5 Engaging STEAM Podcasts for Curious Kids5 min read

Activities for Kids Nov 14, 2021
5 Engaging STEAM Podcasts for Curious Kids



5 Engaging STEAM Podcasts for Curious Kids5 min read

Technology has become more prevalent in the home educational realm due to the increasing number of home-educated children. Technology is often seen as a source of entertainment, but students actually see it as a useful tool for education. They can use it to enhance their learning experience. While homeschooling based on STEAMS technology provides great opportunities for curious kids.

Technology accommodates the special needs of students

Another reason why technology is used in homeschooling is to accommodate special needs students. In this way, it avoids the traditional classroom environment. In homeschooling, technology is not limited to just reading and writing. There are also various tools and programs that cater to different types of learners. Aside from helping students learn, technology also helps prepare them for their future. In home-schooled classrooms, students have the advantage of being able to use technology while they’re home. Since home-schooled kids are more likely to rely on technology than the average child, they will have a stronger foundation for future careers. Also, by using technology, they will be able to improve their skills and attitudes in the future.

Curiosity in kids

Young children’s worlds are full of new experiences and new people to meet. They will learn new things and develop new skills in every area of their lives. A child’s curiosity grows from the familiarity and safe environment she has grown up in. On a field trip, she will be able to ask many questions and explore the zoo. When children are in a safe and familiar environment, they tend to seek novelty. When they are in a different environment, they tend to seek stimulation. When the child is curious, share their discovery with you. It will make them feel like they’re being rewarded. This is a part of the learning cycle.

What does STEAM stand for?

STEAMS stands for – Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics is a broad term used to group together these academic disciplines. The STEAM framework brings together the various disciplines of education into one cohesive learning environment. This approach encourages students to develop their individual creativity and critical thinking skills. With people constantly changing careers and the demand for more education, it is more important than ever that students have the necessary skills to prepare for whatever job they take on. Through STEAM, students can express themselves and make connections to the world. It allows them to develop their own personal interests and sense of place.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is an audio format that a user can download to their device for easy listening. The ability to stream audio and hear it wherever a user is provided with the basic features of a podcast. A podcast is a show where one or more recurring hosts discuss a specific topic or current event. The discussion and content within the program can range from carefully scripted discussions to completely improvised episodes.


Podcasts cater to episodes for everyone. There are many great podcasts that invite kids to explore the world. For instance, Imagine is a podcast that explores space and solar energy. No special equipment is needed to listen. Podcasts are great for students and teachers. They can be accessed from various devices and can be streamed through many popular platforms. The number of people who listen to a podcast has increased significantly in the last five years.

Here are 5 engaging STEAM podcasts for curious kids

1. Wow in the World – Tinkercast

With a mission to tell well-told stories that can stimulate kids’ imaginations and sense of wonder, Tinkercast was founded. They believe that the stories can teach kids to look up at the world around them and make their own discoveries.

2. Brains on!

Brains On! is a weekly podcast where Molly Bloom and a child co-host explore the world around them. Their goal is to spark kids’ natural curiosity and wonder using history and science.

3. Tumble

Taking science class inspired the creation of the Tumble Podcast. Science is a process. There are many mistakes and failures in the process of science. In school, we don’t get that part of science. The reason why is that society doesn’t understand how science is a process. Tumble believes that kids are at the front of something big. That’s why they’re committed to creating a podcast that’s both educational and enjoyable.

4. But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

Each week, “But why” tries to answer questions that kids have asked about the world. They tackle topics such as nature, words, and the end of the world. You can record your kid’s question in Memo Memo Maker or an audio app. Then, send an email to questions@butwhykids.org with the child’s name, age, and town.

5. What if worlds

What If World is a storytelling show for kids. Each week, the kids ask Mr. Eric some silly questions that will make him tell stories that are both entertaining and challenging. Eric is your host and guides through What If World! He was able to see giant turtles and other creatures wandering around the highway when he got sick. Eric’s stories are told on the podcast, but there are other people who can get in on the action. You can also find him on Twitter or the What If World Generator.


More children are being educated at home, which has led to the rise of technology in the home educational realm. While it is commonly viewed as a source of entertainment, technology can be utilized for educational purposes. I hope this article cured all confusion regarding podcasts and the new technology for homeschooling. You can choose from any of these 5 Podcasts for your curious child.


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