17 Ways to Reuse Wrapping Paper4 min read

Activities for Kids Oct 8, 2021



17 Ways to Reuse Wrapping Paper4 min read

Did someone in the family just celebrate their birthday and receive a lot of gifts? Or were there as many Christmas presents this year as usual? Either way, are you wondering what to do with the heaps of used wrapping paper that is lying around in your home? Don’t lose hope! You’ve come to the right place. We hope you haven’t thrown away all that wrapping paper yet because we have some really adorable and cool ideas and crafts for you and your child!

Here are 17 Super Creative Ways to Reuse Used Wrapping Paper!


Crayon Wrappers

Reuse your wrapping paper by turning it into cute crayon and pencil wrappers for your kids! Now your kids have really pretty stationery that they can flaunt at school.


Line Plain Furniture

Bookshelves? Medicine Cabinet? Plain drawers? Trays? Line them all with wrapping paper! Make your plain furniture pop with your pretty wrapping paper. Once you’re done, no one will even know it’s used paper!



Yesss, bookmarks!! You can make bookmarks out of pretty much anything! And what better way to reuse your crumpled wrapping paper than to turn it into pretty bookmarks? Make one for each family member. You can also make extras to gift to friends in the future.


Pretty Envelopes

These ideas just keep getting better, don’t they? Get your kid to help you to make simple envelopes of all sizes that you can use for all occasions. This is a really cool way to reuse that wrapping paper.


Book Covers

Prevent your books’ covers from getting tattered and torn by using wrapping paper to cover them. Now you not only have gorgeous looking book covers but also a great way to protect your books.


Paper Confetti

Just shred all that seriously unusable wrapping paper and now you have paper confetti! Cool! Your kid will really enjoy shredding all those heaps of wrapping paper and it will also keep him occupied for a long time. So, what are you waiting for? Get started!


Collage Art

If you or your child are into artsy home décor then this is the perfect idea for you. Use bits and pieces of different wrapping paper to make really stunning collage art that you can then frame and place anywhere in the house.


Cute Streamers

Make cute streamers of different shapes and sizes that you can hang up in your kid’s room or bring out during festivals. Let your creativity loose and see what you and your kid come up with. Use glitter, thread, scissors and anything else you want to create super cute streamers out of used wrapping paper.


Origami Paper

If your child loves origami crafts, then cut your wrapping paper into perfect origami sheets. Your child can use these to make really funky animals and other origami crafts later on.


Packaging for Fragile Goods

If you feel like your wrapping paper is really beyond repair, just use it as a safety net for when you pack fragile items like glass! Problem solved!


Pretty Wreath

Make a pretty decorative wreath with your wrapping paper. Add some ribbons and hang them up on your front door for Christmas. This is so much better than a store-bought expensive wreath!


Greeting Cards

You can literally use anything as decorations for greeting cards. Sit with your child and use that wrapping paper to make Christmas cards, birthday cards, anniversary cards, get well soon cards, Teacher’s Day cards, Mother’s Day cards, Father’s Day cards, Grandparent’s Day cards… should we keep going? You get the idea, so get going!


Paper Mache Bowl

Used wrapping paper makes for awesome paper mache bowls! Make some incredible looking bowls that are also firm and durable. You can use your DIY paper mache bowls to keep keys, coins, jewelry, candies, and anything tiny. Your kids can use them to store their little treasures too!


Napkin Rings

You don’t need to put in any effort for this one! Cut strips of wrapping paper and use them as napkin rings. Super simple, super cute! Let everyone wonder where you got your napkin rings from.


Gift Bows

You can turn your wrapping paper into gift bows! And it’s very easy too! You don’t need to buy bows from the store anymore when your child and you can just make pretty ones at home instead.


Flower Bouquet

Because why not? Who said paper flowers are not a good idea! In fact, they’re even better when they’re made out of colorful wrapping paper! Your child will enjoy making these. You can place them in the living room for everyone to adore.


Gift Tags

Making gift tags is always fun. Sit with your child and make your own gift tags out of used wrapping paper. Another awesome idea to reuse what you thought was just waste.


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