Netflix Academy: Tips for Adding Video to Your School Day5 min read

Homeschooling Nov 29, 2021
Netflix Academy: Tips for Adding Video to Your School Day



Netflix Academy: Tips for Adding Video to Your School Day5 min read

They are usually parents who have seen the shortcomings of the education system and are committed to making sure that their kids have something more. Most homeschooled children are committed to providing their kids with the best possible education.

Many parents who homeschool often turn to other families for advice. This advice can be very costly and stressful, and it often leads to the use of outdated and archaic methods. Another example is the purchase of expensive textbooks or printed curriculum material. This is often discarded due to a lack of value. Here comes the need of using the new technologies. This article helps you understand how adding videos to homeschooling can help in many ways.

The key to successful homeschooling

It is to develop a passion for each child and treat them as an individual. This can help each child develop their own unique talents and abilities. The most important foundation for building a successful education is knowing that every child has their own Learning Style. The child is trained to process and absorb the information presented to him or her. Unfortunately, this process is rarely provided to children in the classroom. With the increasing number of homeschooling parents, the use of an online video curriculum has become the solution to many of their problems.

Video clips can help children develop visual and auditory skills. They can also maintain their attention for longer periods. While the use of an online video curriculum is very cost-effective, it also provides the majority of preferred learning styles.

There is also a great benefit to being able to learn at your own speed. This is the ability to learn without interference or supervision. Online video curriculum can help children achieve this capability. Having your own teacher is typically not an advantage when it comes to teaching online video lessons. However, when children start to learn by reaching for videos on topics that are already covered in other schools, parents are not surprised. There is also a growing concern that many homeschooling parents are not aware of. It is the alarming decline in the standards of Reading and Language Arts.

Time saver

Video curriculum helps to teach more efficiently. It saves time. Working mothers can have enough time for their work and manage work at home and the workplace. It is great for home-schooled mothers. High school Biology video courses are great for people who are not afraid to try something new.

More engaging and persuasive

Video content is more engaging and persuasive than other types of training. It addresses the varying learning styles of different learners.

Due to the increasing popularity of video-based learning, it is becoming a basic training requirement. Many of the reasons why people prefer to watch videos instead of reading them are explained below.

Video-based learning is a great way to add life to an e-learning course by making it more engaging and effective. Engages and retains the learner. It reduces cognitive overload and increases retention.

Adds flexibility to learning

Through digital learning, Children can study anytime, anywhere. It allows them to access the course material without having to travel to a school or auditorium. Children who are not able to dedicate enough time to studying can also use videos to study at their leisure.

Increases engagement

Videos have the right blend of sight and sound to make them easier to digest. This helps in making the content more interesting to the students. They also provide a better learning experience for them as they can listen to the lectures without being distracted.

Best way to do revision

Video lectures are great for students who are not able to attend lectures regularly. Children who are not satisfied with the regular lectures can find video lectures useful as they can supplement their studies. They can also be used to revise the course content as many times as they want.

Tips for Adding Video to Your School Day

Through video, students can develop an emotional response to certain information. This allows them to be more involved in learning. The visual messages from the text are processed in the limbic system, which is a different part of the brain than the processes that are used for text. This system processes both memory and motivation.

Use big screens

People tend to learn more with images and text than with text alone. This concept is often used in educational media such as video descriptions. In most cases, a miscue occurs when a parent tries to play a full-screen instructional video while homeschooling or in a remote learning environment. This idea can be used to describe educational lessons. It can also be used to guide children through a video so that they are clear on what they are learning about.

Know where to start and where to stop

The easiest way to set the start and stop points of a video is by taking note of the timestamps in the file. It can be a pain to find the exact place to start and stop a video. The start and stop points of a video are very important when playing it. This will help avoid having to search for the exact portion of the video during the finger-paint-and-scrub moment.


Instead of just watching videos, ask students to provide their own voice-overs. This method allows them to be more reflective and helps them verbalize their takeaways. This helps them develop a more authentic and compelling narrative for the content of just being a narrator.

Short videos

The most effective instructional videos are those that are shorter than six minutes. This means that shorter videos are more likely to engage students. Videos that are shorter than six minutes should be considered most impactful. For younger students, consider videos that are shorter than three minutes.


Due to the rise of video in education, it is becoming more prevalent in classrooms. Homeschools are increasingly relying on video in education. Hope these tips will help you add videos for your school day.


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