Around the USA Study written by Cindy West. She is known to enlist literature options for each state.

8. State Recipes

Who doesn’t love food? If you love to look for foods to make for each state and that too based on either an interesting piece of trivia or a state symbol, then we advise you to choose the State Recipe Resource guide. This list of state recipes will make a great start.

Apart from this, Eat Your Way Through the USA is another handy resource that you may refer to. Usually, you’ll find two recipes per state. Along with this, you’ll find interesting facts about each state as well. Just search for the best one!

What can you do with unit studies for all 50 states?

You can use the information provided for studying each state’s unit study for more specific studies. Some of the most promising examples of having such unit studies are- Having a nature journal of USA flora and fauna, keeping a proper note of all the famous personalities from the USA, taking a tour of the USA and that too via virtual field trips, or by creating a historical timeline of the USA. Your kid can also create a journal full of state symbols. Believe it or not but you have got an end number of possibilities.

Just go through this checklist twice and you’ll be able to prepare for your journey to the US. All you will need before beginning is a good attitude and an open mind along with you as well! Happy reading 🙂


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