Using Technology in your Homeschool5 min read

Homeschooling Nov 7, 2021


Using Technology in your Homeschool5 min read


You might be wondering how to choose the right technology tools for your child’s homeschool if you’ve been educating your kids for any amount of time. There is hardly any reason to doubt the fact that these resources are known to make home education a little bit easier. Apart from this, there are endless benefits to be listed down when adding this stuff to your child’s educational journey and lesson plans.

Without the advancement of technology, it’s very difficult to imagine how our lives could’ve been! The gadgets and tools have created a significant impact in the homeschooling community.

Still, wondering? If you are still not sure about incorporating technology in your homeschool or not, then you need not worry! Further in this guide, we’ll talk about various reasons as to why you must use them in your homeschool.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money incorporating technological tools in your child’s academic life. There are ample reasons for them to have their own version of technical support!

2 Immediate benefits you’ll probably encounter

The two immediate benefits that we see are math and typing. You can use computer-based math programs and several other typing methods as well. If your kids are now able to do all such things on their own, then devices are definitely a sanity-saver.

However, we see two other benefits as well.

1. Firstly, we feel that it is very important for every kid to know how to use technology since we all are living in a technology-driven world! However, it is also a fact that their future employers will likely be dependent upon their knowledge regarding basic programs.

And, let us tell you one straightforward fact– kids are super smart. The versions get updated every now and then. If you are worried about being able to help them learn to maneuver in this new operating system, then worry not! Things will improve with time. The worry is short-lived, you’ll get through the solutions with regular use.

2. Secondly, you must set both kids up with a Skype account. Just make sure to have an extremely limited contact list. In case they are getting lots of spelling and a range of grammar and capitalization mistakes – try practicing Skyping. It will definitely help your kid to improve a lot.

Even if your kid makes a lot of spelling mistakes, you’ll observe that the spelling will gradually improve much more than you’d realized.

Ways to use technology in your home school

1. Simple apps

We all know that all apps and technology tools are not created on an equal scale and others can even be quite hectic to navigate than others. With a positive approach to homeschooling, all you need to do is just introduce them to apps that are easy for them to understand and use. In the beginning, you can start by playing fun, game-based apps and progress to other apps depending on the educational needs of your kid.

2. Reading eBooks

While you might be aware of the usual way of using hardcover and paperback books, with the current advancements you can easily pack up your entire book collection and put it on a tablet or any device. The biggest advantage of this method is that you can Cut back on having cluttered bookshelves and physical books to keep up with.

3. Tuning into podcasts

The boom in podcasts over the recent years is not at all questionable in any way. However, the advantage of homeschooling is that your kids can listen to them without any complex planning. Also, they can include them in formal education.

4. Working with Word!

Here we are assuming that your kids might already know how the basic stuff in MS Word works. However, if your kid isn’t aware of the same, no worries! With a little help from your side, they’ll easily know the basic know-how to perform amazing work like:

  • Teach them how to use Double-space in a document
  • How to save a document to their flash drive
  • Retrieving a document from the flash drive without any complex structuring
  • Using thesaurus while editing
  • Copy and then paste the text from one file to another
  • How to use famous quotes around spoken words
  • Starting a new line once you are done with the previous line of dialogue

Learning more about the Internet Safety

This article will definitely be incomplete if we don’t mention Internet safety. With all the advantages that we have listed in this entire article, one thing that overrules the rest of the tools is the concept of Internet Safety. Firstly, you need to make sure that your kids are aware of basic safety rules, such as not sharing personally identifying information anywhere online.

Graphic designing is on your way

It is very important to teach your kids about some basic graphic design practice with the help of Microsoft Paint. You can further use this feature to create screensavers and avatars for their Skype accounts (if they already have) Now coming to the next important factor, we all have probably learned how to use MS paint through hands-on experience and trial and error. Now it’s the right time to introduce your kids to the concept of painting. Don’t forget to teach them how to save files!


Now you don’t need to feel that using technological tools while homeschooling can turn out to be intimidating.

Before proceeding with the above tips and suggestions, just remember that if you don’t like a certain tool, you can get rid of it anytime completely.

While in the other cases, as your children get older, the current trend may likely fade and something better maybe there.

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