Plans for “Summer school” at Home5 min read

Homeschooling Nov 7, 2021


Plans for “Summer school” at Home5 min read


People encounter different learning styles, different temperaments. Not only this, but they also observe different school schedules. Earlier, people usually opted for school year-round education because that worked best for them. But now the time has changed. We are free to get access to almost everything! And that too in no time. And our guess is that, as a parent, you might have also completed your education from the usual school based education. How about teaching and enrolling your kids in something new, something even better?

With the upcoming season of life, you might be waiting for a true summer break. Isn’t it? And talking about kids, they just love it! They love the more relaxed schedule and you kids might also enjoy the opportunity to play with your neighbor’s kids.

In that case, we recommend you add fewer items to your to-do list as well. Don’t forget to focus on your child’s projects as well.

It is quite obvious to know that we don’t have a “universal break” during much of June, July, and August. It is the time when your kids are still learning. In fact, we can conclude that instead of having the normal school routine, kids have the home school equivalent to summer school.

Unsurprisingly, if you let them play, they could easily spend all summer playing video games. But, you shouldn’t do that! Exposure to some amount of playing games is quite fine, but getting obsessed with them can prove to be quite dangerous for your little ones. This will eventually make them uneasy. Let them gather an innate sense that they could be learning or reading or doing something productive.

List of 4 plans that you must definitely try

1. Let’s solve some math problems altogether!

We suggest you give your kids a fixed number of math problems once every week. Suppose, you make a draft of 20 questions related to the chapter or lesson being followed. Now tell your kids to solve any 15 questions that they prefer. But make sure that they solve all the questions well in time.

Don’t forget that this activity must be done once a week and not daily. No matter if your kids love maths or not. This activity will boost up their confidence level and slowly they’ll realize that they are doing something productive.

You can also purchase some math games so that you can have access to different ways to think about mathematics and make their problem solving approach a little more relaxed.

You can also refer to the computer math path. It’s an on-your own-kind of activity and we assure you that it wouldn’t take up more than an hour of anyone’s day.

Ultimately, it is quite evident that doing math during summer is a great way to keep up with the skills and make them sharp enough. Further, you can also assist your kids to do some remedial topics.

2. Books, books, and books.

We intend to tell you if you plan a part of your weekly schedule to go to the library, then it will definitely leave a good impression on your kid. All you need to teach them is the advantages and prospects of reading regularly. You might find a range of summer reading programs either in your school library or a local library around. Your kids don’t need an incentive to read.

In case your kid struggles a lot, then you must try to keep a reading log and offer prizes to them for a certain number of minutes or books they read.

Also, researchers believe that reading a book aloud together is a great way for kids to spend time together with their families each morning. Just tell them to pick up any book that they prefer. Now you are all set up to proceed and execute their reading plan! Whether they read on their own or with you, at least you’ll notice their focus in books and not anything else around.

3. Catch-up.

It isn’t shocking to note that each child has something that you could play catch-up with. Every kid must polish his/her math facts. While on the other side, keeping up a little more practice in grammar is also mandatory. A couple of others may also need to improve their writing as well as speaking skills.

Therefore, we suggest you spend a few minutes each day working on that thing which you feel is the weaker area for your child. Undoubtedly, this will be a challenging thing to do, but hopefully, you’ll assist them in a more relaxed way with the help of such a plan.

Some popular ideas that you can try are-

  1. Solving math drills on the iPad or laptop.
  2. Spending 15 minutes to complete their grammar book well in time.
  3. Teaching them how to write journals.

4. Field trips.

You might have heard about the fact that San Diego offers free museum trips to their residents especially. Then what are you waiting for? Hurry up! Time to take your kids to an informative place. You must definitely explore the vast arrays of museums and gardens that are available to you. And that too, free of cost.

All you need to do is clear your calendar for Tuesdays so that you can do just that. You can also ask your neighborhood kids to go along with you. So they don’t feel that they’re missing out on playing together.


You might feel that it will be more intense in reality than all these sounds. But don’t worry, with a little help and guidance most of these things will be self-directed by the kids, with a little help from us. Haha.
There might be plenty of days when many of us sit around and “do nothing”. But with the guidance of this article, you’ll probably find lots of options for learning and exploring so that no one gets bored.

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