10 Ways to Keep Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Fun5 min read

Parenting Nov 22, 2021
10 Ways to Keep Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Fun



10 Ways to Keep Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Fun5 min read

Kindergarten and preschool are the beginning years of education. They need to be fun because the attention span of preschoolers cannot be held using bland or book-ish ways. Kids get attracted to vivid, visually stimulating things which a

1. Divide Your Lessons

Most of the things we teach involve lectures that need to be taught to kids but it is hard to hold the attention of them for a longer period especially of kids who are in kindergarten or preschool. So, to keep them engaged it is better to break down lessons into parts.

Introduce the topic, then do an icebreaker kind of activity to involve the kids in the lesson and then keep teaching them the lesson. As you see you have taught a section, go back to another interactive activity and hence you can prevent the students from getting bored or zoning out. You can make the activities relevant to the lesson or they can just be related to the moral education of children.

2. Give choices to the students

It is very good if kids are given choices in small things of their lesson plan instead of just asking them to stick to what is being asked. When kids are given the power to choose they would become more interested and would also inculcate values of decisiveness. Say, for example, they pick what activity needs to be done for the assignment or what outdoor activity they would prefer.

3. Incorporate Games

Games are an amazing way to involve and build interest in students. Not necessarily for recreation but memorization games or other drills are very helpful in making the students retain their lessons by not making them lose interest which is like a cherry on top. These drills and games do not require much input or preparation, you can find thousands of such ideas of games online.

4. Promote Group Activities

Students tend to work better in a team especially at the initial age. When we allow them to work in groups they learn more values like cooperation, decision making and become good listeners and make them more sociable. They also have the tendency to develop more interest when working in groups. It also helps them develop a sense of critical appreciation and build communication skills. Group time also takes them out of their routine and makes studying more enjoyable.

5. Do not keep sitting

It automatically becomes difficult for kids to focus when they’re sitting for a long time. If you observe the disinterest in your kids it is better to ask them to get up and move and give them and yourself a break to refresh. These breaks mostly depend on how much time they have been already sitting for.

6. Involve more activities

Many activities can be done in various subjects. Involving more than just verbal lectures and letting students involve more by actually applying what is taught helps them to memorize and understand concepts more easily and obviously, it makes it way more fun.

7. Be Open to Creativity

It is easier to teach from the same study material every year. But it is not easy to incorporate new methods but once you try to be more creative because every year you have new students with fresh mindsets so it is always a good thing to try something new and explore a variety of methods. Hence, variety and creativity are the keys to making learning fun.

Be open to the creativity of students. Let your class be free to modify the given tasks, assignments and projects to the extent they adhere to the guidelines given by you. You may also add some of your own unique ideas to make and customize the assignments according to your students.

8. Organize Field Trips

Field trips are liked by everyone. They are one of the most memorable and fun things students can do. Taking the students on a field trip say kike for treks or museums exposes them to the life outside of the four walls of the school and expands their horizons to a greater extent. Going out to these places is great for the holistic development of the children and they will also be able to relate what is being taught to them in real life.

Students also bond more with their peers if taken on these trips and if you need to cut the cost virtual or online trips are also a great way to achieve the same.

9. Be At Par With The Technology

Technology is an inseparable part of today’s life. You cannot imagine anything without it today. From a number of streaming platforms to smartphones and laptops, kids are well versed with the new technology and using it to teach them will make it more fun and accessible.

There are amazing educational apps that help kids to learn more illustratively. You can even create a PowerPoint presentation or a video to make learning fun for them technology is an amazing way to make learning interactive, fun, and instructional.

10. Go Outside

Just being inside the classroom can be very boring for a kid and thus it can be reduced the concentration and learning power of the student. Lunch break or recess brings joy to students’ hearts and outdoor excursions make the class time more fun.

Everyone needs a break in life and so do kids but many schools do not understand their importance. Researchers have found out that playing and giving breaks to students make their brains more efficient and increases the concentration in studying and it makes them more able to concentrate than the ones who devote the most time to studying. Apart from this, there are many ways in which going outside the classroom can help students learn a lot of things, outdoor lessons can be very helpful for science lectures as they have the students to relate what has been taught to them in real life and hence it becomes interesting and also academically helpful for the students. This would increase the grades of the student because he or she will be able to involve more in studying.

It is also known to reduce stress among the students and this would improve their capability to learn more.


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