Is The Permissive Parenting Style Worth Giving A Try?6 min read

Parenting Aug 29, 2021
Permissive Parenting


Is The Permissive Parenting Style Worth Giving A Try?6 min read

Parenting is how a person raises their children. Every parent uses a way of parenting style for their child’s upbringing. Some parents use a mix of 2, whereas others choose the standard style. The strategy to raise your children differently is categorized as a parenting style. Parenting style also decides the future behaviour and discipline of your child. So it is crucial to know the correct parenting style. Today we will help you know about the various parenting styles and the nature and behaviour of permissive parents. In addition, we will also learn about the pros and cons of permissive parenting. So if you are bothered about your child’s progress, then you are at the right spot.

What is A Parenting Style and Their Types?

Currently, there are four main parenting styles in which most parents follow. The four major types of parenting are as follows:

Authoritarian or Disciplinarian

This involves the strict parents with set rules and prefers punishments to keep their children on the right track.

  • Communication in this parenting style is one way from parents to children. But, unfortunately, neither they listen to the child’s ideas, nor do they explain any rules.
  • These parents are typically less nurturing.
  • There is no flexibility in rules and regulations.

If a child positively takes this parenting, then they can be disciplined and obedient. In contrast, if they choose the damaging elements, they can become aggressive and lead to frequent liars.

Uninvolved Parents

These parents give true freedom to their children and usually stay out of the way. They do not take part in any children’s decisions and are less interested in their children’s personal lives and decisions.

  • They do not specify any rules of discipline. Furthermore, these parents are involved with the child’s activity.
  • The communication in this case between parent and child is also limited, and these parents are a little nurturing.
  • They have significantly less or no expectations from their child.

Authoritative Parenting

This parenting style is very reasonable and nurturing. Children with these parents are self-disciplined.

  • Every rule is set with an explanation behind it.
  • Communication occurs frequently, and the understanding level is maintained between parents and children.
  • These parents properly nurture their kids and have expectations from them.
  • Children who grow up with authoritative parenting have better futures and ambitions.

Permissive Parenting

These parents offer limited guidance to their children. But, overall, they are like friends for their children.

  • There are no set rules. Instead, permissive parents allow children to solve their problems on their own.
  • Communication is open, but the parents allow the children to make their own decisions.
  • Such parents nurture their kids in a better way. Expectations are also minimal by these parents.

Today we will learn everything about permissive parents. Moreover, the pros and cons and the characteristics and details about permissive parents will be told today. So let us find out more about permissive parents.

What is Permissive Parenting?

Permissive parenting is a style that is often called the indulgent parent. Low demands and high responsive parents characterize this parenting style. Permissive parents are very responsive to the emotional needs of their children. These parents do not put any burden on their demands on the children. Instead, they allow their kids to decide their paths and ambitions. Moreover, they do not set any specific rules on the limit for their kids.

Examples and Characteristics of Permissive Parenting

Below are the various characteristics and examples of permissive parents.

Indulgent Parenting

These parents hardly say no to the demands of their kids. Even if their kids demand an expensive toy, they are ready to meet their kid’s needs.


Permissive parents are most lenient. They do not like to control the children. And therefore, they do not set any guidelines to monitor or guide the behaviour of children. However, even if they set a few rules, they explain them properly. Further, if the child breaks any law, they do not punish them.

Treat Kids like Peers

Parents who prefer a permissive parenting style always be like friends with their children. They give them very little responsibility for home or school and provide them with complete liberty.

Overall permissive parents are highly responsive to the needs of children and are always available.

Effect of Permissive Parenting on Children

According to child development experts, there are specific effects of permissive parenting. Permissive parents usually do not pay heed to their children’s life. Neither the monitor nor they regulate their children. However, there are some benefits also of the permissive parenting style. So, let us know about both of these effects.


Better Communication

Permissive parents usually have better communication with their children. This is because children consider them as their friends, and hence they share everything with their parents. Parents can also tell them the difference between right and wrong if their children share their problems. Communication is two way, and hence it is beneficial.

Improved Self-Esteem

Permissive parents love their children and conditionally, and this helps them in building better self-esteem. However, the chances are rare.


Bad Academic Performance

Permissive parents do not monitor the children’s habit of studying and paying attention to various subjects. Thus, their children tend to have low discipline and attention towards their academics. The parents do not ask for any goal or have any expectations from their children, so they do not attempt to set a goal. Children are at the stage where they require utmost care. Additionally, children need to be monitored by their parents. But permissive parents do not bother about their children, and hence they have low academic achievements.

More Aggressive

As permissive parents do not regulate their children’s behaviour, they tend to become more aggressive. This is because children don’t know about their limits of acceptable behaviour, and parents must control and regulate their behaviour. However, permissive parents do not heed children’s behaviour and give them complete freedom. Therefore children become more aggressive, and they face behavioural problems.

More Prone to Addiction Of Alcohol or Wrong Habits

According to some studies, it has been found that permissive parents usually raise children who are more prone to alcohol-related issues. This is because parents give them complete freedom initially, and later they become aggressive, and their behaviour is difficult to control.

Worse Social Skills

Permissive parents have children who have worse social skills. These children have less empathy and no friendliness towards their friends and relatives. Instead, they hardly have any friendly social behaviour. Also, the children face problems of obesity as they eat a lot of junk food.

These are the pros and cons of permissive parenting. Permissive parenting cannot be called the worst type of parenting. It shows the home side of parents, and they are affectionate towards their kids. However, at certain times strictness is demanded, and every parent must have it.


The permissive parenting style involves utmost love and affection by parents. These parents have blind love for their children. However, later this love takes another form, and the child becomes disobedient and out of control. Therefore every parent must control their child adequately. A parent must know when to provide freedom and when to chop the wings of their youngsters. Never let your child go out of control as they might develop aggression and bad habits. This was all about the permissive parenting style.

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