How to Teach Your Kid to Sing in Tune?6 min read

Music Sep 5, 2021
Teaching Your Kids to sing in tune



How to Teach Your Kid to Sing in Tune?6 min read

Singing is a skill that almost everyone is fascinated about and wishes to learn. Whether children or adults, everyone wants to know the insides of singing a song melodiously. Learning to sing a song has always been popular and is among the best exercises. Especially for children, singing is something that helps them in developing plenty of skills. All the parents want their children to excel in every field of their life. However, when it comes to training them, parents tend to lag. Every parent must try to teach their children how to sing as it has a handful of benefits. Today we will learn why it is essential for your kid to learn songs and how can you teach your kids to sing? So if you have been finding the answers to these questions, you are at the right spot.


Why is Music Essential For Your Child?

Learning any music is pretty similar to learning a new type of language. But do you know that learning how to sing can help develop a child in many other ways? Here are some of these ways.

Academic Betterment

Maths and Music are interrelated. When you teach your child how to sing, they start understanding beat, rhythm, and scales. It appears pretty similar to learning different math concepts, such as how to divide or multiply. When you teach your kid how to sing, they develop better skills in every area of mathematics. Also, they learn how to pair between body movements while dancing to music. All these activities help them in growing both physically and academically.

Playing a musical instrument helps the children to understand the basics of physics. For example, children understand the strings on guitar or violin as harmonic and sympathetic vibrations. Even in plenty of non-string instruments such as drums, kids have the opportunities to explore new scientific principles. This is how music assists the kids in growing academically.

Physical Betterment

Today, many instruments helped the students understand coordination and enhance their motor skills. These instruments require the movement of hands, arms, and feet together. Furthermore, when children perform all these movements together, they develop better physical skills. In addition, instruments help the children develop better motor skills, and they are encouraged to put forward their ideas and views. Also, enhancing coordination and timings can help the children learn other activities such as dance and sports.

Social Betterment

In group discussions and class interactions, children often feel shy. However, they develop confidence when you start teaching them about music and how to sing. They get famous when they stand out from the whole class. Children who know how to sing are social butterflies and role models for many children who feel shy to talk. Thus, every parent must motivate and guide children to learn music. Also, parents can help children understand tunes.

So these are the different reasons why music is essential for kids? Now let us find out how parents can teach children to sing?

How To Teach Your Children To Sing?

Learning to sing could be complex, but we can assure you that practice can make your child proficient. Naturally, therefore, every parent must teach their child how to sing. So let us find out the basics of how parents can help their children learn music?


Before starting the practice session, the warm-up session is essential. Sometimes the brain of youngsters is lost in their imaginative world. Therefore, parents must ask them to do proper warm-up exercises. It can involve deep breathing exercises. Also, it will help your kid open their throat to prevent them from straining while singing. Sometimes while singing, our throat becomes sore, becoming a huge problem later. This is why every kid requires a proper warm-up.

Practice Breathing

Every kid needs to learn proper breathing before the actual singing. Furthermore, breathing exercises help the kids control and regulate their breath while singing. Sometimes, a single need to sing high notes will need them to hold their breath for a long time. Therefore, proper breathing practice is required before your child learns to sing. You can follow the below steps to educate them about appropriate them breathing for your youngster:

  • Ask them to breathe through their nose rather than the mouth. This will help them sing high pitch notes as they can easily breathe through their nose and sing with the mouth.
  • Motivate your youngster to direct air into their stomach and diagram instead of their chest. Then, you can assist them in placing their hands on their stomach, and you can ask them to fill the air in their stomach so that it rises.
  • You can also ask your kids to count their breath. Being good at inhaling and exhaling is a high demand for every singer.

These are the practice breathing sessions that you can keep with your kid.

Find Natural Notes

Finding a natural note that comes originally from your kid is the whole essence of their singing. For example, if your kid sings ‘la’ or ‘a, you must figure out their wild pitch. Once you figure out their natural angle, you can analyze which songs they can sing and what techniques they can use. Parents can also play a few notes on any instrument such as piano or guitar to find the note range of their youngster. Moreover, this is very helpful when your kid wants to learn music.

Explore Scales

Once the starting point is decided, you can use that as the basis to explore standard scales. Allow your child to explore numerous beginning skills which they can use to sing. It would be best if you walked with them by recording their ranges and the scales they can easily reach. You can start by asking them to sing songs that have one similar to or near the child’s natural range, and later they can move up and down as needed by the scale. Never blame or get Harsh with your child when they cannot sing proper notes as they are beginners. Everything takes time, and your kid will also take a bit of time learning music.

These are the multiple ways you can teach your child how to learn music.

Music: An Art

Music is an art, and every individual cannot learn it. One needs to have a keen passion and interest in music if they want to learn it. Parents also want their kids to grow in all skills, and music is the medium that can lead your kid to be a generous and understanding person. Therefore use music to get better results and start teaching your kid how to sing.


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