Benefits of Reading – Top 5 Books for Children7 min read

Activities for Kids Aug 19, 2021
benefits of reading



Benefits of Reading – Top 5 Books for Children7 min read

Whether your child is five years old or 15 years old, reading is helpful at every age. Especially among children, reading is considered to be an excellent habit. It is essential for all parents to motivate their children to read books. Reading makes their vocabulary sharp and helps in boosting their reading and learning skills. Today we will discuss why reading is essential for kids? What are the top five books your child must-read? And Furthermore, why parents must encourage their children to read.

Benefits of Reading

Apart from being the best way to improve vocabulary, reading also helps a child in their overall development. Listed below are some of the benefits of reading.

Improve Memory and Concentration

When children focus on a particular text, they develop better concentration. This assists them in focusing on the basic instructions provided by the teachers. On the other hand, reading is also a good practice to boost the memory of a child. When a child reads a story, they remember its characters, associations, and background details; this helps improve their memory power and generate a better understanding.

Helps in the Development of the Brain

Reading can be considered as the best form of exercise. Not only your body but your brain also needs exercise too, especially of children. Children usually face anger and frustration issues at a very young age. Therefore, when they start to read, their mind gets peace and it serves as a great brain exercise too. So reading assist the children in performing brain exercises. Thus, every parent must encourage their child to read more.

Boosts Thinking Ability

Do you know reading assist with getting better analytical thinking skills? Yes, it has been found in some studies that children who develop reading habits have better thinking and analysing skills. Furthermore, these children can face every challenge of their lives. Their brain works at a faster pace, and they know the difference between right and wrong. Thus, they can take an immediate decision than others. In contrast, children with no reading habits neither get in touch with emotions nor have decision-making skills. Therefore to be an ideal parent, you must recommend your child read various books and connect with the characters.

Helps Improve Language

Children develop critical language skills only by listening to what others speak or by reading. When they spend some time reading, it helps them reinforce the basic sounds and develop better language. Further, having a better language helps them in forming a better personality. While reading, they will come across some problematic terms and they will try to look for them and ultimately it adds to their vocabulary. Additionally, children speak well and articulate properly when they develop reading habits. So if you want your child to have better vocabulary and speaking skills, you can advise them to read.


According to some studies, it has been proved that reading habits develop better imaginative powers. When a child reasd a book, they create a visual picture of the scene in their minds. This virtual picture helps them in having an enhanced imaginative power. They also link the characters with their feelings and try to understand the story in the best way they could.

Better Performance and Self-Image

Children who develop reading habits from an early age are seen to perform better in school. For example, students who have a better vocabulary, utilise it in their school examinations, score better marks. In contrast, students who have poor reading habits have low confidence. Also, they feel isolated and discouraged.
The students who have a fixed routine to read various storybooks have a better self-image. Moreover, such children never lag in their academic lives.


Children always love to listen to stories and tales from their grandparents. They feel highly excited when they know that they will hear a story. Similarly, reading novels is also a source of fun and entertainment. Children can read different storybooks in their free time. Reading books is a good source of entertainment in which they also learn plenty of things.
Therefore, these are the benefits of developing reading habits.

How to help your child to choose books?

Every parent must inspire their child to read from a young age. On your next trip to a library, you can assist your child in choosing books. The choice of text is critical when it comes to reading. Especially at young ages, we cannot find age-appropriate books for children. You can take the help of local book stores and librarians to give your kids some of the children-friendly book recommendations. This would help your child is getting a better book for themselves. Also, your child will feel happy when you will participate with them in something as interesting as finding an ideal bok for them to read.

How to inspire your child to read books?

Motivating small kids to read and explore new books is highly required. Parents provide books to children; however, they forget to motivate them to read it. Reading a novel sounds monotonous and boring. But when you recommend a book to your child, you can make them curious about the book by telling about a few chapters. Also, you can ask them what type of book they want to read. Do they like non-fiction books or biographies? Therefore, when you know about all your child’s choices, you can get the most appropriate book for them.
However, certain books are a must for every child. These books are mentioned below.

Top 5 Books for Children

The top 5 books which are a must to read for children are as follows:

One crazy Summer

One Crazy Summer is a fantastic book for kids. The book has three sisters who travel to Oakland, California, in search of their mother. This book is highly inspiring, and you must tell your child to read this fantastic book.

The Bad Guys #11 (Dawn of Underlord)

The Bad Guys is a humorous comedy and among the most adventurous books for children. This book has an adventurous story of some guy who tries to save the whole world. If your child is fascinated with adventurous stuff, then we are sure that they are going to love this one.

Front Desk

The Front Desk is a middle-grade novel with contemporary Chinese tourists. The book is full of secrets and includes a story of a girl who lives in a motel. Most children highly love this one because of the mystery involved at each step.

Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables is a novel highly recommended for children of ages 5-15. This is an example of a classic noverl as its authors have designed it in sequels. You can instruct your child to read this novel, and they will develop better memory powers because long books require concentration and enhance their memory power.

Mister Seahorse

Mister seahorse is an English language book for children. The book is colourful and full of pictures and could be an ideal gift for you to give your child. They will love this book as books with pictures tend to influence more children. Hence, we advise you to get Mister Seahorse for your child.

These are the five books that are a must read for children. Further, apart from these, there rare so many other inspirational books which will leave a magnificent impact on the minds of your child but you can safely begin with these. In addition, you can ask your child about their interests and buy books related to their taste.

The Essence

It is very important to note what kind of book your child is reading from an early age. You must help them pick up books with importance of real life valuesas their morals. Reading is undeniably a great habit; however, you might not get its benefits if you are not reading an appropriate book. Similarly, kids also need age-appropriate books for them. Therefore, parents must provide the best books to their children as reading helps them grow their skills and memory.

Thank you for tuning in with us until here. We hope that you found everything you were looking for.
Happy Parenting !


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