How to learn effectively in online music classes?5 min read

Music Aug 11, 2021
learn effectively in online music classes



How to learn effectively in online music classes?5 min read

With music in our lives, we connect with each other better. Music is something which can help us cope with every difficult phase of our lives. It’s a remedy, a cure and a tonic which renders utmost peace, effortless joy to our souls. No doubt that it would be a tragedy if we live in a world where music isn’t taught!

Now coming to the current situation, to say that the coronavirus pandemic has actually changed the world would be an understatement. The pandemic has almost altered everything; both mentally and professionally. Earlier we all were standing on one side of a massive river full of hardships. But now slowly we are moving towards the other side of the river. The pandemic has led to an increase in the demand for online classes across the globe. Many people come across various challenges while learning online that really cause hindrance in their learning.

Speaking particularly about learning music, it is something which needs proper guidance, regular practice and passion to learn. Sounds quite difficult, isn’t it? Nevertheless if you really have the will and a positive attitude, it is quite possible.

Let’s have a look at some basic tips and suggestions to learn music more effectively in an enjoyable way.

Getting in touch with the world of web

The Internet is a great place to learn online. Though learning a new skill is hard, if you are really keen, optimistic, dedicated and mindful towards practicing music on the internet, it will be like having a teacher beside you! You bet on that. Every note, mistake and advice will teach you a lesson. A lesson that you would always remember.

Enroll in a music course online

You might be aware of the colossal number of classes and workshops available online. Getting either a free music class or a paid one is completely your choice. But if you are looking for something more structured and synchronized, go for a paid one. But not all of them are worth enrolling. Make sure to get the maximum amount of benefit out of it! If possible, look out for a class which provides you with certifications as well. These certificates will surely help you in future.

Concentrate on learning basics and rhythms

Keep in mind that learning basic chords and rhythms is the most important step while learning music. You should be able to feel the taste of music. Try to learn the octaves in the form of a recitation. Recitation makes it very simple to memorize the beats well. Worry not, take your time. Remember that Rome was not built in a day! Go slow but try to learn more and more with every passing class of yours.

Refer to recorded visual lectures

A great thing about learning music is that along with your theory notes and online class practice sessions, you have a visual aspect of the music platform. Theories suggest that when we learn anything visually, our minds concentrate and remember those things better. If you are a visual learner, referring to music lessons on Youtube or to your recorded music lectures can prove to be a great option.

Try to focus on important aspects first

One major concern that almost every beginner as well as practicing musician think of is whether s/he is working on the correct thing or not. Pretty hectic job to find out right? As human beings, we observe and practice so many things at a time. And many times it’s hard to know which particular fragment we should focus on first. Solution to this problem lies within itself. Try to submerge yourself and think of some realistic goal to make you feel better and confident.

Revise your lectures on a regular basis

Don’t miss out even a single day without revising the previous day’s work. Whenever you listen to a song, the overall sound you hear is a result of a combination of chords. Note down these chords simultaneously while learning your music lectures. This would later help you to recall what you learned earlier. Eventually you will observe that most of the lectures are already interpreted and stored in your memory. In short, you’ll remember the learnt lesson for a longer period of time.

Learn a musical instrument

Take up an instrument, whichever you wish to have like Piano, Casio, Harmonium or a Guitar. By referring to a musical instrument, it would become very easy for you to see the notes and synchronize its chords with one another. Many popular musicians suggest learning music on any instrument. This increases their speed of learning.

Get rid of your ‘boredom’ thing

Moving on to another aspect, which makes a person have ‘I don’t want to continue any further right now’ attitude is- Boredom. Boredom strikes you when one part of your brain is physically present at a place, but is mentally absent. Simultaneously, another part of your brain is wondering- what to do next? As soon as you notice your mind ‘bored’- know that this is because you are not focusing all your attention on the task, you are not actually submerged in the ocean of music. In order to overcome this boredom thing, you should probably a short break and then continue with your work. You should try to absorb yourself 100% after break. Don’t continue with your music class right after, instead of that take a small break and try to focus again.

Devote more time to practice

Another important thing to note here is that, if you are practicing music too fast- you are probably not doing it the right way. It takes ounces of effort and a good amount of time to absorb the chorus of music. Try to maintain a steady pace. The more time you devote towards practicing, the more you’ll learn and ace the platform one day!



Always remember, never do any work for the ‘sake’ of doing it and not actually enjoying it. Ultimately you are the only one inside your head, and in order to make it exciting, challenging and engaging entirely depends upon you! Happy learning:)


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