Tik Tok Boom & Music Industry5 min read

Music Sep 26, 2021
How the TikTok Boom Has Impacted the Music Industry



Tik Tok Boom & Music Industry5 min read

Not more than five years ago, Tik Tok has a total fan following of more than 1 billion worldwide active users. Beyond doubts, this platform is filled with creativity and is gradually becoming even more popular than ever-particularly in the social media world as well as the music industry. According to the recent announcement made by the company, the associated company has also allowed 60-second lip-syncing videos which allow you to have an even better experience for music lovers. Earlier the lip-syncing videos were restricted to not more than 15 seconds. Hence, this latest decision gives a wider timespan to talented artists as well as beginners in particular.

Opportunities provided by the App  

More than 10 million artists and musicians were reportedly known to depend on this app to promote music and build a global fan base by simply uploading their original songs to the platform. Apart from the celebrities and well settled icons in the music industry, the upcoming youths also get equal opportunities to get their songs discovered on Tik Tok since the platform offers a range of pure, crowd-sourced options for its users. 

The app got launched in 2016, it was commonly observed that only billboard hits and movie songs went viral. But talking about the current scenario, Tik Tok influences the billboard charts and not the other way around. Songs that are created by well-known creators for their content tend to trend more than the usual traffic. 

How Tik Tok changed the music industry?

The current music exposure of Tik Tok is constantly reshaping the music industry in many ways. Some of them are as follows. Then let’s just have a look!

  • Gradual increase noticed amongst the ongoing trend in music 

According to a popular magazine, it was noticed that nowadays majority of new, unique fans end up streaming songs after checking out a snippet or dance choreography on Tik Tok. We are living in an Era where consumers listen to songs based on how viral it is. Many times you might have also heard songs on this platform that you didn’t hear before. It is quite common these days that users discover songs they’ve never heard of. This is quite opposite to what we see on other popular, where algorithms recommend what you prefer or what you already know. The majority of the videos and music that you’ll hear on Tik Tok will depend upon your mobile phone’s activity to point you in your taste of music.

  • The trend of Singles debuts Changed Significantly

Opposite to what happened earlier, the current scenario allows artists now to launch the fate of their single debuts just clicks away and that too without actually relying on a label’s resources and network to get your name out there. The modified changes now let you upload your single song on Tik Tok and bypass all the radio stations. If you are a creative, dedicated and artistic person then you might end up having the whole country jamming to your vibe in less than a few days or maybe even in hours!

  • Power of social media rendered by the influence of Tik Tok 

Ever since its beginning, Tik Tok proved that a talented person doesn’t need the backing of traditional media platforms to curve his/her place in the music industry. Many users depend upon the influence of other social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook to share their account handles. Well, if you are also someone who wishes to try your luck too then this move can prove to be perfect for getting new, unique viewers every time you post. As an artist, you can now solely ride on Tik Tok to promote music and get exposure to other social media apps, due to its incredible reach and influence.

Musical.ly- The predecessor of Tik Tok

In 2017, Bytedance decided to merge the musica.ly app with Tik Tok, in order to make it even more prestigious and giant. It isn’t a hidden fact that musical.ly was known for its lip-syncing. Therefore, the company decided to rename the previous name with a fresh one so that it could draw more attention from the audience. 

Top 3 people who became famous using Tik Tok 

  • Loren Gray 

Currently, Loren Gray is an 18-year-old singer who found fame on Tik Tok. Things completed changed for her when she first shared videos of her and her classmates singing Justin Bieber’s hit song, “Boyfriend”. In no time, the video went viral and she instantly gained 30,000 followers. She also got enlisted amongst one of the most followed influencers on Tik Tok, with more than 50 million followers.

  • Ashnikko 

Ashnikko isn’t as famous as Loren Gray, but her music video “Stupid” gained a lot of popularity. One day her artistic team encountered drastic traffic to her lyric page for her song, “Stupid” and the stream for the song went up by a vast margin. The song reached 1 billion views in not more than three weeks and all thanks to Tik Tok! In the current times, she has gained more than 2 million followers on Tik Tok. She tops amongst the Billboard chart.

  • Lil Nas 

Lil Nas is known to have a unique way of promoting his music stuff. He used to combine his music with meme pages and not to the music labels or to social media platforms. His memes went viral drastically with the power of Tik Tok. The efforts that he had put and his unique idea finally paid him off. He is known to have won two Grammy awards. Also, he has set a record for the longest song sitting on the No.1 spot on Billboard Hot 100. Cheers to his creativity and uniqueness!


As an artist, you must never shy away from posting your songs and videos as an artist! Following the previous trends, maybe you can be just one post away from going viral. With the advent of time, Tik Tok is undeniably becoming a sensation to record labels and managers who want to promote music for their artists which includes collaborations, singles, and even albums. Not only this, but Tik Tok is also giving rise to a new breed of influencers who don’t require a huge sum of money to put your track on their creations. As long as you find a way to stand out from the endless amount of other talented artists, it is an almost all-free ride to overnight fame! 


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