Fun Popsicle Activities For Kids7 min read

Activities for Kids Oct 3, 2021


Fun Popsicle Activities For Kids7 min read

Have you ever thought of making something unique with a small stick? If not, then today is the best time to think about it. Also, we will help you in finding the best activities and games that can be played with popsicle sticks. Your kid will love to play these games, and indulging in these crafts will surely make them feel delighted. So let us find out what can be made with some popsicle sticks. Don’t forget to grab all the sticks at your home.

Popsicle Craft Activities

Here are some of the fun popsicle craft activities that will help your child to grow more skills:

Popsicle Stick Fish

This colorful angelfish is an exciting way to begin your summertime popsicle stick crafts.  Buy colorful craft sticks or paint them yourself with this handy DIY activity.

Popsicle Farm

Younger preschoolers may additionally want a little assistance with this craft stick barn architecture. 

This barn craft will supply them hours of crafting observed with the aid of lots of lively play.  Think about this popsicle stick advent as simply being the first section of your DIY farm.  Grab different toys for even extra playful enjoyment with this craft.

Beach Sign

Are you planning to go to the seashore this summer? Save these mementos with this seaside placard. 

This youngster’s craft can be a reminiscence field of the household vacation.  Customize this craft with your child’s title or the household name. 

What an exciting kid-made present for a pricey buddy or relative.

Bird Feeder

This cute homemade chicken feeder is convenient to make, and your children will love sitting outdoors looking at the birds.  You can buy pre-painted craft sticks or paint them yourself to shape your preferred chook hangout.  Just add some birdseed, and you will appeal to a grateful hen crowd with this completed craft.


Part of a summer season analyzing program? Make these popsicle stick bookmark friends mark their development alongside the way.  Craft a few nice pomp bookmarks to supply to friends.

Popsicle Bracelets

Both children and adults love making these bracelets.  They are so excited to make it because you honestly BEND the popsicle sticks to be healthy around your wrist.  They are relatively an easy, fun, and wearable craft.

Popsicle Bugs

Summer and bugs go hand and hand. That’s what makes this malicious program craft such a blast. 

You can make girl bugs, dragonflies, and so many different innovative DIY bugs.

Popsicle Caterpillar

If you construct it, they will fling it. That’s an assurance with this splendid craft stick catapult. So take a go to your home’s recycling bin to upcycle what you locate into a working catapult.  This is a youngsters’ craft that has hours of playtime afterward!

Popsicle Fairy Door

Shh! The fairies may be sound asleep at the back of this magical fairy door.  This is one of my preferred youngster’s crafts of all instances because it can be delivered to your outdoor backyard and add a little magic to any outside space.


Time to plant a backyard made of popsicle sticks!  Each flower is uniquely yours with this beautiful, convenient craft for all ages. First, “Pick” your plants to create a bouquet. Then, raid your button field for even greater fun.

Popsicle Fence

Build a corral for playtime exciting and hold all these farm animals in line.  Remember that DIY barn we made above?  This should assist maintain your animals from wandering into a neighbor’s barn.  We love children crafts that double as toys to play with after the crafting is complete.

Popsicle Garden

How lovely is this little backyard gate flower craft? So adorable.  I like how unique and custom-made this craft for children of all ages can be.


Little boys – and even a few little ladies – will love making and participating in this popsicle stick airplane. You make this with great sizes of popsicle or craft sticks and timber clothespins. They can paint and then glue their aircraft components together. This is an incredible little craft for summer season birthday parties! You can make up baggies with all of the components and then let them have a blast making airplanes all afternoon.

Flower Tower

Kids will love making their little flower gardens, entirely with stems made from painted popsicle sticks. You will love that this is additionally an educating activity. Your little ones can exercise their alphabet with this one, and you solely want a handful of substances to make it. This will indeed hold them entertained for hours at a time.

Avenger E-Bookmark

Avengers is so famous now – at least they are in my house. That’s simply one of the motives why I love these Avengers bookmarks that your children can make from popsicle sticks. They’re additionally, without a doubt, effortless and exciting to make. They can pick out their favored Avenger – there are so many to pick out from – and make their very own bookmark. But, on the other hand, they desire it. Plus, this one encourages them to read!

Balancing Games

Not solely is this a craft that your babies can assist you in the making, it’s additionally a sport that teaches them about balance. It’s a first-rate DIY sensory sport and so effortless to put together. You want a series of popsicle sticks, a piece of cardboard, a foam ball and simply a few different fundamental craft supplies. This is a high-quality way to use these craft sticks and provide your little ones with an enjoyable summertime exercise that they can do indoors or out.


Now, this is probably a craft for little girls, even though boys ought to do it as well if they wanted. They ought to possibly stick human beings a bit much less girly. So you want a series of craft sticks and some cupcake liners to make these adorable little ballerinas. You will additionally want some paints – washable paints will work superbly and be much less messy – and a few pipe cleaners for this one.

Barnyard Animals

Kids love barnyard animals, and they will love making their personal lives with their popsicle sticks. You can assist them in painting the sticks and the gorgeous colorations and then use their imaginations to create horses, cows, pigs, chickens, and any different animals they love. They should also do zoo animals with this – you want to paint, craft sticks, google eyes, buttons, and felt.

Craft Stick Marble Run

Here is any other exciting popsicle stick task that offers them something to make and then something to revel in, taking part in for hours at a time. This marble run is effortless to make from simply a historic cardboard box, a few popsicle sticks and some marbles. This is a gorgeous mission for repurposing cereal packing containers, or you may want to use any cardboard field you may additionally have on hand.

Picture Frames

Popsicle stick photo frames are such a typical craft stick project. I consider doing these in school. They are so convenient and so plentiful to make, and your little ones can beautify them alternatively they want. Use the DIY frames to house their preferred summer season images, or you may want to make them even better than every day and use them to exhibit their artwork.

Color Matching Games

This DIY sport is made from craft sticks, and it is simply as enjoyable to play as it is to make. Your infants will adore assisting you in creating extraordinary color combinations, and they will have hours of excitement mastering how to shape these colors when the sport is finished. I love an excellent craft that also serves an instructional motive, undoubtedly one of these projects.

So these were some of the fun popsicle craft activities.

Final Words

Playing with popsicles was never imagined, but we have made it possible for you. So now you can easily indulge your kid in performing such activities, and they will love them. Do you know, Unknowingly, your kid will learn many skills too? Also, you can spend quality time with your kid.

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