How to Make a Puppet Theatre?6 min read

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How to Make a Puppet Theatre?6 min read

Do your kids also love to play with puppets? Does day love make different puppets using paper? So why not make their puppet theatre? Today we will learn how your kid can make cardboard puppet theatre efficiently and effectively. Also, we will learn multiple things about kids’ psychology and the benefits they get while performing an art and craft activity. Think about a story as today we will teach you to make your theatre. Show the story, and the script must be decided beforehand.

How to Make A Puppet Theatre?

There are specific steps that you need to follow if you want to make your puppet theatre.

Cardboard Frame

Start with a giant piece of cardboard. The cardboard can be 25″ wide and about 46″ long. If you don’t have cardboard that large, you can take a look at your neighborhood retail or furnishings stores. With a large box, you can create something teens may also be in a position to stand behind.

Secure your cardboard using a yardstick to measure and mark your aspect panel. We observed that 9″ provides the theatre with a suitable sturdiness when in the upright position. Draw the line from the pinnacle to the backside place you will fold the cardboard.

This section can be a bit tricky. On what will be the again of your theatre, use an X-Acto knife to reduce thru the lower back and center layers of cardboard, retaining the front layer intact. This will permit you to fold your flaps.


 Choose the paint shades for your theatre. Two coats work great to get top insurance for the cardboard. We advise the use of acrylic paint.


 You will want two portions of fabric, each 16″ vast via 18″ long, one for every facet of the window. You can recycle from old sheets, pillowcases, tablecloths, even a pant leg or top. Our cloth was once white, and we without a doubt desired a crimson curtain, so we dyed it with the use of liquid watercolor paint.

 Smooth your cloth using flat iron if needed. Fold over the pinnacle 1 ½ “lengthwise. Hot glue the material part straight across, developing the loop you will string the curtains up with.

 Put a 30″ heavy wire via each curtain loop and connect the theatre to the 3″ house between the pinnacle of the theatre and the window opening. Pull the wire tight and staple it on every quit and a few instances in the middle. Your curtains need to be capable to open and shut by way of sliding the material alongside the cord.

Final Touches & Decorations

 Take the piece of cardboard that you wish to reduce out of the window. You will use this to make your Puppet Theater sign. Cut the piece of cardboard to about 20″ broad and 9″ tall. Cut the pinnacle in a 1/2 spherical or scallop kind pattern. Base paint the signal with stable mild color and then use a small brush or markers to create the lettering. Center and connect this sign to the pinnacle of your theatre with duct tape.

So now you are done with making your own puppet house, but how can you think of a story? Let’s find out.

Tips for Writing Stories for Kids

When you have made your own puppet house, you need to grab some fantastic ideas to write best and one which your child will enjoy.

Withhold Records From Your Readers

When writing fiction, solely provide readers with the records they want to understand at the moment. Ernest Hemingway’s iceberg principle in writing is to exhibit simply the tip of the iceberg to your readers. The assisting details—like backstory—should continue to be unseen, simply like the mass of an iceberg below the water’s surface. This prevents readers from getting overwhelmed with records and lets them use their creativeness to fill in the blanks.

Write Easy Sentences

Think of Shakespeare’s line, “To be or now not to be?” famous for its brevity and the way it rapidly describes a character’s toiling over their personal life. Of course, there is a time and area for more excellent phrases and denser text; however, you can get story factors throughout in easy sentences and language. Try using straightforward language when writing so that each phrase and sentence has a clear purpose. 

Mix Up Your Writing

To emerge as a higher writer, attempt one kind of writing. If you’re a novelist, take a stab at a quick story. If you’re writing fiction, attempt writing nonfiction. Try a more extraordinary informal writing fashion using blogging. Each piece of writing has a one of a kind factor of view and unique fashion regulations that will assist your ordinary writing skills.

Write Each Day

Great writers have everyday writing habits. Some writers assign themselves each day word count; Stephen King writes 2,000 phrases a day. You could additionally be part of a writing group; being guilty to different humans is a fantastic motivator. Don’t fear if what you jot down is technically horrific writing or your hostilities to get something onto a clean page. Some days will be extra productive than others. The greater you write, the less complicated it gets.

Set Milestones

The common phrase remembered for an eBook is 75,000 words. That can make novel-writing intimidating. If you’re working on your first novel, remain influenced by the way of placing milestones. This will assist you in wrecking the eBook down mentally, making it less difficult to control and simpler to stick with.

Understand primary story structure. Professional writers are well-versed in the framework most tales follow, from exposition and rising motion to the climax and falling action. Create a definition to map your main plot and subplots on paper earlier than you get started.

Learn Robust Personality Improvement Techniques

There are fantastic approaches to create a personality arc in literature. Learn what personality records to disclose to extend anxiety in your story. Your most essential characters must have a backstory that informs their actions, motivations, and goals. Determine what factor of view (POV)—first man or woman or 1/3 person—complements the character’s interpretation of events.

Use a Lively Voice

As a writer, you intend to write a page-turner— eBook that maintains readers engaged from beginning to finish. Use a lively voice in your stories. Sentences need to comply with the primary shape of the noun-verb-object typically. At the same time, passive voice isn’t usually an awful thing; restriction in your fiction writing.

Final Words

Every kid loves to listen to multiple stories and play in an exceptional puppet theatre made by them. Today, we have told you how to make your puppet theatre and your own stories entertaining and interesting for your kids. Also, you can add a small moral to make it better. 


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