Negative Space and Homeschooling3 min read

Homeschooling Nov 29, 2021
Negative Space and Homeschooling



Negative Space and Homeschooling3 min read

Do you know what negative spacing is? It comes into our lives when everything is going fine. It tells us about where we have gone wrong or what we are not doing in our lives which we should do. It is a complete distraction and we need to get rid of it especially when it comes to homeschooling. So in today’s article what I’m going to do is to talk about negative spacing. So let’s begin.

Negative Spacing and Homeschooling

Let’s take it like this when you are helping your kids with some homework and you are trying to teach them how to draw a horse or an animal. You are doing all good but then suddenly your phone rings and it’s your friend who has called to tell you that she is going to Europe with her children to show them some best museums and here you are thinking where did you go wrong. Why aren’t you doing what your friend as a homeschooler is doing? Here, this is when negative space comes into your life and suddenly you start stressing out. The thoughts don’t let you sleep all night. It not only disturbs your mental peace but also destroys your whole timetable. And you know when the biggest fear comes alive? What if your kids also start questioning if they are getting the proper education they need or not? Even if you have done your best for your children, You are taking them to parks, picnic spots near you, for games, and are providing the best you can for them but when the negative space comes, it just comes with full explosion and plays with your head. You will start questioning yourself “Why aren’t you taking your kids to Europe?”

Also when it comes to language what usually happens is if you suggest to someone that French is very important to learn then you will start thinking “why haven’t your kids not learned this language so far? ” For parents, they will do everything that they can to give their kids the best education but what usually happens during homeschooling, parents focus more on what they haven’t given to their children instead of what they are doing. But all you need to do is to stop focusing on the negative space and focus on the goals you have already set in your mind for the year and just think that they are not supposed to go to Europe this year or they don’t have to learn French. It will help you to focus on the positive life instead of the negative.


You don’t have to worry about the negative space if you have control over your life and if you know you can focus on a specific goal. If negative space starts to mess up with you, just remember, you are doing what needs to be done and your kids also know that you have been giving up all to your kids. You can get things done and focus on the positive aspects of things. If your kids are getting good marks in a subject, you can think this is what you need and this is what is your goal.


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