Surviving Without a Library? Here’s What You Can Do4 min read

Homeschooling Nov 7, 2021



Surviving Without a Library? Here’s What You Can Do4 min read

Libraries are the hub of knowledge. What if, one day, you come to know that you won’t be able to run to the library whenever you want to?

You know exactly what we’re talking about. It is what the COVID-19 pandemic forced us into.

There are alternatives though, and we’re here to help you find multiple ideas that can help you survive without libraries.

While the pandemic situation may have improved, we’re living in unprecedented times. Even if a world-altering situation does not happen, it’s always useful to have solutions handy. For instance, the alternatives on this list can be used even if you move states or countries.


So go ahead and keep these resources handy for the future.


What are the Different Ways to Read Without Libraries?

Bibliophiles have always loved the classic reading experience and environment a library had to offer. Now, we can’t promise you can recreate the same vibes with ebooks, but we can always try.

If you have a well-stocked home library, this would be a great chance to introduce your kids to some of your favorite books. They may even have recommendations from their friends.

It could be a comic you loved when you were younger or just a topic they want to explore and know more about. Thanks to online shopping, you can order any book you like within the safety of your home and enjoy reading sessions with your little one.

We want you to take you into a little flashback and remember the time when your grandparents or parents would read one of your favorite bedtime stories to you. Our children are growing up with computers, tablets, and other gadgets. It is the perfect time for you to introduce your kid to the magic of reading. You can begin by reading out your favorite story to them. This will not only develop a flair for reading in them but also give you some precious moments and memories with your kid.


Start Reading (Not Only Books)

Gone are the days when reading was restricted to just books. Here are some things your kid might be interested in. You can find out what this is and then help them gather more content on the subject.

Here are some topics you could introduce to your kid.

History of the World

There are many websites where you can read about historical events. These will help your kids to understand how historical events have shaped our world and the different cultures that have evolved.

Astronomical Reports

Your kid could be interested in learning about the vast universe. Maybe they could even be a space prodigy. Fun facts about outer space are also a great way to get them interested in science.

This could also help them explore interests in not just reading but also could be a great career option for them to consider in the future.


The Internet Has All You Need

The internet is the most powerful tool technology has given us. If you need to find detailed information on anything, you can access it easily online.

You don’t need a library card or any form of authorization (except a connection from a provider) to access the internet.

Some of the many exciting things you can access online are books, magazines, newspapers, patents, and journals.


Bookmark Websites

There are so many websites available online that make browsing easy for anyone.  However, with the many websites that are out there, it’s easy to get lost in them.

When you find a website that looks interesting, you can bookmark it and save it for later.


Become A Part of An Online Library

The internet has opened up endless opportunities. However, when you are trying to find information on something, sometimes you end up feeling like you’re searching for a needle in a haystack.

In such situations, online libraries can be a lifesaver as they can help you find the correct information.


Find Free Material to Read

The internet is full of material to read, grasp and download. You can also look for places where people are giving away materials for free.

Use Online Tools like Libby, Librivox, Audible and so many more

Online tools like Libby or Audible are basically reading apps that allow you to borrow digital books and audiobooks from their library collection.

What can you get at these apps?

Picture books: If your child is one of those who hates seeing small letters covering hundreds of pages then picture books are the one for them. Picture books will not only engage them for hours but also help them develop an interest in reading.

Audio variations of picture books: You can easily search for books you own and that your kid likes and then search for the audiobook for the same and listen to it with your child.


What to Remember

Reading is a very crucial step in the development of your kid. It assists them in enhancing creativity, developing social skills, understanding feelings, and more.

So don’t let hindrances like the pandemic stop your kid from reading and exploring all the goodness the world has to offer.

We hope you found some useful information here, and if you did, feel free to visit us again.


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