11 Actionable Tips Newbie Writers Should Adopt5 min read

Child Development Jul 7, 2022
Actionable Tips Newbie Writers Should Adopt



11 Actionable Tips Newbie Writers Should Adopt5 min read

It’s inevitable to avoid roadblocks when you get started as a writer. Facing challenges and finding it hard to write doesn’t mean you should stop writing.
Following proper advice that has helped other writers in the past will enable you to find success as a writer. Keep reading this blog to find eleven actionable tips that can make the writing journey fun for you.

Get help from experts

Newbie writers can waste a lot of time and effort if they try overcoming the challenges themselves. A simple way to speed up your writing progress is to link up with experts. For example, you can get help from YA book editors if you’re writing a book for young adults.

Established writers can show you the way to progress with their specific experiences. Learn from as many writers as you can to speed up your progress as a writer.

Create a writing schedule

There’s a common misconception about writers that they have to write daily. Contrary to popular belief, you can become a good writer if you don’t spend your days and nights writing. You can become a published writer even if you write twice a week.

Having a writing schedule is more beneficial than writing 24/7. You should create a writing schedule that doesn’t disturb your life and stick to that schedule. Try to stay flexible with your writing schedule. You can increase or decrease the time you spend on writing according to your specific needs.

Choose your genre

Focusing on a genre allows you to save your time and effort as a writer. Choosing a specific genre allows you to concentrate your thoughts on a single topic. Without having a specific genre in mind, you will find it hard to improve your skills as a writer.
As a newbie writer, one of the biggest challenges you have to overcome is deciding on a genre. The good news is that you can avoid overthinking and pick a genre for yourself by following these tips:

  • Identify the topics you love the most.
  • Write about topics you find easy.
  • Avoid thinking about money.
  • Keep your target audience in mind.
  • Explore different genres before you choose one.

Join a gym

Sitting in your home all day long and writing might help you become a better writer. However, keep in mind that a sedentary lifestyle will harm your physical and mental health. You should try to include proper physical activity in your life to relieve stress and strengthen your body.

Joining a gym can help you exercise regularly. Going to a gym can create a healthy routine that makes you feel good. Establish a gym at your home if you can’t find a gym in your area instead of giving up the idea of doing exercise.

Improve your diet

You might try saving your time and effort by ordering junk food online instead of preparing food yourself. But don’t forget that eating junk foods regularly can destroy your body. The lower levels of nutrients in junk foods make them a bad choice if you want to live a healthy life.

Try to eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can to improve your diet. If you are struggling with improving your diet, you should contact a nutritionist that can help you follow a proper diet plan.

Become an avid reader

Reading is a must if you want to become a good writer. Constant reading allows you to learn from other skilled writers and gives you the opportunity of improving your skills.

Keep in mind that reading should not come at the cost of your physical and mental health. Specify a time for reading so you can read books along with following other activities in life. If you have chosen your genre as a writer, you should read specific books in that genre to sharpen your writing skills.

Manage your screen time

Staring at the screen all day long won’t help you improve your writing skills. You should try to cut your screen time so you can focus on other activities. For example, if you own both a digital and print edition of a book, you should read the print edition instead of the digital edition.

It might be inevitable for you to lower your screen time in some cases. If you have to stare at a computer screen, make sure you get your work done during the daytime and avoid using your laptop in bed.

Learn about the publication process

Becoming a published writer is not as easy as you might think. Writers have to go through a tedious process before they can get their books published. As a newbie writer, you should learn how the publication process works so you don’t struggle with publication after finishing your manuscript.

The publication process can take some months or even a couple of years. You should be ready to negotiate the terms with your publisher so you don’t run into problems in the future. Learning all about the publication process can get easier if you ask a published writer about their publication journey.

Join a class

Not everyone is a good writer by birth. For some people, it takes a lot of learning and effort before they can transcend the barriers and write books that get praised. It’s not logical to consider yourself a “gifted writer” even if you are good at writing as a newbie.

A simple way to sharpen your writing skills is to join a writing class. Learning from writers who have overcome challenges in the past can help you avoid roadblocks and achieve your writing goals.

Focus on networking

Building connections as a newbie writer can help you a lot in the future. From exploring ideas to the publication process, things will become easier for you if you link with fellow writers. Make sure you participate in online and on-site networking events to find people who can help you in your journey.

Get adequate sleep

Most writers think it’s good to stay awake at night and write. Contrary to popular belief, staying awake to read/write at night will only harm your body. Experts recommend that an average person should sleep for 6-7 hours to keep their physical and mental health in check. Make sure you get adequate sleep at night to follow your writing passion without struggling with health problems.


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