5 Things Every Artist and Musician Should be Doing in Quarantine5 min read

Music Sep 17, 2021
Top 5 Things Every Artist and Musician Should be doing in quarantine



5 Things Every Artist and Musician Should be Doing in Quarantine5 min read

Ever since the world was hit with COVID-19, things have drastically changed for many people, especially artists and musicians who are now forced to sit at home. If you are an artist or a musician who is going absolutely crazy with the current times, we want to encourage you to stay positive and keep working on yourself! Don’t stop improving your skills and definitely don’t give up on your dreams!

Here is a list of the top 5 things that every artist and musician should be doing in quarantine:

1. Create, create, create!

With everyone’s lives pretty much at a standstill now, this is the perfect time to sit down by yourself and let those creative juices flow. Throughout the course of history, some of the best artistic works have been birthed out of struggles and crises. And with uncertainty at every nook and corner, you never know who needs something that you have to offer! Don’t underestimate what you’re capable of before you even take the time out to try.

Sit down and just work on creating music and content that is true to yourself, shows who you are and how far you’ve come. You have no idea how many people around the world might not only relate to you but also greatly benefit from the content you put out. Just because the world seems to have paused absolutely does not mean that your creativity should too. In fact, this is the perfect time to pull out everything you have and just go for it. Just think about it, how many past generations can boast about how much time they had on their hands to just work on doing what they do best and creating amazing things? Don’t waste this time that you have because you will never get it back.

2. Prioritize social networking

This is a time when people are sitting on their phones and computers almost all day long. Technology is rapidly advancing and everything has moved online. So, this is a good time to focus on networking with an organization or different brands. People are so much more open and compassionate at the moment. They’re eager to engage with others and build new connections. Don’t hold yourself back from reaching out to a promoter or looking for collaborations. With the help of a mentor or close friend, focus on strategizing what you want your future in the creative industry to look like.

Also, try to help others as well. Networking and building new relationships even in the professional sphere yield the best results when it’s two-sided. Be approachable and ask others how you can be of any help to them in these times.

3. Educate yourself

Now more than ever, there is a wealth of online resources, courses, workshops, tools and so much more to help individuals learn and grow. There is literally an abundance of knowledge at your fingerprints. This is a good time to increase your knowledge in whatever topics you have always wanted to. Teach yourself cool tricks, perfect new techniques and just learn! Try to better understand the business side of the music industry. Research about aspects of the industry that you may not have known much about before. Human beings can never stop learning so don’t shy away from sharpening your skills and educating yourself on things that you don’t feel very confident about.

4. Ramp up your digital assets

If you have been putting off things to do for later on, like working more on your social media platforms, developing your website, launching merchandise for your brand and so on, this is the time to get to it! Don’t procrastinate your ideas and plans anymore but go ahead and get things done. Use your time to build, gather and work on every digital asset that you can. Invest in developing a good website for your brand as even though social media trends keep emerging almost every day, your website is a more stable platform that you can rely on. If you’ve been waiting to kickstart your online store, encourage yourself to get it done. This period of quarantine is the best time to ramp up any and all digital assets that you may have.

5. Soul-search and find yourself

At the end of the day, just take this time to reflect. Introspect on things in your life, your music career and potential future plans. Don’t be in a hurry to wish this time away because this is the best time you have for yourself. Dig deep and do some soul-searching. Try to find who you are and what you expect from yourself and your career. Set goals for yourself and focus on meeting them one step at a time. This global pandemic has thrown everything we thought we knew out the window. But that’s okay! Build yourself a new map and keep it flexible. Don’t cling to the past but work on yourself in the present in order to look forward to the future you want. Most importantly, even though times are tough, remember that you are tougher, and don’t lose yourself.


Although there are a number of things that you can do in quarantine as an artist and/or musician, we have tried to put forth the most essential things. Don’t lose hope and continue doing what you do best. Be grateful for this time and use it for productive things instead of simply whining about wanting everything to go back to “normal”. We’ve come to such a point in time where what we thought was normal probably isn’t anymore. So, just go with the flow and prepare yourself to face whatever will come at you both personally and professionally.


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