Tips For Military Dads: How To Be A Good Father5 min read

Parenting Nov 4, 2022
An army dad embracing their family



Tips For Military Dads: How To Be A Good Father5 min read

Parenting your children while serving in the military or after retirement is one of the biggest challenges professionals can face. Military duties can be tough and long-lasting, so you can easily lose yourself in the line of duty. Military training can force you to leave home for weeks, depriving your children of their father’s love. 

Although the military profession prepares you to be emotionally strong, family struggles can break you mentally. You might find yourself in a vortex of emotions where you feel you are not in control.

Fortunately, you can turn things around not just for yourself, but for your family too. So, if you have always longed to become a good father while serving in the military or after retiring, these tips will help you. 

  • Love your family

. There might be instances where you feel the emotional gap is increasing between you and your family, which is sometimes normal. Your kids and wife might complain about weeklong military training sessions. Or, they might even show frustration if you fail to give them time and love.

As a military dad, the most important thing you can do for your family is to take some time out for them. Spend time with your wife and children, and let them know you are there for them. Listen to them and hear what they ask of you. Perhaps an adventure such as a road trip will help you all gel in together while providing relief from routine activities.

  • Watch your health

In order to be a better dad, you must also take care of yourself too. Working in the armed forces comes with several health risks. The military uses asbestos as a primary component for warfare, so there is no wonder why military veterans and mesothelioma go side by side. According to a recent study, veterans make up 30% of all the diagnosed mesothelioma cases in the US annually. So go for early health screenings to stay on top of your health.

  • Provide and protect

The military profession is not just about protecting national assets. Rather, it also emphasizes providing for and protecting your family. Military dads have a lot on their shoulders, and time management is key. From military demonstrations to rigorous training to looking after your family, it can be too much to handle. But if you do it correctly, you can achieve a work-life balance.

Military training can be demanding, both physically and mentally. Sometimes, duty can push you to the brink of mental and physical breakdown. But remember that you are doing this for your family. You are performing your duties effectively so your children can attend the best town school. Likewise, your wife can buy her favorite dress that she longs for.

  • Engage with your children

Children can be tough to deal with, especially when you are out on military deployments. Your wife might feel overwhelmed if she is the only one looking after your children, and rightly so. She needs your support if you wish to see your children in a better place. Luckily, there are plenty of things that you can do for your children while in the military.

Developing a positive mindset is the first step towards engaging your children and developing good habits. Spend time with your children and engage them in healthy activities to foster their physical and cognitive growth. Learn to be patient and kind when you are around kids. Children make mistakes, and scolding them for something they should not be doing will only worsen things.

Little things you would do for your children will help you get close to them. If your children love to go out, taking them for a ride is not a bad idea. Likewise, helping them do their homework or get dressed for school will help you develop a strong emotional connection with your family. Remember that you are a role model for your children. So, if you want them to follow in your footsteps, making amends on a personal level is essential.

  • Support your wife

Supporting your life partner is probably the most important step toward becoming a good father. As a military dad, you often need support from your wife on multiple occasions. From grooming your children to advice on family matters, your wife has a key role to play. Because she oversees all the domestic affairs while you are away, she is in the best position to cater to them adequately.

But that does not mean you should turn your eyes away from your home. You should ensure that you support your wife in every way possible. Doing outside chores while also owning indoor responsibilities will help her a lot. Things like doing the laundry or making coffee for her will boost her morale and give you a sense of satisfaction.

  • Continue trying

Being a good father does not make you free of errors. Everyone makes mistakes and so will you. But if you strive to make things better for yourself and your family, there is always hope. Most military dads focus on their job while neglecting their families. If this is the case with you, remember that it is never too late to become a good dad.

Continue loving your family and try to win your wife’s and children’s hearts. Small efforts can have a huge impact, so everything you do for your family is a step closer to being a good father. Things like doing chores and laundry while being a supportive life partner go a long way toward a happy family.


Getting into the military takes a lot out of you, but becoming a good father requires more. You must continuously ensure your love for your family is not affected by your job. Therefore, continue providing for and protecting your family while spending time with them for a better future.


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