13 Spectacular Thumb Printing Art Activities For Your Kids4 min read

Activities for Kids Oct 3, 2021
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13 Spectacular Thumb Printing Art Activities For Your Kids4 min read

Take some time out to spend with your child this weekend. Grab a bunch of art supplies, create your little art space where everyone can get as messy as they like and let’s get ready to create some beautiful artwork! We have some really cool thumbprint art activities that you and your child can do together. These art activities will help your child to unleash her imagination and creativity to create something really wonderful. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

Here are 13 thumbprinting activities that your child will absolutely love!

Family Portrait

Create a little animated family portrait with your thumbs! How cute is that! You can also use some colored sheets, ice cream sticks and markers to draw out each family member’s features. Frame or hang this miniature family portrait in the living room to show off everyone’s creativity.

Family Tree

There are a variety of easy methods to make family trees. But making a thumbprint family tree is one of the easiest. You can make it colorful, or just one color with its different shades, anything you and your kids would like! This is a great family bonding activity that will help everyone learn a little more about the family too.


Make a beautiful dancing peacock with your kids and hang it up on the wall. Everyone can pitch in with their brightly painted thumbs to make it a really pretty peacock. Just dab the colors, make your thumb impressions and you have your very own DIY wall décor!

Thumbprint Christmas Tree

Just draw an outline of a few Christmas trees and let your child fill them in with his thumb impressions. You can later decorate it with little beads and ribbons for the ornaments of the tree.

Sea World

Create a whole bunch of beautiful sea creatures with just your thumb impressions! Your child can let his imagination loose and use a variety of colors and combinations to make his sea creatures. Fill the background in with some seashells and sand. You can also add more details to your sea creatures once the paint has dried.

Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and vegetables are another great thumbprinting idea. Your child can dab some paint and create his favorite fruits. He can also make some monster-looking features on the veggies that he hates to eat! You can even engage in a session of storytelling after you’re done.

Flower Power

Grab a large sheet of paper and just make a variety of gorgeous flowers. You can make them in all shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. Let your imagination carry you along as you and your child get lost in the world of flowers.

Thumbprint Balloons

Thumbprinting is great for balloons. You can make really pretty looking balloons in different colors. You can draw an animal or a human figure catching the balloons. We don’t want to limit you by giving ideas, because we feel like your child will have much better ones. So use your thumbs to make some cute balloons.


You can make little birdies. You can make big birdies. Or you can make a whole family of birdies. You can make thumbprint birds of all types. Draw in their eyes, beaks, wings, feet and tails once you’re done painting them. You can make this into an awesome room or wall décor.

Thumbprint Vehicles

This is a great way to talk to your child about the different types of vehicles that you find. You can make race cars, garbage trucks, fire trucks and even trains and planes. Fill your page with your little vehicles and talk about how each one has its own use and job.

A Bug’s World

Introduce your child to the world of bugs by thumbprinting all the bugs and creepy crawlies that you can think of. You can even use the internet to learn about different insects that are rare and unheard of. Then try to replicate all the bugs and insects you have seen from memory.

Monster Doodles

Dab in some bright colors and thumbprint some monsters. Doodle their faces and expressions later on. You could make your monsters scary-looking or really cute. This is a nice bonding activity for you and your child.

Thumbprint Movie Characters

This is probably our favorite idea so far! Make a list of the characters from all your kid’s favorite movies and try to replicate them! How cool would it be to have a chart full of thumb printed movie characters all gathered together? Dab some colors and paint your thumbs. Doodle your movie characters on your thumbprints and have fun looking at the thumb-versions of these movie characters! Don’t forget to hang this masterpiece up on your child’s wall afterward.


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