4 Easy Ways to Show Kids You Care5 min read

Homeschooling Nov 22, 2021
4 Easy Ways to Show Kids You Care



4 Easy Ways to Show Kids You Care5 min read


Homeschooling is one of the busiest jobs both parents and children have. However, children sometimes do feel lonely and left out when they think that they are not getting much attention or engagement from their parents. This brings a thought in their minds that they do not feel special anymore and that they are not cared for or loved enough by their parents.

Start finding new ways to make your children feel special which is enjoyable, but doing so only once a year on a particular occasion is insufficient. Throughout the year, you must demonstrate to your children how much you care for them.

Use these below-mentioned ways to interact with your children on any given day of the year.


1. Interact with them

Talk to your children and listen to them. Ask them about their day and be more interactive with them. This will help you in knowing them and how they are feeling. Moreover, your children would also feel good that their parents care for them.

When talking to them, get down on their level. Kneeling next to younger children or conversing with older children while sitting puts you in a good position to hear what they have to say. Kids will perceive that what they have to say is significant to you and that you are listening if they are not looking up at you.

Make a habit of spending time with them on a regular basis. This might be as easy as giving them 15 minutes to talk about whatever they want or as elaborate as bringing them out to lunch. In the long run, just showing them that you spent time for them individually means a lot.

2. Play games with them

As we all know very well, kids love playing and they love it, even more, when they have company to play with them, especially with their parents. We very well know that every parent cannot take out time from their hectic schedule to play with their younger ones but, for your kids, you will have to spare some time to play with them because making the time to learn your children’s favorite games, on the other hand, tells them how much you care.

Even if it is not a special occasion, taking the effort to learn your children’s favorite games tells them how much you care. While you are the student, your kids get the chance to show you the ropes and explain the rules when kids make them feel superior and cared for.

Playing with children creates a link that will last a lifetime. It conveys to the child that he or she is cared for and valued. When the need arises, it allows for the sharing of difficulties and concerns. It aids the parent in understanding and appreciating each child’s individuality.

While children require time to play alone and with other children without adult supervision, research shows that time spent playing with parents is essential. Children crave time with their parents. It gives them a sense of exclusivity. Parents are urged to schedule a time to play with their children regularly.

This should involve one-on-one time with each child as well as group time with all adults and children in the household. Allow the kid to develop the theme via pretend play. Immerse yourself in their world. Allow them to run with it. Pose inquiries. Join in the fun. Have a good time and be silly with them. Overstimulation should be avoided. Recognize when it’s time to call it a day.

3. Pay interest in your child’s interests

Following your child’s interests can give rise to many wonderful learning opportunities you would not have considered. Participate in at least some of their interests, even if they are not your interests. This is especially true for your homeschooling younger ones and teenagers who are just beginning to develop their own voice. In this way, you may encourage and assist them.

This also implies that if you are paying attention to your child’s interests do not let your phone or a social media notification distract you. This is not at all to mean that you should drop everything for them, but if you are listening to them or spending time with them when you are interrupted, wait a few moments before responding. This demonstrates to them that they are valuable to you.

4. Encourage them

When you see your younger ones are particularly gifted in one area or are particularly good at a skill, encourage them to put that talent to good use in their homeschool. One of the most effective methods to show your children that you actually care and believe in them is to encourage them.

Your words and deeds, as a homeschooling teacher or a homeschooling parent, have the power to either boost or break kids. Students internalize encouraging words and deeds, and they can be used to motivate them to succeed. Encouragement can mean the difference between a student finishing school and abandoning their studies.

There are many ways to encourage your children through which you can show them how much you care for them. Some of them are,

  • When your kids make any progress, give them verbal praise.
  • Appreciate even the tiniest efforts.
  • Provide support in the case of a failure.
  • Be Specific in Your Words of Encouragement.
  • Nonverbal gestures can be used to supplement verbal encouragement.

Follow these above-mentioned ways to show your kids that, how much they matter to you and how you care for them.


Many homeschool parents aim for perfection when it comes to their children’s upbringing. To say the least, this is an impossible objective, and it is not where Mom and Dad should be concentrating their efforts. Making all the right judgments, doing all the right things, and being infallible are not qualities that children expect or desire from their parents. They simply want to be noticed, valued, and know that their parents care for them and love them.


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