10 Easy, Quick and Fun Ways to Study Spelling Words3 min read

Homeschooling Nov 29, 2021
10 Easy, Quick and Fun Ways to Study Spelling Words



10 Easy, Quick and Fun Ways to Study Spelling Words3 min read

We remember how during our school days, the teachers would ask us to write down each word ten times in order to remember the spelling. And this is just how we went about studying spellings.

And to be pretty honest, it was quite an uninteresting and monotonous way to do it.

But you don’t have to subject your kids to the same boring and old methods that you were made to follow!

We have some hands-on ideas for how to study spellings in ways that are not only quick and easy but also much more fun than writing words ten times each!

Let’s check them out!

1. Stamp Words

This is literally just as easy as it sounds! If you have alphabet letter stamps lying at home, why not put them to some good use. This is a really fun way for your child to practice his spellings.

2. Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles are not only fun, but they also get your brain working. You can make your own homemade crossword puzzles by hand. There are several online crossword puzzle makers too that are pretty good.

3. Finger Writing

If your kids are kinesthetic learners, finger writing is a great way to study spelling. This is an awesome multi-sensory study method. Your kids can write the words in rice, sand and even shaving cream!

4. Sidewalk Chalk

If the weather outside is nice, bright and sunny, why not head outdoors with some sidewalk chalk! Isn’t this so much more fun than writing spellings indoors?

5. Playdough Letters

Encourage your kids to use alphabet cookie cutters to cut spelling words out of playdough. They can cut out each word in a different colored dough!

6. Magnetic Letters

Magnetic letters (such as refrigerator magnets) are another interesting way to learn to spell. In fact, magnetic letters are a good opportunity for kids to think about how to construct various words too! This is a fabulous study method for kids who are kinesthetic learners and even dyslexic kids.

7. Spelling Software

You could use various spelling software to help your kids’ study spelling. There are a number of spelling sites, apps and online quizzes available to help kids with spelling.

8. Rainbow Words

If you have older kids who are learning multisyllabic words, you could use different colored markers or color pencils to write each syllable. Using colorful stationery is always a good idea to help one make connections well and study easily.

9. Crayon Scratch Paper

Did you know that you can make homemade crayon scratch paper? Use crayon scratch paper to scratch out words and your kids have found a completely unique way to study their spellings!

10. Ransom Notes

As kids, wasn’t it fun to make ransom notes and letters out of newspapers and old books? Why not encourage your kids to use this simple but enjoyable method to learn their spelling! They can cut out alphabets from newspapers and magazines to form words and stick these in their notebooks!

We hope these ten easy, quick, and fun ways to study spelling words will greatly help your kids to learn their spelling!


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