10 ways to display or recycle kids art4 min read

Child Development Nov 15, 2021
10 Ways To display or recycle kids art



10 ways to display or recycle kids art4 min read


We know it can be very interesting when your kids start to draw pieces of art on drawing paper. Every parent wishes to store it and would love to show them when they are grown-ups. But also sometimes it becomes difficult to bottle them. That’s why I’m here to tell you the easy tips which will help you to save it for a long time or maybe forever. Easy ways to display children’s artwork or recycle them are given below.

Easy Ways to Display Your Child’s Artwork

Kids Art Calendar: You can start with scanning your children’s drawings and after that, you can use photo printing to make your kid’s art calendar with their craft on it. Your kid will be overwhelmed with joy seeing you give his/her art so much importance and this will further motivate him/her to do much better in this field.

Preserve your Child’s artwork: You can laminate the artwork of your child and can hang it in your house for decoration purposes or in your kid’s room. You can also have a separate room in your house for the artwork of your kid. It will keep reminding him/her to keep moving forward in life and that much greater milestones are waiting for him/her to conquer in the future.

Make notecards from kids Artwork: You can make notecards through your kid’s artwork. You can ask your kid to start up by making cards for relatives or their friends. The feedback from them will help your child to do much better next time. It will enhance the skills and the kids will become more inclined towards it.

Make your puzzles: You can cut your kids’ artwork into small pieces and can make easy puzzles with it. You can also trade these puzzles by going to nearby shops that might purchase from you. You can even start earning but make sure to prepare 2 or more puzzles by scanning the artwork first to store your kid’s puzzles yourself.

Frame kids art: This can be the best way to shelter your kid’s artwork by framing it into a small or big frame, whatever suits you. You can also hang them into your room, just a reminder of your kid dangling into your room or a happy memory.

Photographing kids’ art: I know we cannot store every piece of art of our kid but what we can do is to click pictures of it. You can show them after some years, and it can be a lot of fun when they will see their artwork.

Declutter your kid’s artwork: When the artworks of your child get filled up in a huge box then you can start checking which artwork to keep in it and which to store somewhere else. So start by keeping the ones that remind you of a memory or a pleasing moment.

Homemade bookbinding: You can bind all the artwork of your kid and make a book from it. In this way, it will be preserved forever, or you can also upload it on the internet by which parents of other children can also be inspired by your kid’s artwork and maybe your kid will also receive some good comments.

Bookmarks: You can turn your kid’s artwork into a bookmark. You can begin by binding it and choosing the best artwork for your kid. If you are a booklover, it will keep reminding you of your kid and you will love to read the book also.

Share your kid’s art: There are many organizations out there that are helping parents to get their child’s work sponsored. You can also apply for different tv shows where you can get the artwork of your children to be shown to the world. It can be so interesting not only for you but for your kids too. And if they didn’t get any position, they will try to work harder and maybe next time they will win a trophy.

Significance of Displaying Your Child’s Artwork

When you display the child’s artwork, you show them support and by doing it you are boosting their confidence and self-esteem. When their work gets recognized and praised, they will move forward with more enthusiasm and it will make them proud of themselves. It also creates memories and when they will grow up, they can show it to their kids and it will be a moment of pride for them. It also documents their work and keeps you up to date about what is happening in your child’s life. It helps the children to identify themselves and makes it clear to them what they would want to do in the future.

Why should you promote your child’s Artwork?

This is an important question and the only answer to it is when the artwork of the kids gets promoted, and if it gets a huge success. People will start appreciating the work and the child will be much more excited for what the future holds for him/her. It will pave the way for more artwork.


I hope this subject will help you to achieve the desired goal and your kids will shine brightly in the next years by binding, sharing and sponsoring your child’s work. These 3 are my favorites. You can also choose which you think are the best among them.


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