Difference Between Piano and Keyboard5 min read

Music Sep 5, 2021
Difference between piano vs keyboard



Difference Between Piano and Keyboard5 min read

Music is like a critical full of magic. To its sound, the most tightly controlled hearts can even get open. You are thinking about what to choose as a beginner? Then you are probably on the right page! Choosing between Piano and keyboard can be confusing if you have just begun to learn. Though both have their melody versions, they certainly have their sense of connectivity with the person linked. In the beginning, going for a less expensive instrument can prove to be a good idea, but at last, all of it depends upon your interest and the right fit!

When you dive much deeper into your research, you’ll find out that there are many differences between them. However, the real problem when purchasing pianos and keyboards can complicate your decision further. They come with unique features that can prove to be of great help to you!

Ask Yourself These Basic Questions Before Buying

Before proceeding with your choice of digital keyboard vs. Piano, you must ask yourself some basic questions to help you finalize. The following set of questions mentioned below will help you make a wise choice!

Which one, according to you, sounds better?

This question is fundamental while considering your kid’s interest. Though both of them have a great voice on an individual scale, the Piano is considered more soothing than the keyboard. But the keyboard has multiple options for soundtracks, which we will discuss later on.


Which one would suit you?

Every person has a different taste. But in their minds, they know which one would suit them better. If you feel that overall, Piano is a better option for you, go for it! And if you think that keyboard can be your better match, get one.


What features does it include?

Both have different features and models available in the market. Based on all qualities you want in your device, you may buy one. The parts are enlisted below in this article.


Which one feels better to you than the other?

According to your comfort and level of perfection, you can go for a better device. If you already know how to play Piano and are comfortable with it, it can be a better option. Whereas if you are a beginner, the keyboard can be a great fit.

Main differences between a Piano and a Digital Keyboard

Based on their physical outlook:


Piano – A piano has 88 keys, including both black and white keys. Modern pianos have iron frames and metallic body structures, causing a louder voice. The older ones had wooden frames and, therefore, were lightly strung.


Digital keyboard – The Keyboard has many similarities when compared to a piano. Many keyboards have a complete set of 88 keys, but as you might know that portability and mobility are the primary concern, one can even find keyboards with 61 keys.

Based on their detailed features:

Price Range

Generally, keyboards are much more affordable than pianos. Talking about the cost of a piano, it may vary depending upon the material used, quality of the iron frame, manufacture, and many other factors.

Mobility and Space

Pianos occupy a much larger space than the keyboards. They are designed to stay in place most of the time. Contrary to this, keyboards are very lightweight and portable. They are convenient and mobile. Keyboards can be easily carried from one place to another.

Long Term Benefits

This thing depends upon the person who plays. Both Piano and keyboard can give you long-term benefits. The Piano can be your best friend if you can take care, as it doesn’t have any battery or charging system. At the same time, the keyboard has a battery/charging system and sometimes both.

Player’s Proficiency Level

If you have just started this journey, the keyboard can be a better option than the Piano. As the keyboard is quite handy and portable, getting your hands on the keyboard can prove to be a good start.


Considering this sector area, the keyboard beats the Piano in almost every way. Modern keyboards have many features included in them. You can check out other musical genres on this single device only! Keyboards have multiple options like- Flute, Piano, Bass, bassoon, etc.

Suggestions and Recommendations

You may have noted the advantages as well as disadvantages over one another. If you are still confused and limited on money or space, a keyboard may seem like a good option. On the other hand, if you don’t have any space issues or find a good bargain, then Piano can be your answer. Once you are clear with this, you may develop a better sense of choosing the instrument that appeals the most to you.


When you know the difference between a Piano and a keyboard, you are ready to go with your preference! But in the end, you must note that both Piano and digital keyboard have their own set of functions and benefits. It all depends upon your perception and requirement to prefer which one over the other. However, you will find a wide variety of models, features, and accessibility. We hope that you must have made up your mind by now. And if you still have any confusion, research more on this and then make your final decision.

If you are looking to purchase a musical device for your little one, then make sure to look for a model that matches your child’s right fit and unique features and inspires them to learn and grow.


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