15 Paper Cup Crafts to Tickle Your Kid’s Creativity4 min read

Activities for Kids Oct 3, 2021
Paper Cup Crafts



15 Paper Cup Crafts to Tickle Your Kid’s Creativity4 min read

Do you have too many used paper cups that you feel too guilty to throw out? Is your kid constantly complaining about how she’s so bored? Well, we have the perfect solution for both these problems! We have a fun list of paper cup crafts that will keep your child engaged for hours as well as help you recycle those used paper cups.

Here are 15 Creative Paper Cup Crafts to Tickle your Child’s Creativity


Flower Power

Recycle your old paper cups to make some super cute flowers that you can add to your wall décor! All you need is a pair of scissors to snip, snip, snip and voila! Paint these pretty flowers into bright colors of your liking and show them off to everyone who comes home.

Candy Box


This is the perfect place to store all your sweet goodies and hide them away from the other kids in the house. Make this candy box and decorate it with a bunch of colors and paints. Store all your chocolates, candies, toffees and anything else that’s too precious to keep lying around in the open!


Flower Bouquet

Flower bouquets are the most beautiful things ever! They’re even more beautiful when you make them yourself. Use your paper cups to make some gorgeous flowers and stick them on colored sheets. If there’s a family event around the corner, bring out your handmade bouquet and set it in a place where everyone can adore it.


Pencil Stand

Are you tired of seeing stationery lying around the house and not finding a single pen when you actually need it? We’ve all been there. Help your child make a pencil stand to organize her pens and pencils more efficiently. Your child will be much more enthusiastic to use a pencil/pen stand when she makes it herself.


Flower Basket

Does your child love to collect flowers and pretty-looking leaves from outside? Then this flower basket is perfect for her! Help your child use some colored papers and glitter to decorate her very own flower basket and now she has a place to keep her nature’s collection in a safe (and pretty) place.


Wind Chime

Wind chimes are great to hang out in your garden or even inside the house. Your child can use little beads and sequins to make her wind chime look really eye-catching and cheerful. You can also get creative and use paper clips and other supplies to make your wind-chime pop.


Peacock Craft

Turn your boring paper cup into a good-looking and sparkly peacock! All you’ll need is some strips of colored paper, some dazzling sequence, glue and your paper cup to create some magic.


Paper Cup Fairy Lights

These are extremely fun and quick to make. It’s great for parties, or even just to hang on your front door or backyard. Shock and inspire everyone with your fairy lights made of basic paper cuts.


Party Poppers

Who doesn’t love party poppers? Party poppers are an extremely fun and easy craft to make. It barely takes 5 minutes to make and is hours of fun and entertainment for your toddlers. Fill it with little fuzzy balls and let them have a fun time. You can also pull these out during a party.


Mini Crown

Your kid will really love this activity! Cut your paper cup into the shape of a crown and decorate it with paint and glitter. Paper cup crowns are super cute and good fun to play with.



Did you know that you could make little drums out of paper cups? Well, you can! All you will need is some balloons, elastic bands, tape, paint and/or stickers. Paper cup drums are not only really cute, they’re also fun to make and play with.


Funny Animal Coin Box

You can create coin boxes with funny animals out of your paper cups. Simply draw some animals on paper and fill them in with color. Stick them onto your paper cups and decorate the cups too. This activity is really cute and you now have a good place to store all your change!


Paper Cup Hats

Did you know you could make really gorgeous hats with paper cups as your base material? These aren’t difficult to make at all. You can paint your hats, decorate them with beads, sequence, ribbons, feathers, and anything else you want to. These little hats can be used as room décor as well as headgear for your kids’ toys!


Lamp Craft

Paint your paper cups, decorate them, carve different designs into them and place some lights in them! These lamps can be hung in your bedroom, balcony or on your front door.


Paper Cup Olaf

If your kid is an Olaf fan then this is a really good idea! All you’ll need is some beads, ribbons, cotton, and colored paper along with your paper cup to make the perfect Olaf.


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