How Can Musical Activities Help Kids?6 min read

Music Sep 17, 2021
Music Appreciation Homeschool Resources



How Can Musical Activities Help Kids?6 min read

Music is the most fantastic way to connect with your child. Whether your child is a 5-year-old kid or a little older, music is something they always love. Your baby was introduced to the sounds of the world when they were in your womb itself. This is why when they come out into this world, they can recognise different voices easily. But why is music essential to learn? Let me tell you that learning music is not only for releasing stress or anxiety; but also stimulates the overall skills of your child. Today we will learn about various homeschool music resources. We will list multiple fun activities you can try at your home to help your child learn music. So are you ready to know about music?

Why is Music Essential?

From the birth of a child, parents use music to provide calmness to their minds. Also, music is a way to express love and joy. Therefore, parents must motivate their children to listen and learn music as they can engage and interact more using music.
Studies have shown that musical experiences in childhood make the child’s brain develop faster and enhance their reading and listening skills. But, on the other hand, learning to make music helps improve the mathematical skills of your little one.
Will you be okay if your child will excel in academics but will be a zero in other activities? Most parents want their child to do exceptionally well in both academic as well as other fields. Students get academic training in their school; however, other co-curricular skills such as intellectual skills, motor skills, literacy skills, and so on are left undeveloped. This is why today, we are here to tell you about homeschool music resources that will assist your child in learning more about music. Exposure to music helps the children develop motor, language, social-economic, intellectual, and many other skills. Even dancing to a song helps your child build better motor skills and become self-confident. In addition, there are developmental benefits that make learning music more essential. Think about a situation where you are learning everything, but you are not gaining any skill. The same will be your kid’s situation if you do not let them explore music.

Benefits of Learning Music

There are multiple benefits of learning music. These are as follows:

Improves Brain Power

Music has plenty of advantages and health benefits for children. It helps the kids to improve brain power and memory functions. In research, it has been found that a musician works better than a non-musician. Also, it has been scientifically proven that when a kid is exposed to music, they have shown better academic and non-academic results. This is because music helps stimulate the part of the brain responsible for making multiple activities such as mathematics skills, reading skills, and emotional development.

Enhances the Overall Skill Set

Music facilitates social, emotional, discipline, confidence and so on skills in a child. When a child gets exposure to music, they have a confidence boost. You might have seen musicians who perform with complete confidence on stages in front of millions. Therefore, this is a signal that music helps kids to build great confidence. All in all, music boosts all the skills in a child.

Music Appreciation Resources

We will guide you with some music appreciation resources and fun games to help your children get a real taste of music. So let us find out some fun activities you can do with your little one at your home.

Sing With Kids

To begin with, you can introduce your child to some of the well-known singers and the kind of music they create. Then, you can ask them about their music preferences and help them better understand what kind of music will be good for them. Of course, you should not interfere with their choice and force them to like what you like, but you definitely can advise them and have an exciting jamming session with them. So the next time you are free, you can sing your child’s favourite song with them as it will provide them calmness and bring you closer to your little one.

Also, you give a sense of belongingness and frankness to your kid when you try to sing with them. Singing around the whole room and the entire house will multiply the fun.

Play Musical Games

Playing any game related to music will first build their motor skills as the game will involve body movements. Most musical games assist the kids in regulating their body movements. Furthermore, there are many musical games such as musical chairs and clap on the song, which facilitates brain movements also.

There is the overall development of a kid’s body and mind when they play any musical game. So an increase in interest in music will be a cherry on the cake. So this is how you can play musical games and increase the appeal of kids in music.

Background Music

Whether you are going on a road trip with your family or eating by sitting at the dining table, having a musical soundtrack playing in the background can help you get nostalgic. Children also cherish happy moments when they listen to their favourite songs. Also, most children imagine stories while listening to a soundtrack. This is why one says that children who have good taste in music have a better imagination.

Memories of even small happy moments can be recalled with the help of a particular song. So in this way, definitely cultivate a love for music in your child.

Let Them Play With Instruments

You can have a music box in your home filled with all the instruments your child can enjoy. You do not need the most expensive instruments as these are made for practice. It would be best if you gave your utensils and crockery to your kid to build interest. Most kids love to play with crockeries and utensils to record small sounds.

Of course, when your child grows up, they will show greater interest in actual musical instruments. At that time, you can buy any musical instrument that they love and get them tutored for it. But, overall, generating interest is the priority.

TV program

Some children watch TV programs that are educational and have multiple fun activities, which also include music. So you and your family watch these fun TV programs and meanwhile you can tell your child about various types of music. This will indeed be inspired to get engaged in musical activities. Also, you can use multiple creative ways to introduce your kid to the world of music.
Be sure that they watch the quality content as it will directly relate to the child’s development. This is why watching appropriate TV programs is crucial.

These are the fun activities that help you arrange music appreciation homeschool resources.

Final Words

Learning music helps your kid to develop multiple skills and abilities. Many kids recognise different melodies of music long before they start understanding difficult words. Listening to soothing music, especially during sleep time or family time, can help your child develop in multiple ways. Being a parent, you must involve your kid in musical activities. Thus, music is helpful for your kids in every way.


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