Let’s Make a Treasure Chest!4 min read

Activities for Kids Oct 3, 2021



Let’s Make a Treasure Chest!4 min read

Are you looking for a really cool and enjoyable project to do with your kid that will also be a great learning experience? Well, guess what? We’ve got you! A lot of child development and learning happens through projects, activities, art and craft and creating different things. Help your child to learn and develop essential skills that will help him as he grows older.

And we have picked out the perfect activity for you and your child – a Treasure Chest!

We know you’re really excited to get going so let’s get right into it.

We would suggest that you go through the list of materials required a day prior to when you decide to do this activity so that you will have everything ready to begin the next day.

What materials will you need?

Our treasure chest is made of cardboard, so a cardboard box, as well as some extra sheets of cardboard, is definitely what you will need.

Next, you will also need some duct tape, a marker, a box cutter or scissors and a measuring tape.

These are the basic materials required but if you and your child want to get creative then don’t hesitate to add some paints, glitter, and any other decorative materials of your choice to your list.

How do you make your treasure chest?

In order to create your very own treasure chest at home, follow the steps below. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Cut off three out of four lid tabs of your cardboard box. Leave the lid tab that is on one of the longer sides.

Step 2: Carefully measure the sides of your cardboard box.

Step 3: Now you will have to draw out the side of your lid with your marker. The straight edge of the bottom should be the same measurement that you took above i.e., it should be the length of the shorter side of your cardboard box.

Step 4: Cut out your side.

Step 5: Trace this semicircle side on a cardboard sheet in order to produce an identical side. Also, measure the curve.

Now we make the top of the lid of your cardboard box treasure chest…

Step 6: Go with the grain of the ribs of your cardboard, and make sure it is the width of your box. Next, the measurement of the curve of your box top should be against the grain. Once you have your required measurements in place, cut it out.

Step 7: Your next step will be to curve the top of your lid. This is where your duct tape roll will come in handy. Use the duct tape roll too slowly and carefully roll the lid up; this will make taping your semicircles much easier.

Step 8: Tape the lid to the semicircle sides. Take a piece of tape and place it in such a manner that it lines up the middle of your lid top as well as one of the sides of the lid.

Step 9: Now take a fairly large piece of duct tape and delicately work your way around the side of the lid.

Step 10: Now that you’ve put tape on the outside, it’s time to reinforce the inside as well. Apply tape along the inner seam of your lid.

Step 11: Repeat steps 8 to 10 to join the other side.

Step 12: To attach your lid to the main box, roll the lid flap that is remaining to make it easier to bend as you attach your lid.

Step 13: Take your lid. Start taping your lid to the lid flap from the inside.

Step 14: Now tape the back of the lid.

Step 15: Next, tape a piece of cardboard to the front of the lid.

Step 16: Tape another small piece of cardboard to the front of the box in such a way that your clasp is able to slip in.

And voila! Your own easy treasure chest made from simple cardboard is ready!

All you need to do now is paint, decorate and/or add embellishments to it.

If you want this to be a project where your kid actually uses his brains instead of blindly following orders, then don’t tell him what the next step is! Allow him some space and a few minutes to brainstorm and try and figure out what the next step could be with the materials you have at hand. Let your child do some experimenting and problem solving and give you tips as you go along.

This will be an awesome learning experience for your child and a fun bonding session for both of you. After you’re done making and decorating the treasure chest, your child can run off and find little keepsakes and treasures to fill his box. And just like that, you can tick off another enjoyable art and craft project from your list!


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