8 Creative Homeschool Uses for Spiral Notebooks4 min read

Activities for Kids Nov 29, 2021
8 Creative Homeschool Uses for Spiral Notebooks



8 Creative Homeschool Uses for Spiral Notebooks4 min read

There is ‘n’ number of school supplies which are available at the store or online. One of the most loved, used, and amazing things is the spiral notebook. Spiral notebooks are not age-specific, they can be used by anyone and anywhere they want. A spiral notebook is very versatile, from making notes on something or just as a daily planner, it can be used in ways more than you think.

They will cost you about $0.20 per notebook which may vary from size to pattern and also if you purchase them in bulk or wholesale you may get them, for a cheaper rate, which will be enough for the entire year.

Now it is usually up to you that how many of them do you want or for what use and how would you like to buy them. You can either go for just the plain and simple ones or you can spend some more and buy the patterned ones too. Also, there is no such need for the latter but it is again totally up to you.
Here are 8 ways in which you can use your spiral notebooks creatively

Spiral notebooks can act as great daily planners if you want to have one. These planners can be made by the kid or by the homeschooling parent but it is a great way to maintain and keep a track of what is being done each day and where you are in terms of your syllabi. It also helps you to check the productivity and efficiency of each class.


The most important and basic use of notebooks- maintaining notes! A spiral notebook is more convenient to use as compared to a normal notebook. Keeping notes is an important task as it helps the kid to retain and understand stuff well, it can be made in the form of flowcharts, diagrams, and so on.


It can be also used in the form of a journal, or maybe more like a diary, your kid can use a spiral notebook for this purpose too. Daily journaling is a great habit and should be incorporated especially in kids so that they are able to do it in the future too. A spiral notebook can be perfectly suitable for such things and can be maintained weekly, daily, fortnightly.


A spiral notebook can also be your child’s daily spelling practice book, you can give 5 words each day and check the progress daily. You can also start by giving smaller words with easier and simpler meanings and gradually increase the level of the words, for example, use words that are substitutes to bigger phrases, this will make it easier for you to keep a track of your child’s progress. Also, you can give your child a task to write synonyms or antonyms of the given words, once it has become a regular habit. This will hence be your spelling notebook.


We are invariably making portfolios to travel in conjunction with our science and history unit studies. Keeping a notebook may be an excellent spot to stash all the things you are doing together with your study.

Make your child write notes or draw footage and sketches of what you’re studying. Glue lapbook components to the pages. Write essays or reports. Use the front and back covers to feature pockets to stay alternative items of paper you would like within the portfolio. Have your children style some lovely covers and use an adhesive material to stay them onto the fronts.


Another use of a spiral notebook is to use them as assignment notebooks. These can be used only for assignments or practice revision you give to your kids. You can mark them and then at the end it will be easier for you to just look through the quantitative progress of your child and see and analyze the weaker areas.


You can use your spiral notebooks as History timeline books too! It is always better to do some sort of DIY instead of actually buying the stuff. You can draw horizontal lines for every period and you will have your timeline book!


This can be used by a mom or a guardian more than a kid, you can just write down all tasks in bulleted lists and this can be your own bullet journal. How cool is that!


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