3 powerful reasons to slow down in your home school5 min read

Homeschooling Nov 15, 2021
3 powerful reasons to slow down in your home school



3 powerful reasons to slow down in your home school5 min read


In modern times, feeling pressured to over-perform, over-achieve so that a variety of homeschool success can be validated has become quite common. As a parent, it is absolutely normal for you to think that way.

Wherein you can call it a certain pitfall being a homeschooling parent, especially in the early years. We have even talked to parents who feel pressured to accept that their 4-year-olds and 5 year-olds are yet not able to perform basic equations. And what we really want to convey to all those parents is that- it is completely alright for your kids to incorporate academic excellence at their own pace.

It’s quite admirable that sometimes this is appropriate and worth appreciating, but not always. However, it’s crystal clear that such parents aren’t doing any favors to their children by shoving them into academics they are not developmentally and psychologically not ready for.

Time to let them be themselves and find their inner self. Keep reading :>

Let us explain that to you

If your child is below 5 years of age, then you need to know this fact for sure that children who are under the age of 5 have a complex neural structure that is significantly different from what we have.

Let’s talk in a more detailed manner. For instance, it’s a proven fact that an infant’s brain cells (neurons) have a quoting of little myelination. Now you might wonder what myelin refers to. In simpler words, myelin is nothing but an oily substance that coats the neurons, making them work more efficiently. And this sheet is known to be completely formed when a child reaches his or her teenage years.

You’ll agree with the statement that somewhere or the other, childhood activities become less prominent and are more centralized about the goals outlined in society. Further, they are more about trying to keep up with everyone else.

On the other hand, they tend to become less about our kids and more about us, as parents—as if kids become successful then we can wear them as a badge of honor we could wear on our sleeves to parties and social outings. Isn’t it?

Now here we have a list of 3 powerful reasons as to why you need to slow down while handling your child’s homeschool.

1) Your child’s visual efficiency

Research shows that children under age 5 are often seen as effectively very slightly far-sighted.
As a result, what happens is that their eyes tire easily when small objects-like rows and columns of words in a reading book move around.

2) Your child’s fine motor abilities

It is quite obvious to note that children have fingers that tend to be short and chubby. They also have undeveloped muscle tone and lack of myelin affects the ability to carry out even easier activities like cutting with scissors, putting together puzzles with small pieces, and writing with pencils and other similar activities.

3) Your child’s cognitive abilities

Children usually think and enact in a concrete manner– but not abstractly. In simple words, they understand the instruction guideline- give that doll to your sister. But they don’t understand completely the concept of being nice and caring towards elders and siblings.

One of the best things that a younger child needs are sufficient time to play and know what’s happening around. Let them play with all those things they like which may possibly include- Playing with toys, with shapes, or with educational yet complex puzzles. Maybe your kids love climbing, jumping, singing, pounding, coloring and whatnot! You need to sort their preferences according to their needs. This will eventually help your kids to nurture their brains and keep them ready to learn. Therefore, we advise you to keep calm and also quite relaxed about it!

3 Disadvantages of not slowing down

1. If you bind your kids in an overscheduled routine, then they’ll miss out on opportunities for extended free play to grow and mentally develop better. Having free play helps kids to burn off all the necessary energy and also it helps them to learn social skills in an (unstructured environment (not easily conveyed but felt) Having a good amount of stress buster will eventually help them to exercise their imagination, create games, and refine their rules in a better way. It further forces young minds to learn awareness, police themselves, and develop empathy.

2. As overscheduled kids, they’ll eventually lose the space to simply be with themselves and as a result, they’ll learn the art of being alone. You can not simply understate the life skill of solitude, mediation and quietly being with oneself in a world like this.

3. Your children deserve an opportunity to explore themselves as well as this world. If you don’t let them explore themselves, then they’ll not be able to discover their own passions and talents. As a result, overscheduling them from one thing to another can ultimately result in a backlog in their development age. It would really help your child to develop in a positive environment if you rethink and plan their heavy scheduling once again.


In case you push your young child educationally beyond what his myelination is capable of handling well, then he will eventually get frustrated and uncooperative over time. Your kid will start believing that learning is a chore, or worse- a torment. And you need them not to think that way, right?

As an Intentional parent, you must help your children to learn skills, gain confidence, grow in character, find interests, experience new opportunities and indulge them in various nurturing activities.

As soon as they grow up, then only it is advised to have expectations from them over time. On the other hand, while they are young, give them every opportunity to discover what they love and where they will succeed.


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