When Your Struggling Learner Refuses to Try4 min read

Parenting Nov 29, 2021
When Your Struggling Learner Refuses to Try



When Your Struggling Learner Refuses to Try4 min read


Sometimes it becomes difficult for the children to try out new things. And when they see themselves struggling with that, all they do is start giving up on everything. When the parents see this issue, they want to help the child not give up on it. All you must do is find the actual reason why the child lacks the confidence to work and the possible solutions that can solve the issue. So, in today’s article, I am going to tell you about a few tips that will help you guide the child not to give up.

First, what I am going to tell you are the possible reasons why the children might be struggling to move forward:

It’s Boring: The kids are fighting or arguing that what they are studying is tedious and way too monotonous for them.
It’s Difficult: The kids find the topic hard to grasp, and they end up saying that it’s way too complicated for them to deal with it. You might have also noticed it usually happens with the subject ‘Maths.’
Rigid Thinking: When the topic seems useless, the kids generally end up refusing to study it at all. Or, if the kid is a teenager, cognitive rigidity is a prevalent scenario among them.
Anxiety: Yes! This is one of the main reasons. We usually suffer from anxiety when we think that we cannot perform exceptionally well in any subject and will fail, hence ending with a feeling of giving up on everything.
Physical Concerns: If the kids are busy playing all day and avoid studying some of the main topics, it will lead to stress and anxiety.

How parents can react when their kids come up with this issue

Take it lightly: When the kids come up with these refusals, parents don’t have to worry at all. Just think maybe they want a break or maybe they do not understand the topic clearly. Parents should advise their children to start revising the topics again which they have already studied. It will help them to gain their confidence back. The children can also study a subject daily for 10-20 minutes which they find complicated. It will help them to know the subject and gain a better understanding of the same.

Discuss the Value: This can be the best way to help the kids if they are dealing and struggling with something and on the verge of giving up. First, you should tell your children about the value of a specific topic and why they must study it. If they get to know the background of the topic or you can go up with history, kids will love to hear it. This problem can also be solved with the subject of mathematics. For example, you can tell your kids the scope of this subject is more than other subjects from various fields. It will help in regaining the enthusiasm among them.

Ask for Input: You can start the day by asking the kid what they want to study. It will help them to conquer all their fears if they have been struggling with a few subjects. It will also help them know in which subject they want to improve and which subject they can do much better. You will see it will surely help them in boosting their confidence and knowledge. The kid will happily love to move forward and never think of giving up in their life.

Take a break: This idea always works, and you can take a break from the timetable for a day or two. The kids can also enjoy their free time by playing games or by just watching documentaries on tv. They can also go for a morning or evening walk or a picnic if they want to. It will help in clearing their mind for some time, and they can come back fresh. The father can also take them to a swimming pool or register them for a game tour or a visit to any adventure park.


I hope all these points will help you with the struggles you and your kids might be facing during homeschooling time. It will not only reduce the stress but will help you with a lot of other things. It will make homeschooling easy for you, and your kids will also learn the essence of perseverance and hard work in life and never give up.


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