Simple Ways to Overcome Bad Attitudes in Homeschooling6 min read

Homeschooling Nov 22, 2021
Simple Ways to Overcome Bad Attitudes in Homeschooling



Simple Ways to Overcome Bad Attitudes in Homeschooling6 min read

Homeschooling is a fantastic experience. Isn’t it true that every day is full of smiles and laughter? However, the truth is that, while there are many wonderful days to be had while homeschooling, there are also some truly awful days.

If you homeschool, you will face the fundamental homeschool battle at some point. You’ll be trying to persuade your children to do something, trying to get them to complete their arithmetic, spelling or their reading.

One of the most critical talents you may have as a homeschool mom is the ability to reset your homeschool day when things go wrong. Now the biggest question is how to reset your homeschool day when things go wrong or basically when your id starts developing a bad attitude while homeschooling?

No worries, we are here for you!!

We will be providing you with a few key points and strategies that would help in bringing your homeschooling back on track.

Ways to overcome bad attitude in homeschooling


Motivating your children is the foremost and one of the most important methods to deal with this negative attitude, especially when you are trying to get your kids to accomplish things in your homeschool and they don’t want to. The truth is that we are attempting to motivate our children when we try to encourage them to do things. We are attempting to persuade them that they need to do this, that and that because we want them to complete tasks.

We want them to be driven, and in a perfect world, they would be inspired to accomplish those things even if there weren’t so many battles. Without pleading, bribing, or scolding, they will be motivated to study on their own. All of the things you are doing could be causing these battles you are wanting to avoid, as well as the negative attitude you are trying to avoid. It is not always about how our children act; sometimes it’s about how we act. Therefore, you need to have a positive attitude towards them and must keep motivating them to keep them away from a bad attitude towards homeschooling.


Inquire about your child’s interests, become thrilled about their creations or achievements, inquire about what they want to learn about, inquire about their opinions on various topics, and so on. Teachers, according to research, aim to incorporate students’ interests into the teaching add them to your homeschooling curriculum.

Do activities (academic or otherwise) with your children that involve something they are interested in, even if it is not your favorite hobby. Just for once, consider your kid’s interest over yours. Allow them to choose themes that they are interested in for particular activities. Children will have a more positive attitude while homeschooling because they would be learning something in their interests and something that they love to do.


Tell your child/student(s) what you are proud of him/her for doing.

“You were so focused on your math homework tonight!” for example. “That was such a lovely way you assisted your brother with his math homework,” “Keep up the good job.” You have no idea but these little appreciations can make their whole day.

When youngsters receive particular positive reinforcement for doing the right thing, they are motivated to do it again. Almost all youngsters desire to please adults (whether they show it or not), therefore specific praise has a favorable impact on the majority of children.
Praise is also a simple method to give your child the attention that so many children need.


For Example: “You did so well in your math exam. You should e proud of yourself.” Or “You worked so hard on that English assignment.”

This helps them gain internal confidence, allowing them to learn to feel proud of themselves for being tenacious, hardworking, and kind to others, among other things. They will be successful if they feel successful. This will keep the bad attitude far away and would make their attitude more positive in their homeschooling.


Talk to your child. Let their heart out in front of you. Start by going over the events of the day with them, step by step, to see what happened and where things started to go wrong. What were their thoughts? What were their emotions like? Was there a major misunderstanding that can be resolved? Were there any resentments? Take your time with this and really listen to what your child has to say, asking questions to get to the bottom of things and to find out that there are things going wrong.

Children want to be heard by someone and who can be a better listener to them than their homeschool teachers or their parents? Being able to tell your problems to someone makes your heart very light and makes you more positive to find solutions to your problems. The same goes for the kids as well. If they will have you to share their problems with, they would be much open to you and would feel confident while doing their homeschooling.


As we just told you in the above step that talk it out to them and let the kids put their hearts out. But, while talking to your children/students, if their opinions, values, sentiments, or ideas differ from yours, don’t pass any judgments. Because, the next time if they want to share something or put their viewpoint upon something, this would make them think twice before coming to speak to you or talk to you.

Of course, it’s fine to express your point of view but through dangerous or destructive behavior is not fine, however, don’t dismiss their viewpoint. It took them a lot of courage to put up their viewpoint to you so, consider their thoughts before vanishing them.

Children must have the confidence to be open and honest with the adults in their lives. When children believe they will not be criticized or made incorrect, they are more willing to confide in us when a problem arises.

So these were a few steps that you can apply before or when your child starts growing a bad attitude while homeschooling.


It is critical to laying the groundwork for your homeschool and relationship with your child. We are all humans, and unpleasant days with short tempers, poor attitudes, and irritation will inevitably occur. Rather than admitting defeat and giving up, teach your children how to manage conflict, listen, and speak with love!


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