10 Easy Songs to Learn on the Piano7 min read

Music Aug 30, 2021
10 easy songs to learn on piano



10 Easy Songs to Learn on the Piano7 min read

Learning a new instrument is always a great skill to add to your bag. Although it takes lots of dedication and discipline to pick up any new device, as you continue to get better and more confident, you will be glad that you did not give up midway.

The piano is one of the most fun and accessible instruments to learn to play, and many music teachers will agree with that statement. While other instruments might require you to learn how to use your hands the right way, with the piano, once you know the right keys, you can begin to play almost immediately. Learning the piano is said to give people a strong music foundation.

Once you have mastered the grand piano, you can easily pick up a smaller keyboard and play anywhere. You will also be able to participate in more musical activities and ensembles since the grand piano is a large instrument that usually takes up lots of space.

If you are a beginner eager to learn and maybe even master the piano someday, we have some excellent tips for you and a list of super-easy songs that will help you on your musical journey.

Important Beginner Chords

The number of chords and chord variations in the piano world is endless. But as a beginner, you merely need to have a good knowledge of a handful of chords that will assist you in playing a wide variety of fantastic songs!

Numerous piano pieces are made up of these few common chords: C, Cm, D, Dm, E, Em, F, Fm, G, Gm, A, Am, B, and Bm. You will notice that the notes of these particular chords are played almost all the time. Once you’ve learned and practiced these chords well, you can confidently move on to playing multiple songs with great ease.

Tips to Learn Songs Faster

But before you dive into playing songs, we thought it would be helpful to share some tips that will come in handy.


Play with your right hand first

Although both hands are usually used to play the piano, if you are a beginner who has never played the piano before, we suggest that you start with your right hand first. Trying to learn everything on day one hastily will only result in frustration and discouragement. So, don’t worry about combining both hands to play, as it could be tricky to coordinate initially. Focus on learning easy songs that only require the right hand. Alternatively, you could focus on the right-hand melody and then can add your left-hand chords whenever you feel ready.


Find the best finger

A piano player should ideally play notes with the fingers that work best for him. It might take you some time and experimenting to figure out how your fingers fit in on each note, but as you discover what’s comfortable for you, you will be able to play your notes and chords with much more ease.


Break it down into sections

Learning songs will be much smoother when you break them down into sections. Try learning it in parts instead of squeezing the whole melody into one practice session. This will give your brain enough time and practice to grasp each section properly to play the entire song effortlessly finally.


Take it slow

Don’t be under the impression that you need to learn a song at its original tempo. Slowing down a tutorial or playing the music at a slower tempo than the original version will help you move between notes more smoothly, catch any mistakes, and mend them more efficiently. Learning a song at a slower pace also makes it easier to get the hang of the notes that you’re playing.


Pick songs that you like

Learning to play songs that you like will motivate you to continue playing the piano even if it gets rough sometimes. On the other hand, if you begin by playing songs that you haven’t heard or don’t particularly enjoy, you might get discouraged when you hit a bump.

Easy Songs to Learn on the Piano

Now that we have gone through some exciting tips and essential information, let us look at a few of the most accessible songs that you can learn on your piano as a beginner.

Ten easy songs you can learn on the piano are:

  1. Happy Birthday
  2. Jingle Bells
  3. Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star
  4. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  5. Clocks
  6. Havana
  7. Fur Elise
  8. What a Wonderful World
  9. Let it Be
  10. Part of your World

The list includes something for everyone, and we hope you enjoy playing these songs!


  1. Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday is a great song to play because it is one that everyone knows and sings. Shock your family and friends with your piano skills by playing this simple tune during a birthday party and get everyone to clap and sing along!


  1. Jingle Bells

Yes, we know this is a Christmas song but hey, if you practice this easy song during the remaining eleven months, think of how you will be able to show off when the Christmas season finally does arrive! Jingle Bells has a straightforward chorus, making it one of the best songs for beginners to learn since almost everyone knows the tune by heart, and the notes are super easy to understand.


  1. Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star

If you are an adult, don’t feel silly trying to learn this famous nursery rhyme. Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star is a simple song important for any piano player to know the basics. It will help get you started on your musical journey, and it is another song to add to your cart.


  1. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

This delightful song by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole is loved by one and all. Although it is a ubiquitous song for the ukulele, it is not difficult to play on the piano. If you are familiar with this song, you will know that the lyrics are lovely and soothing. Thus, learning this on the piano will elevate the music to another level and bring a smile to your face.


  1. Clocks

Clocks by Coldplay is not only a popular song among adults, but kids also enjoy playing this on the piano. This is a lovely pop song to get you started on the piano and keep you coming back to the instrument to learn more.


  1. Havana

Another well-known pop song by the famous Camilla Cabello, Havana, has some pretty manageable and catchy piano sections that every beginner will have fun playing. You can quickly learn to play this one by ear, but notes are also available.


  1. Fur Elise

Even though Fur Elise is a Beethoven masterpiece, don’t let that intimidate you into not trying your hand at it. This song is not complex at all, and you will be able to proudly say that you can play music by one of the greatest composers ever!


  1. What a Wonderful World

What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong is one of the most heart-warming songs ever. It is a slow-paced song that will help you get accustomed to your piano keys. Play this for a loved one and watch them melt into a puddle.


  1. Let it Be

Although this song is slightly more complex than the others on this list, it is nonetheless an amazing one to teach yourself. There are multiple versions available online, and with enough practice, you will be able to play this song well in no time! The Beatles are a famous band, and no one would want to give up the opportunity of learning and master any of their songs.


  1. Part of your World

Part of your World from the Disney animated movie The Little Mermaid is popular among children and many adults. It is sung by princess Ariel in the film and has a graceful tune that is easy and enjoyable to play. If you like Disney and its songs, then this is one that you would want to learn!


It can get frustrating when you get stuck with a particular chord or a song as a beginner. It’s easy to get discouraged and give up halfway. But we want you to stay motivated and grow to love the piano, so the songs that we’ve picked for you are straightforward to learn and fun to play. You don’t have to reach a certain level of learning to play fantastic songs, and we hope that as you master these simple songs, you will also continue to grow in your musical journey. Happy learning!

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