Common Songwriting Mistakes7 min read

Music Oct 8, 2021
Common Songwriting Mistakes



Common Songwriting Mistakes7 min read

Do you also love listening to and singing songs? I hope the answer is yes. Most of us love listening and singing sounds? But have you ever thought about who writes the lyrics of any song? Have you ever tried writing a song before? Of course, singing any song is way simpler than writing it. But why is songwriting complicated? Today we will tell you about some mistakes which most of us commit while songwriting. Also, we will learn what makes songwriting difficult? So are you ready to learn about songwriting?

Common Songwriting Mistakes

There are some mistakes which most of us commit whenever we try to write a song:

Writing Extraordinarily Comparable Songs

Some artists have a very particular fashion or voice, like Ed Sheeran, and they run the threat that all their songs will sound the same, in different phrases – derivative. If that’s your case, you want to put a lot of more work into selecting unique keys, chords, tempos, time signatures, collaborations, instrumentation, and extra so that every tune sounds more distinct from any other one.

Writing A Compelling Chorus

This is frequent trouble when a songwriter finds a fantastic intro and verse; however, he has no thoughts for a refrain and forces a boring or disjointed one. The fact is that your refrain has to be the catchiest phase of the track, or the complete aspect will fall flat. This consists of not longer solely the melody and the track however additionally the lyrics.

Having A Melody Unsuited to the Chords

Your mistake may be attempting to trade your chords to combine it or have an exceptional rhythm but failing to healthy the melody. To restore this hassle successfully, work on aural (ear) coaching and tune principles to recognize how they can work higher together.

Being too Repetitive

If you have a genuinely splendid lyric, you don’t always want to hold repeating it as a substitute for writing different lyrics. One of the most significant issues is repeating the first verse as the 2d verse alternatively of writing extra songs. Thus, writing a piece of excellent music with over-repetition of lyrics must be completed correctly with an effective accompaniment.

Giving Up On An Awful Song

As mentioned, it’s widespread that you’ll write some horrific songs. However, you can usually take some proper thoughts from it for any other track down the road. You’ll even experience the exact ending even if you cease up no longer using it again.

 Not Having A Climax

One of the most significant troubles with songwriting is when a track doesn’t take you anywhere. The way isn’t multi-dimensional. Whether it’s melodic or lyrical, your track wants to have an arc. The listener needs to experience like the music is constructing something and have an excellent finale.

Poor Rhyming

There is a divided opinion on whether your tune should have rhyming to keep away from apparent cliché rhymes but to comply with standard lyrical patterns. Others suppose that rhyming is no longer necessary in songs because it’s impossible to develop something authentic and new. So the essential aspect is no longer to attempt to make something rhyme and it shouldn’t, and choose phrases that won’t be by the chance concept of as rhymes.

No Cause In Your Lyrics

Don’t begin writing your music besides understanding the place it will go or what it’s about. Know what your track is about earlier than you take a seat down to write it, and locate the most significant and purposeful way to say it.

Unnecessary Tune Sections

If you include a part to a piece of music like a bridge due to its habit, ask yourself if you sincerely want it. Don’t simply stick with what you understand due to the fact you’re acquainted with it. Instead, discover exclusive alternatives to attain tremendous potential. For example, find out if you favor a bridge and a guitar solo, or none, or simply one of these two. 

Trying Too Hard To Be Different

Learn its ability to be unique and specific except to reject any previously-mentioned thoughts. At the top of the day, you’ll be using the equal notes, words, and chords that others have used since patterns and buildings exist. Instead of rejecting them, play with them somewhat.

What Makes Songwriting Difficult?

Have you ever thought about why songwriting is complicated? Let us find it today.

Words and Music Don’t Always Fit Together:

Because music is a complex jumble of noise, making a tricky noise that would not sound like a song is very convenient. Songwriters do it all the time. When this takes place, you need to have a suitable laugh, then reduce the whole thing away so that you are left with phrases and rhythm.

 Record your rhythm so you can hold repeating phrases over it. Then determine if the words become the rhythm; if they’re not, you figure out which you must change. It’s typically less complicated to alternate phrases; however, tons extra courageous and fascinating if you like having strange-sounding lyrical words that run before musical phrases give up. Then, once you have the tune sounding a bit like a poem to a groovy rhythm, you can begin to add devices again.

Many skilled musicians make a whole hash of mixing lyrics with music, do not be one of them. Always take note that your vocal is the introductory section of the song. 

But it will lose it is strength if it is partnered with a busy or loud instrument. Give your voice space, harmonize and maintain the rhythm; however, do not enable something to compete with the vocal. Use units whose pitch and tonality are nowhere close to your vocal so that the listener’s ear can separate them. It’s some distance higher to have a minimalist accompaniment than noise in your song. So the one factor you need to by no means do is put the busy or thrilling song over your voice because it will genuinely overpower it.

Please keep it simple; use lengthy, gradual, boring chords which sincerely adorn the rhythm. And make buoyant any active accompaniment is out of the way of your voice with any sensible track at the give up of a phrase or verse.

You Need to Know Some Music Theory:

Unfortunately, a song can not stay beside it. Regardless of most human beings being able to live on simply high-quality, neither knowing nor caring how many tones there are in an octave. A music author wishes a fundamental hold close of the relationship between keys, chords and the notes they’re made from.

Otherwise, you may make your existence hard by spending time experimenting with thoughts that will in no way work. For example, in any specific chord sequence, there are solely sure melodic notes that suit well. There are some that you can ‘get away with,’ and some which will sound awful. You can examine all these hastily by simply messing around on a piano for an hour or two; however, it is solely a tiny phase of theory. Music Theory covers rhythm, tempo, structure, harmony, melody, key relationships such as ‘the circle of fifths’ and a hat full of different matters that have nothing to do with sincerely analyzing dots of song on a stave.

Also, when the time comes to working with different ‘proper’ musicians, you do not prefer them to search down at you because you do not know how to exchange a chord from essential to a minor. Some humans love song concepts and take to them quickly; others in real battle seem to have no experience or relationship with the track. This can also be actual because the components of the Genius that respond to tune are distinctive than the ones that wonder at chord relationships.

So these are multiple reasons which make songwriting difficult.


Writing a song is an inner feeling you get when you are genuinely attached to something or someone. Generally, most songwriters commit plenty of mistakes initially, but once they do regular practice, they become prominent at it. Songwriting needs passion and determination to work and write. Thus, try registering when you have passion and willingness.


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