Simple Tools For Scientific Discovery5 min read

Homeschooling Nov 7, 2021



Simple Tools For Scientific Discovery5 min read

Creating a home environment conducive to learning about science can be a bit challenging for new homeschoolers. Ralph Waldo Emerson said that men were fascinated by wonder. So the seeds of scientific inquiry were sown in little girls and boys. There is nothing more fascinating than a child’s imagination. They are not afraid to experiment and make discoveries. One of the most common questions they ask is how we will recreate the chemistry lab at home? Please take a look at the beginnings of some of the great discoveries of our time. For instance, Newton’s apple was the beginning of an important discovery. Our children do not need expensive equipment or specialized training to develop their scientific knowledge. They need a few simple tools and a bit of practice.

Why is Scientific Discovery important in Homeschooling?

  • Early exposure to scientific inquiry is an essential part of raising kids’ curiosity.
  • Young children are naturally curious about the world around them. So it is vital that we introduce scientific inquiry as early as possible.
  • Early exposure to scientific topics helps children develop a positive attitude toward learning.
  • Because children tend to create a positive view of science education as they get older.
  • Even the simplest activities can stimulate kids’ interest in scientific topics. Early years education can help prepare them for success in school, as it will teach them about scientific concepts and methods.
  • Science education activities help children develop and practice various skills. These include problem-solving, collaboration, and communication skills.
  • The goal is not to find the correct answer but to foster their curiosity and investigative skills.
  • Encourage children to lead by example and make discoveries happen. They should also ask for help and resources when they encounter any problems or issues.
  • Most kids love to explore, and if they do, it will make their learning experience more accessible and less stressful. Hence it is crucial to offer activities that are both fun and challenging.

Tools for simple scientific discovery

1. Microscope

  • A microscope is one of those things that every homeschool mom dreams about. However, if you can afford it, then it is a great purchase to make before school starts.
  • Have them get one of those hairbrushes and use it to get human hair. Then, help them get used to the magnification of the microscope by focusing on that hair.
  • Various plant parts can be collected and studied in great detail by smashing them between two slides.
  • Get some samples from your fridge. Place them between slides and enjoy!
  • You can collect water samples from various sources, such as your tap water, a local pond, or a running water source.
  • If you are near the sea, collect some saltwater too. You could also organize a drop or two from your fish tank.
  • Take a look at the bread. Then, position it in a dark area and wait for the mold to grow.
  • Use a drop of human mucus to compare two slides. It’s a great idea if you have a cold.
  • Dust, cobweb, and mattress samples are great ways to find traces of organisms in your home.
  • A volunteer will need to prick their finger to get some blood between two slides to study blood cells.
  • Bugs are fascinating. They can be found under glass or in flower pots. Spiders, wasps, and bees are also fascinating.

2. A deconstruction table, goggles and hammer

  • In our school room is a place called the Take Apart Table. When something breaks in our home, it goes to this table. Boys are known to bring home old equipment or cash in exchange for something new.
  • For those who are new to deconstruction, these are the right tools for the job. They are sturdy enough to hold a small hand and are made with nesting screw holders.
  • No TVs – this is very dangerous and can lead to severe injuries. In addition, it can lead to flying parts and hazardous chemicals.

3. The physics box

  • Now that you’ve got the parts for making new things, keep them in a big box. Take apart some of these components and use them for making new things. This kit includes everything you need to build a simple physics experiment.

4. Snap Circuits

  • When it comes to electricity, there are many discussions about it. Snap Circuits are a great way to introduce kids to the concept of electricity. Although working with electronic circuit boards can be challenging, they were entertaining to play with while they were young. Through the Snap Circuits Kit, kids can create their circuits. These sets are designed to teach kids the essential elements by placing them in snap-together plastic pieces. These kits are designed to teach kids how to build circuits activated by sound, temperature, and motion. They can also make various electronic devices such as alarms and radios.

5. Observe and take a snap journal

  • Note-taking and observation are essential skills for good scientific inquiry. This activity helps students transfer information into long-term memory. While reading, children can improve their spelling and sound-letter mapping skills by taking notes. They can also use them as a resource for new vocabulary words. Observing and note-taking is also great way to record work and provide insight into a child’s thinking. It can also serve as a way to analyze a child’s performance on assessments.

6. Books, lots of books

  • Engaging and educational books, readers will gain a deeper understanding of the world’s most notable scientists and inventors. Reading is a critical component of academic success, and it can help children and adults develop the skills necessary to access and engage to gain knowledge.


Getting kids to try new things encourages them to try again and again. They also learn that if they fail, they should try again. Science teaches students how to analyze and formulate their findings. They do it by having them make observations. When children discover something new, it has power. It opens doors and helps your child discover possibilities. Homeschooling is the best way.


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