T-Shirt Painting : Make Your Very Own Superhero T-Shirt5 min read

Activities for Kids Oct 3, 2021
T-Shirt Painting



T-Shirt Painting : Make Your Very Own Superhero T-Shirt5 min read

One area that kids can excel in is painting. There are many reasons why painting is a great way for kids to develop their talents and personal interests. Painting can help children develop their emotions and feelings.

This skill is important for children as they develop their hand-eye coordination. Painting can help your child achieve more skills and develop their brain innumerable ways.

How does Painting help your Child?

Painting helps children develop their basic skills in how to focus on a few details. It helps them keep their eyes on the parts they see clearly.

Your child’s dexterity will improve as they develop their hand muscles by painting. It allows them to work with both hands. Children can learn a variety of shapes and sizes, and painting can help them develop fine motor skills and creativity. Kids can paint on their easels to learn about different colors and make their mixtures. It can help a child feel better about their emotions and help them feel more connected to their environment. Aside from being a fun and creative activity, painting can also teach your child about responsibility and discipline. It can help develop their social skills and creativity. When the parent joins the child in the painting, It also serves as a great opportunity to bond together.

Here is a super fun way to do a Painting together.

Let’s do a Super Hero Painting on a T-shirt and why not your child wear it? The idea of painting a Superhero itself makes the child excited and when it is a T-Shirt he/she can wear it to show friends!! That would add more awesomeness to the entire activity.

So let’s get started!

When it comes to painting there are many ways to do it. One best way is by using a Stencil. Parents can buy it from any Art supply store near you. The first task will be getting your child’s favorite Super-Hero stencil.

Materials needed:

Plain T-shirt, Super-Hero Stencil, Toothbrush, Fabric Paint, Sponge, Newspaper, and a cardboard

  • Wash the shirt for your child. It will remove any starch and shrink it. It will also make the paint stick better.
  • Set up your work area by covering it in a newspaper. 
  • To prevent the paint from transferring to the back of the t-shirt, place a sheet of cardboard inside the shirt.
  • Now guide your child to take a few bright colors of paint. Dip the toothbrush in the paint and sprinkle the pain over the plain T-shirt. Repeat it with different colors. This should give you a colorful look for the Plain T-shirt.
  • Help your child position the stencil in a secure position. 
  • Now Dab the paint into the Sponge. Then show your child how to apply the paint on the stencil, watch your child apply the paint over the stencil.  Ask your child to keep dabbing and tapping until the desired coverage is achieved. 
  • Before the paint dries, remove the stencil. Tell your child why removing the stencil is important. It is important to remove it before the paint begins to form a thick layer.
  • Now you have a refreshing drink with your child after this hectic painting!
  • Meanwhile, let the paint completely dry.
  • Help your child to press an iron over it to create a longer-lasting design and remove the cardboard.
  • Your Super-hero T-shirt is ready!!

Another way is to make a stencil all by yourself.

Materials Needed:

Plain Colour t-shirt, Printed Superhero logo, Contact Paper, Fabric Paint, Peg, and Sponge or Brush and Cardboard

  • You need to help your child make a stencil now.
  • Stick the logo on the contact paper and leave enough space around it to fit in, to cut it into the desired shape.
  • Ask your child to fix the cardboard so that the paint doesn’t bleed to the other side of the t-shirt.
  • Carefully stick the logo for your child on the front of the shirt and add the border with contact paper or Sellotape. 
  • These will help keep the kids focused on the lines and prevent them from getting painted over.
  • Time to paint.
  • To create a uniform pattern, Ask your child to press the paint around the open spaces. It is also important to not brush the paint.
  • Once the dabbing is done, remove the logo carefully before the paint dries. It is always advisable that you do it for your child.
  • And allow the paint to dry completely and iron it. 
  • Ask your child to remove the cardboard.
  • The Superhero T-Shirt is ready to wear now.

It’s time to unleash your child’s painting skills.

Materials Needed:

Plain T-shirt, Rainbow paints, Painting brush, Newspaper, Cardboard, Superhero printout.

  • The first thing to do is draw your child’s favorite Superhero on the T-shirt. You can choose a simple version of the Superhero and outline your child.
  • Now place the cardboard so that the paint doesn’t stick to the other side of the t-shirt.
  • Help your child with choosing the colors and make your child fill the colors in the desired area.
  • Now leave it to dry and iron your t-shirt and remove the cardboard.
  • The Superhero T-shirt is ready!

You can model your unique way for a Superhero T-shirt with your child. Discuss about their favorite superhero, What colors they prefer, which method they like and you finally create a fun way to make it with your child. Here are a few things to keep in mind when making your method to make a Painted T-shirt.

  • This fun activity is great for both kids and adults. It can transform a plain t-shirt into a stylish statement.
  • Sometimes, children have an idea of what they want and all that is needed is to give them the tools to make it happen.
  • This activity allows children to express themselves while wearing their clothes.
  • There are various types of fabric paint that children can use. For instance, fabric paint comes in bottles that have easy to apply nozzle tops. However, brushes and sponges are also available.
  • If you’re using clear bottles, make sure they’re upside down to avoid bubbles. If they’re colored with a light coat of paint, add a splash of glitter to create a more stunning effect.
  • By making different shapes and sizes of spoons, rulers, and dough cutters the designs can be created.
  • Letters can be easily created with stencils. Large pictures can also be used as templates.

Now collect all the things for a perfect fun day, by making a Superhero T-shirt with your child.


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