Painting Stars: A Step-by-Step Tutorial3 min read

Activities for Kids Nov 29, 2021
Painting Stars: a Step-by-Step Tutorial



Painting Stars: A Step-by-Step Tutorial3 min read

Painting a starry night is a fun as well as a very simple activity that kids can do along with their parents. It can also be used for a study of stars, planets, constellations, and whatnot.

Now, either this can be a group activity with the painting on a large board with a lot of other materials and it can be a normal canvas painting with paintbrushes, but since it is meant for younger kids we will stick to the tutorial of the former.

Materials Required

  • A plain white poster or cardboard for the base.
  • Bottles of spray paint – One should be the shiny black one and the other according to your choice.
  • A piece of old newspaper
  • A piece of drop cloth
  • Variety of sizes of round pans, lids, or other items that can be discarded after use (the Dollar Store is a good source)


Lay your piece of drop cloth on the floor or a flat surface and then take the white poster board. Take care that when you place the board on the surface the board is with the glossier side up that is there are two sides one is more smooth and glossy and the other is a bit rough so you need to keep the shiny side up.


Now you have to take the round materials you collected, be it lids, caps, pans or tumblers. Now put/lay these on the sheet/board at the places where you want the stars to be located. This will give you a rough idea of how will your output look like, here you can decide the placement of your stars.


Now as you have the overview planned out, you can remove the materials(lids, pan, etc.) and now spray paint the color which you bought say yellow in the area where you want the star to be located. You can also mix a number of colors for an amazing effect. Now speedily spray the color or the mixed combination, with one star at a time and then spread the newspaper over it to let it absorb or blot the design.


As these shapes or ‘stars’ are blotted and sprayed, now ascertain which side you want the shadow effect of each star to be created. Technically, it should be the one on the opposite side of the sun. Make sure this is the same side for all the stars which you have made for uniformity.
Now cover all the but the bracket() shaped stars you created and now spray the black spray paint on the area to create the shadow affect.


Once you have sprayed the black paint and created the shadow effect then you can use round objects to make the actual stars.
As the areas are dried out, put these round pans and lids over them. Now make sure that a good area of the shadow is a part of that diameter.

Now finally paint the leftover board black which will give the space background effect. Apart from the circles, covering the stars, paint everything, and now take the chosen shade for the star and spray the color leaving a distance away from the shape so that it doesn’t stain the bigger shapes and create tinier stars.

Hence, your own ‘galaxy’ is ready.


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