Foundations Devoted to Music Education 5 min read

Music Oct 3, 2021
Foundation devoted to music education



 Foundations Devoted to Music Education 5 min read


Every year, lakhs of students fail to explore themselves in the field of music due to a lack of access to an adequately propounded music education program. 

The possible reason for not enrolling in any such reputed program is that either the instruction brochure is not available to them or parents of such aspiring students are not able to afford the course program fees or rent the required instrument. 

A very important thing to note here is that in case any lack exists, it can result in a series of missed opportunities that may be impossible to make up elsewhere.

But apart from all such hurdles and struggles, we have good news for you! The news is that there are various organizations across the globe that are dedicated to ensuring that all students have access to a quality music education. 

Such an emphasis is kept on those students who don’t have access to quality teaching programs due to their low family income annually. These kinds of organizations make sure to provide opportunities where once none existed.

List of 5 outstanding organizations 

VH1 Save the Music Foundation

Ever since 1997, the VH1 Save the Music Foundation has been trying to make a positive impact on students’ lives. It is known to work under the motto of “Every Child Deserves Music.” 

This foundation was established by John Sykes, an MTV executive after he worked as a principal for a day at Brooklyn School.

The dedicated members launched numerous programs. They had an ultimate aim to give music education to kids across the country. The foundation has assisted with the establishment of music programs in over 2,000 schools till now. It simply means that millions of children have benefited from music education across the globe.

The foundation is known to operate several series of grants that are designed for specific academic levels. 

  • Specifically, kindergarten students are known to be benefitted from an Intro to Music Grant that provides $22,000-worth of resources and instruments. Isn’t that amazing! 
  • Teachers can apply for a Save the Music Core Grant worth approximately $61,0000 for students ranging from Grade 3 to 8. 

The program includes many types of equipment such as instruments, music stands, method books and much more!

If you are a high school grader, then it is possible for you to apply for the J. Dilla Music Tech Grant. This event helps students to learn how 21st-century technology is shaping the world of music.

National Association for Music Education 

The National Association for Music Education is known to be one of the biggest arts education organizations in the world. This association aims to bring music education to all talented children with advocacy at the community, state and national levels. 

Since 1907, they have been working really hard to ensure access to comprehensive music instruction. Along with this, they make sure to provide this platform to well-qualified teachers as well.

An approximate value of $31 million has been generated towards music learning for the last three years. This organization makes instruction programs possible, provides instruments to students. Along with that it also ensures that students receive a complete and well-rounded education.

Classical Music Education Foundation

The Classical Music Education Foundation was founded by Ms. Lilith Aryan in 2010. It falls under the charitable division of the Renaissance Music Academy in Henderson, Nevada. 

Ms. Aryan believed that classical music has the ability to influence the direction of peoples’ lives. In an interview, she further explained why she believes that all children must have access to music education. Just because of her efforts, now it’s possible for many underprivileged kids to receive one-on-one instruction in voice, music theory, guitar, cello, violin, piano and other musical instruments.

If you get a chance to be trained at such a  prestigious school, it could be a gateway to a career in music or an opportunity for you to reach your full potential and prove yourself.

The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation

No one could ever predict that after the debut made by Mr. Holland’s Opus in 1995, that one day would inspire a powerful force for good in music education. 

The film projected the story of a young and dedicated music instructor who made an impact on the lives of several students. 

The foundation aims to donate high-quality, reliable instruments to students who wish to learn in underfunded music programs. They also provide their students with ample support services. Such services ultimately help to maintain and improve the quality and access to music education. 

They plan this schedule by identifying schools that need support and the various kinds of support that can best serve the needs of the students.

Particularly, schools that are built around low-income communities are prioritized over others. Such schools receive consideration for all instrument donations and support services as well.

D’Addario Foundation

The D’Addario Foundation is a non-profit organization that focuses its efforts on identifying music instruction programs that are in demand. Programs that get qualified are awarded grants and receive product donations to sustain their livelihoods and it also helps them to grow.

This foundation firmly believes that the instruction of music has the power to enhance a child’s academic performance, improve their self-confidence and motivate them to be more creative than ever before. They get inspired by the thought that music education makes better citizens. This helps them to stay dedicated and energetic. 

Apart from all other achievements, the D’Addario Foundation also works for a Music Education council for Girls. This council donates ample funding for experiences and learning opportunities that are designed to nurture and motivate girls to make their musical journey even more magical.


Studies show that children who indulge in music lessons often gain improved self-esteem, perform better in academics and increase their IQ.

Unfortunately, we observe that schools that have tight budgets tend to reduce or discontinue music programs frequently. Schools aim to prioritize subjects like math, science and English while the arts are considered an unnecessary extra. Undoubtedly, these subjects are very important for our future world, but we can’t neglect the significance of music and art. 

There are a wide variety of benefits that possibly come with the emergence of music lessons. Be it gaining higher test scores or depicting noticeable improvements in hand eye coordination.


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